2019 Gent-Wevelgem Videos


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- 2019 Gent-Wevelgem videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2019 Gent-Wevelgem In Flanders Fields Videos (Sunday, March 31) Source
Watch On Demand here.  - Women's & Men's Races USA & Canada only (English) FuboTV
Men's Gent-Wevelgem  
 Gent-Wevelgem 2019 | Men's Highlights (English, 05:05) inCycle
 Extended English Highlights - Men's Race (English, 12:41) Eurosport
 English Highlights - Men's Race | GCN Racing (English, 03:38) Global Cycling Network
 Spanish Highlights - Men's Race | GCN Racing (Spanish, 03:38) Global Cycling Network
 Portuguese Highlights - Men's Race | GCN Racing (Portuguese, 03:38) Global Cycling Network
 French Highlights - Men's Gent-Wevelgem (French, 02:25) Rtbf
 Dutch Highlights - Men's Gent-Wevelgem (Dutch, 02:19) NOS
 Highlights in Dutch - Men's race (Dutch, 03:26) Sporza
 Interview with the winner of the men's race (English, 01:29) Sporza
 Final 2 kilometers of the men's race (Dutch, 05:34) Sporza
 Jasper Stuyven attacks and bring 3 others with him (Dutch, 02:17) Sporza
 Van Aert looks strong with 10k to go (Dutch, 02:20) Sporza
 Terpstra tries to get away (Dutch, 02:18) Sporza
 Leaders are caught 18km from the finish (Dutch, 04:37) Sporza
 Stybar and Van Aert attack again (Dutch, 0:42) Sporza
 Stybar and Van Aert blast away on 2nd climb of Kemmelberg (Dutch, 03:48) Sporza
 Van Aert goes with Van der Poel on the Baneberg (Dutch, 03:32) Sporza
 Strong Luke Rowe joins the leaders (Dutch, 03:12) Sporza
 Plugstreets don't cause fireworks this year (Dutch, 10:24) Sporza
 Attack in the front group by Matteo Trentin, Edward Theuns, Peter Sagan and Mike Teunissen with 68km to go (No audio, 0:53) Gent-Wevelgem
 Leading group is caught by chasers, then quartet with Sagan jumps away (Dutch, 04:37) Sporza
 Wout van Aert setting the pace on the Kemmelberg (No audio, 0:59) Gent-Wevelgem
 Van Aert impressive on the first climb of the Kemmelberg, leading group still has 12 men (Dutch, 07:05) Sporza
 Peloton tears to pieces after the Baneberg (Dutch, 04:26) Sporza
 Van Schip drops out of the breakaway, Keukeleire increases the pace with chasers (Dutch, 04:35) Sporza
 A blistering start to the men's race (Dutch, 03:29) Sporza
Women's Gent-Wevelgem  
 Official UCI Highlights - Gent-Wevelgem Women's WorldTour (English, 05:15) UCI
 Gent-Wevelgem 2019 | Women's Highlights (English, 05:01) inCycle
 Interview with the women's race winner (Dutch, 01:59) WielerFlits
 Women's race winner interview (Dutch, 02:00) NOS
 Interview with the winner of the women's race (Dutch, 01:10) Sporza
 Final kilometer of the Women's Race (Dutch, 05:14) Sporza
 Final 1.5 kilometers, plus post race coverage (Proximus Sports, Ambient sound, 13:29) Proximus Sports
 On Demand Replay: Early kilometers - Women's Gent-Wevelgem (Ambient sound, 01:21:29) Proximus Sports
 Finish of the Women's Gent-Wevelgem 2019 (No audio, 01:01) Gent-Wevelgem
 Elia Viviani before the start (English, 01:57) Sporza
 Greg Van Avermaet before the start (Dutch, 01:35) Sporza
 Mathieu van der Poel before the start (Dutch, 01:57) Sporza
 Wout van Aert before the start (Dutch, 02:10) Sporza
 Zdeněk Štybar before the start (Dutch, 01:56) Sporza
 Oliver Naesen before the start (Dutch, 02:10) Sporza
 Arnaud Démare before the start (French, 0:36) Sporza
 Jolien D'hoore and Chantal Blaak talk about the women's race (English subtitles, 02:20) Gent-Wevelgem
 Johan Museeuw recon of Gent-Wevelgem (English subtitles, 01:47) Gent-Wevelgem
 Preview - Live rider data at Gent-Wevelgem 2019 (Music, 0:54) Velon CC
 Race Promo - 2019 Gent-Wevelgem (French, 0:24) L'Equipe


