2019 Scheldeprijs Videos


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- 2019 Scheldeprijs Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2019 Scheldeprijs Videos (Wednesday, April 10)
Watch On Demand here.  - USA & Canada only (English) FuboTV
 Scheldeprijs 2019 | English Highlights (English, 05:00) inCycle
 English Highlights - 2019 Scheldeprijs | GCN Racing (English, 03:23)     Global Cycling Network
 Italian Highlights - 2019 Scheldeprijs | GCN Racing (Italian, 03:23) Global Cycling Network
 French Highlights - 2019 Scheldeprijs | GCN Racing (French, 03:23) Global Cycling Network
 Spanish Highlights - 2019 Scheldeprijs | GCN Racing (Spanish, 03:23) Global Cycling Network
 German Highlights - 2019 Scheldeprijs | GCN Racing (German, 03:23) Global Cycling Network
 Portuguese Highlights - 2019 Scheldeprijs | GCN Racing (Portuguese, 03:23) Global Cycling Network
 Scheldeprijs: Where are the star sprinters? (English, 03:59) Cycling Journo on the Road
 Highlights - 2019 Scheldeprijs (French, 01:53) Rtbf
 Final kilometer of the 2019 Scheldeprijs (French, 01:26) L'Equipe
 Highlights of the 2019 Scheldeprijs (Dutch, 03:03) Sporza
 Interview with the race winner (Dutch, 01:54) Sporza
 Michael Mørkøv post race interview (English, 01:01) Sporza
 Final 2 kilometers (Dutch, 05:31) Sporza
 Boasson Hagen attacks 9 kilometers from the finish (Dutch, 0:45) Sporza
 Crash with 13k to go - Burghardt, Boasson Hagen and Taminiaux involved (Dutch, 01:51) Sporza
 One lap to go, and the breakaway within catching distance (no sound, 0:43) Scheldeprijs
 Crash involving Fabio Jakobsen and Pascal Ackermann (no sound, 0:52) Scheldeprijs
 A lot of echelons from the start - Marcel Kittel in difficulties (no sound, 0:57) Scheldeprijs
 Start of the 2019 Scheldeprijs (no sound, 01:01) Scheldeprijs
 Ackermann, Phinney, Declercq, