2014 Tour de Suisse videos


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- 2014 Tour de Suisse videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2014 Tour de Suisse videos Source
 Round up of the Tour De Suisse (English, 06:49) inCycle
 Onboard Cameras at the Tour De Suisse (English, 03:12) inCycle
Stage 9  
 Interview with the overall race winner (Spanish, 01:56) Cyclismactu
 Interview with the second place finisher (French, 03:02) Cyclismactu
 Interview with the third place finisher (English, 03:39) Cyclismactu
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:08) Sporza
 Stage finish (Basque, 02:59) Eitb
 Interview with the race winner (Spanish, 01:02) Sporza
 Final kilometers (Dutch, 03:32) Sporza
 Water bottle pass is not always so easy (Dutch, 0:19) Sporza
 Frank, Costa and Mollema go off the front with 45k to go (Dutch, 0:40) Sporza
Stage 8  
 IAM Cycling stage highlights (English, 03:17) MPORA
 Interview with the overall leader (German, 04:57) Cyclismactu
 Interview with stage winner (Italian, 04:26) Cyclismactu
 Interview with Bauke Mollema (Dutch, 01:46) Cyclismactu
 Interview with Arnold Jeannesson (French, 02:40) Cyclismactu
 Stage finish and podium (Basque, 02:27) Eitb
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:05) Sporza
 Interview with stage winner (Italian, 01:08) Sporza
 Final kilometer (Dutch, 01:34) Sporza
 Sagan rides the final climb at his own pace (Dutch, 0:15) Sporza
Stage 7  
 IAM Cycling: Time Trial bikes and equipment (English, 03:30) MPORA
 Interview with stage winner and overall leader Tony Martin (German, 03:52) Cyclismactu
 Brief highlights (Basque, 0:34) Eitb
 Final kilometer of the winning Time Trial (Dutch, 01:13) Sporza
Stage 6  
 Onboard Camera highlights (02:23) inCycle
 IAM Cycling: From inside the team car (English, 03:09) MPORA
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:02) Sporza
 Interview with overall leader (German, 04:13) Cyclismactu
 Interview with stage winner (English, 02:27) Cyclismactu
 BMC Team is presented before the stage (German, 02:25) BMCProTeam
 Final kilometer (Dutch, 02:05) Sporza
 Peter Sagon clocks 80 km/h in the descent (Dutch, 0:59) Sporza
 Barguil not afraid to take risks during the descent (Dutch, 0:47) Sporza
 Cavendish takes the climb at his own pace (Dutch, 01:04) Sporza
 The peloton has to momentarily stop (Dutch, 01:08) Sporza
 Rui Costa needs a wheel change (Dutch, 01:08) Sporza
Stage 5  
 Onboard Camera, the sprint finish (02:47) inCycle
 IAM Cycling, The Carers (English, 03:09) MPORA
 Interview with stage winner (Italian, 01:36) Cyclismactu
 Interview with overall leader (German, 03:14) Cyclismactu
 Final kilometer (Basque, 02:34) Eitb
Stage 4  
 IAM Cycling stage highlights (English, 03:43) MPORA
 Peloton Pass (0:25) BMCProTeam
 Interview with stage winner (English, 02:08) Cyclismactu
 Interview with overall leader (German, 0:59) Cyclismactu
 Stage finish (Basque, 02:18) Eitb
- More to come -  
Stage 3  
 Onboard Camera with Team Belkin, attack (0:52) inCycle/cyclingnews
 IAM Cycling stage highlights (English, 03:15) MPORA
 Interview with stage winner (English, 01:22) Cyclismactu
 Interview with overall leader (English, 01:13) Cyclismactu
 Interview with Thibaut Pinot (French, 01:25) Cyclismactu
 Stage finish (Basque, 03:01) Eitb
Stage 2  
 Onboard Camera with Team Belkin, inside the bunch (01:08) inCycle/cyclingnews
 Onboard Camera with Team Belkin, peloton (0:40) inCycle
 Extended highlights (English, 07:27) SBS
 IAM Cycling stage highlights: Reto Hollenstein breaks away (English, 02:20) MPORA
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:01) Sporza
 Stage finish (Basque, 02:17) Eitb
 Final kilometer (Dutch, 01:39) Sporza
Stage 1  
 Onboard Camera with Team Belkin, Marc Goos crashes (01:05) inCycle
 IAM Cycling stage highlights (English, 03:16) MPORA
 Team CCC Polsat Polkowice stage highlights (Music, 02:06) CCC Polsat Polkowice
 Highlights (01:59) Eitb
 Brief highlights (Dutch, 0:16) Sporza
 BMC Racing Team Presentation (01:13) BMCProTeam
 Top 10 Riders To Watch At The Tour De Suisse (English, 05:17) Global Cycling Network
 Team MTN Qhubeka - Tour de Suisse Team (English, 02:53) ProBizProductionz
 Looking ahead to the Tour of Switerland (English, 01:24) Eurosport
 Race promo (Italian, 0:30) BikeChannelSky214 


2013 Tour de Suisse videos
Stage 9 ITT
 Highlights and podium (English, 02:13) CTV
 ORICA GreenEDGE - Backstage Pass (English, 04:44) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Highlights (English, 01:19) SNTV
 Finish of the last few riders (German, 03:43) Srf
 Highlights (Basque, 01:04) Eitb
 Google Earth Route flyover - Bad Ragaz to Flumsernerg (03:10) Cycling the Alps
Stage 8  
 Highlights and podium (English, 02:11) CTV
 ORICA GreenEDGE - Backstage Pass (English, 05:42) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Highlights (English, 01:34) SNTV
 Stage finish (Basque, 01:19) Eitb
 Final sprint (German, 01:11) Srf
 Google Earth Route flyover - Zernez to Bad Ragaz (03:07) Cycling the Alps
Stage 7  
 Highlights and podium (English, 02:24) CTV
 Brief Highlights (English, 01:13) SNTV
 ORICA GreenEDGE - Backstage Pass (English, 08:30) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Stage finish (01:30) Eitb
 Archway at the 2k mark collapses (German, 0:44) Srf
 Final sprint (German, 01:11) Srf
 Google Earth Route flyover - Meilen to La Punt  (03:21) Cycling the Alps
Stage 6  
 Trip To The Podium (01:38) BMCProTeam
 Highlights and podium (English, 02:15) CTV
 Brief Highlights (English, 01:05) SNTV
 ORICA GreenEDGE - Backstage Pass - last 2 stages (English, 06:53) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Highlights (German, 03:19) Srf
 Stage finish (01:30) Eitb
 Final kilometer (German, 02:10) Srf
 Google Earth Route flyover - Lueggern to Meilen (03:31) Cycling the Alps
Stage 5  
 Highlights and podium (English, 02:10) CTV
 Stage finish and podium (Basque, 01:26) Eitb
 Stage finish (German, 01:18) Srf
 Google Earth Route flyover - Buochs to Lueggern (02:41) Cycling the Alps
Stage 4  
 Highlights and podium (English, 02:15) CTV
 ORICA GreenEDGE - Backstage Pass (English, 05:19) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Highlights (German, 03:57) Srf
 Final sprint (German, 01:10) Srf
 Google Earth Route flyover - Innertkirchen to Buochs (02:58) Cycling the Alps
Stage 3  
 ORICA GreenEDGE - Backstage Pass (English, 05:13) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Highlights and podium (English, 02:04) CTV
 Highlights (German, 02:32) Srf
 Stage finish and podium (Basque, 01:00) Eitb
 Final kilometer (German, 0:37) Srf
 Google Earth Route flyover - Montreux to Meiringen (04:37) Cycling the Alps
Stage 2  
 Highlights and podium (English, 02:12) CTV
 ORICA GreenEDGE - Backstage Pass (English, 04:09) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Highlights (German, 03:24) Srf
 Google Earth Route flyover - Quinto to Grans Montana (07:40) Cycling the Alps
Stage 1  
 Highlights and podium (English, 02:11) CTV
 ORICA GreenEDGE - Backstage Pass (English, 03:50) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Brief highlights and podium (Basque, 01:27) Eitb
 Google Earth Route flyover - from Quinto to Quinto (01:30) Cycling the Alps
 SlovakSport.TV Promo (Slovak, 0:51) SlovakSportTV
 Eitb Race promo (Basque, 0:15) Eitb
 Marc Madiot on the Tour de Suisse  (French, 02:12) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 Euskaltel-Euskadi's goals for the race (01:37) Eitb