2018 Gent-Wevelgem Videos  (Sunday, March 25)
Men's Gent-Wevelgem  
 Wout Van Aert: Cyclo-cross champ's road debut 'beyond expectations' (English, 01:44) Cycling Journos
 Quick-Step Floors - Behind the scenes at Gent-Wevelgem (English, 01:52) Quick-Step Floors Cycling
 Peter Sagan: ‘I don’t listen to the critics’ - 2018 Gent-Wevelgem (English, 01:47) Cycling Journos
 Interview with the winner of the 2018 Gent-Wevelgem (English, 01:49) - may be geo-restricted Eurosport
 English Highlights - 2018 Gent-Wevelgem (inCycle, English, 04:56) inCycle
 Interview with the race winner (English, 01:45) Sporza
 Emotional Elia Viviani after the race (Dutch, 0:52) Sporza
 Final Sprint - 2018 Gent-Wevelgem (English, 01:15) - may be geo-restricted Eurosport
 Final 2.5 kilometers (Dutch, 06:59) Sporza
 Riders get dropped with 20 k to go (Dutch, 01:26) Sporza
 Elite group with all the favorites forms after the Kemmelberg (Dutch, 04:32) Sporza
 2nd climb of the Kemmelberg (Dutch, 04:53) Sporza
 Stybar, Küng, Modolo and Gallopin involved in a crash (Dutch, 0:50) Sporza
 Peloton still consists of about 60 men (Dutch, 03:02) Sporza
 Large group comes back together (Dutch, 02:17) Sporza
 BMC's high pace causes the peloton to break up (Dutch, 04:25) Sporza
 Quick-Step takes the lead on the first climb of the Kemmelberg (Dutch, 05:55) Sporza
 Planckaert involved in crash shortly before the Kemmelberg (Dutch, 01:13) Sporza
 Peloton stalled by a crash, some riders take to the fields (Dutch, 0:58) Sporza
 Mitchell Docker has a painful crash (Dutch, 01:20) Sporza
 Rider stops too late (Dutch, 0:20) Sporza
 Gent-Wevelgem starts under a bright sun (English, 04:11) Sporza
Women's Gent-Wevelgem  
 Official UCI Gent-Wevelgem Highlights - Women's WorldTour (English, 07:30) UCI
 Behind the scenes with Wiggle High5 at the Women's Gent-Wevelgem (English, 03:08) WiggleHigh5
 Final sprint - Women's Gent-Wevelgem (Ambient sound, 01:44) - may be geo-restricted Eurosport
 Interview with the winner of the Women's Gent-Wevelgem (English, 01:18) Voxwomen
 On Demand Replay - Women's Gent-Wevelgem (English, 01:23:59) Gent-Wevelgem
 Photo Finish in the Women's Race (Ambient sound, 0:18) GentWevelgem
 Susanne Andersen hits the curb and goes down (Dutch, 0:54) Sporza
 Peter Sagan interview at the start (English, 0:21) Sporza
 Alexander Kristoff interview at the start (English, 01:18) Sporza
 Elia Viviani interview at the start (English, 01:47) Sporza
 Elena Cecchini previews the women's race (English, 01:13) CANYON//SRAM Racing
 Who will win Gent-Wevelgem? (English, 05:25) Velonews
 Route of the 2018 Gent-Wevelgem (Music, 01:36) L'Equipe


