Four Days of Dunkirk Results


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- This page lists Four Days of Dunkirk results
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2015 (Overall winner: Ignatas Konovalovas)

Stage Stage winner Overall leader
1. Dunkerque/Orchies (178.7 km) Bryan Coquard Bryan Coquard
2. Fontaine au Pire/Maubeuge (178.7 km) Jonas Ahlstrand Bryan Coquard
3. Barlin/Saint Omer (176.1 km) Alexis Gougeard Bryan Coquard
4. Lestrem/Cassel (178.7 km) Omar Fraile Ignatas Konovalovas
5. Cappelle la Grande/Dunkerque (171 km) Edward Theuns Ignatas Konovalovas



2014 (Overall winner: Arnaud Demare)

Stage (click stage for full results) Stage winner Overall leader
1. Dunkerque/Coudekerque-Banche (162.9 km)  Arnaud Demare  Arnaud Demare
2. Hazebrouck/Orchies (166.9 km)  Arnaud Demare  Arnaud Demare
3. Fruges/Calais (197.6 km)  Sylvain Chavanel  Arnaud Demare
4. Ardres/Licques (188.7 km)  Thierry Hupond  Arnaud Demare
5. Saint-Pol-sur-Mer/Dunkerque (177.1 km)  Jimmy Engoulvent  Arnaud Demare



  (4/Quatre Jours de Dunkerque/Tour du Nord-pas-de-Calais resultats)