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 Current and upcoming live coverage

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Event Notes
 Sunday, March 1: Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne LIVE 2014 winner: Boonen
 Sunday, March 1: La Drome Classic  

 More events/races below...

Live race coverage

Track cycling - Bremen 6 - LIVE

Track cycling Bremen 6 last day - streaming video LIVE now here.

Cyclo-cross - French national championships - LIVE

Watch today's French cyclocross national championships from Pont-Château, Men's Elite race, via live streaming videoFrancis Mourey (Française des Jeux) is the big favorite.  Winner in 2005, 2007, and 2008, Mourey is in a class by himself among Frenchmen.  His three recent wins, in October, November and December in the "Challenge national" have come with increasing margins of victory.  Barring incident, he should confirm today at the national level ahead of his ultimate goal, the Cyclo-cross World Championships on February 1 in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands.

Start time:  15:00 CET (9am U.S. Eastern)

Live streaming video on here

Update:  Regarding other cyclocross national championships, aside from the French (link above) we have as yet not found sources for live streaming...and are not optimistic at this point.  In Belgium, the race is not on Sporza but is instead on the 2BE channel.  If 2BE streams over the internet, we aren't aware of it.  The Italian race is on ABSat channel on Hotbird for those with satellite coverage.  -Bernie S.

Update:  French cyclocross national championships have begun (playing on France 4 TV) but as yet here in France we're only seeing a promotional video loop on the streaming link.  Bernie S. in the UK also reports not seeing the race yet.

Update:  NOW PLAYING LIVE here

Cyclocross - National Championships this weekend

Cyclo-cross national championships are this weekend and we'll be listing available options for watching the races online.

Thus far we have confirmed there will be live streaming video for the French cyclo-cross national championships on Sunday.  Stay tuned...

Update:  Start time Sunday for French championships live coverage is 15:00 CET (9am U.S. Eastern).

For the latest live coverage info and links, please visit our homepage.

Cyclocross - Ispasterko Udala Sari Nagusia, Ispaster - LIVE

Watch cyclo-cross (ziklo-krossa) action from Ispaster, Spain streaming LIVE today on ETB SAT

Start time:  12:30 CET (6:30am U.S. Eastern)

More info here.

-Bernie S.

Update:  Broadcast has begun.  Now everyone can watch some "ziklo-kross" ahead of day 5 live coverage later on of the Rotterdam Six Days track cycling accompanied by a variety of music genres, including disco, techno, polka and Kenny Rogers in Dutch!  Something for everyone.  Or not.  -Pete

Track cycling - Rotterdam Six Days - LIVE streaming

The 2009 Rabobank Rotterdam Six Days track cycling runs from January 2-7.  There is live streaming video for this event according to the following posted schedule:

January 2:  13:30 CET (7:30am U.S. Eastern) and 19:00 CET (1pm U.S. Eastern)
January 3:  19:15 CET (1:15pm U.S. Eastern)
January 4:  12:30 CET (6:30am U.S. Eastern)
January 5:  19:15 CET (1:15pm U.S. Eastern)
January 6:  19:15 CET (1:15pm U.S. Eastern)
January 7:  19:15 CET (1:15pm U.S. Eastern)

The event official website is here.  For a Google-translated English version, click here.

Live streaming video is here.  Alternative link for the live feed here (should open in your media player).


Track cycling - Rotterdam Six Days - LIVE coverage

The 2009 Rabobank 6-daagse Rotterdam (or Rotterdam 6 Days) track cycling event gets underway tomorrow, January 2, and runs through January 7.

Track superstar Chris Hoy (Giant Sprint and Masters of Sprint) has made the Rotterdam Six Days his first goal of 2009.

You can already check out a live feed via webcam of the mobile velodrome here.  We are hoping there will be streaming of the Rotterdam Six Days according to the schedule shown further down on that page.  We'll update here tomorrow before the scheduled 13:30 CET (7:30am U.S. Eastern) start.

Update:  For the latest live coverage info and links, please visit our homepage here.

GVA Trophy Cyclocross - GP Sven Nys - LIVE streaming

GVA Trophy Cyclocross - GP Sven Nys -  LIVE today on Sporza.

You'll find more information about this event here.

This event should be available in some markets on Sporza.

Also check: Sporza here (QuickTime).

Expected start time:  Around 15:00 CET (9:00am U.S. Eastern)

Update:  The race is streaming live now in the Sporza Live Match Center here.  -Bernie S.

UPDATE:  There is also an excellent live stream here.  -Bernie S.
Wow, that stream is excellent in full screen too.  -Pete

GP Sven Nys live coverage

GVA Trophy cyclocross returns tomorrow, January 1, 2009, with the GP Sven Nys.  More info. here.

Sporza will be showing this event live.  Coverage looks to begin at around 14:45 CET (8:45am U.S. Eastern) with the race beginning 15 minutes later at 15:00 CET.  We'll have more info and links in the morning.  -Bernie S.

Cyclocross - Azencross Loenhout - LIVE

Today's race is streaming LIVE on Sporza here.

Superprestige cyclocross - Diegem - LIVE stream

Superprestige cyclocross continues today in Diegem, Belgium.  Live internet coverage is available worldwide, server capacity permitting...

Superprestige official website here.

Live streaming video here.

Update:  Broadcast start time is 16:55 CET (10:55am U.S. Eastern) according to the official site.  (Another source gives 17:30 CET for the start.)

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