2017 Gent-Wevelgem Videos (Sunday, March 26)
Women's Gent-Wevelgem
 Official Highlights - 2017 UCI Women's WorldTour – Gent-Wevelgem (English, 07:34) UCI
 Behind the scenes with Wiggle High5 at the Women's Gent-Wevelgem (English, 04:50) WiggleHigh5
 Interview with the winner of the Women's Gent-Wevelgem (English, 03:50) RadReporter
 Highlights of the Women's Gent-Wevelgem (Dutch, 04:50) Sporza
Men's Gent-Wevelgem
 Interview with Jens Keukeleire after the race (French, 01:08) Cycling Pro Net
 Sagan after Gent-Wevelgem: "I decide who gonna win" (English, 0:55) Cycling Pro Net
 Interview with John Degenkolb after the race (German, 05:46) RadReporter
 Sagan was frustrated with Niki Terpstra tactics (English/Dutch, 01:50) Sporza
 Peter Sagan after Gent-Wevelgem (English/French, 02:30) Rtbf
 Highlights - Gent-Wevelgem 2017 (English, 03:00) inCycle
 Interview with Peter Sagan after the race (English, 01:27) Sporza
 Interview with the winner of the 2017 Gent-Wevelgem (Dutch, 02:24) Sporza
 Final 2 kilometers of Gent-Wevelgem 2017 (Dutch, 05:13) Sporza
 More action with Van Avermaet, Sagan, Terpstra - 21 k to go (Dutch, 03:39) Sporza
 Van Avermaet attacks on Kemmelberg and takes Sagan, Stybar and Degenkolb with (Dutch, 04:54) Sporza
 Tony Martin and others involved in another spectacular crash (Dutch, 02:06) Sporza
 More action with 54k to go (Dutch, 03:09) Sporza
 Quick-Step breaks things apart on Plugstreet 2 (Dutch, 03:31) Sporza
 Stybar attacks with about 58k to go (Dutch, 04:35) Sporza
 First ascent of the Kemmelberg (Dutch, 07:36) Sporza
 Peloton starts breaking apart with 87 kilometers to go (Dutch, 05:45) Sporza
 Another crash with Sinkeldam the main victim (Dutch, 01:01) Sporza
 Cyclists plunge into the ditch with 90k to go (Dutch, 01:47) Sporza
 Naesen, Demare and others involved in massive crash (Dutch, 01:11) Sporza
 Team FDJ line-up for the 2017 Gent-Wevelgem (no sound, 0:28) EquipeCyclisteFDJ


2016 Gent-Wevelgem Videos (Sunday, March 27th)
 Official Women's Race Highlights - 2016 UCI Women's WorldTour - Gent-Wevelgem (English, 09:00) ucichannel
 Women's Race Highlights (Ambient sound 05:33) SBS
 Sagan bluffed his way to win, says Tinkoff DS  (English, 01:22) Cycling Journos
 Fabian Cancellara interview after the 2016 Gent-Wevelgem (English, 0:57) cyclingmagazine
 Women's Race Highlights  (Dutch, 07:26) Sporza
 Highlights for the Women's Race (Dutch, 02:00) Focus WTV
 Women's Race - Podium and interview with the Winner (English, 01:56) voxwomen
 Highlights of the 2016 Gent-Wevelgem (English, 03:33) inCycle
 Final 2 kilometers (French, 03:06) Rtbf
 Final 1.3 kilometers (Dutch, 01:57) Sporza
 Interview with the Race Winner (English, 02:24) Sporza
 The chase through the streets of Ypres (Dutch, 02:12) Sporza
 Sagan and Cancellara strong on the Kemmelberg (Dutch, 0:50) Sporza
 Sep Vanmarcke attacks on the Baneberg (Dutch, 0:38) Sporza
 Matteo Trentin attacks and Tiesj Benoot follows (Dutch, 0:45) Sporza
 The first climb of the Kemmelberg (Dutch, 02:17) Sporza
 Jens Debusschere has a bad fall (Dutch, 01:31) Sporza
 Sep Vanmarcke trys to get to the leading group (Dutch, 0:41) Sporza
 Nikolas Maes loses contact with the group (Dutch, 01:17) Sporza
 Women's 2016 Gent-Wevelgem - Wiggle High5 Recon (English, 02:45) WiggleHigh5
 Focus on the Favorites (Music, 01:58) CyclismActu.net
 Race Promo - 2016 Gent-Wevelgem (English, 0:30) Bike
 2016 E3 Harelbeke and Gent-Wevelgem: 10 riders to watch (English, 05:23) cyclingnewstv


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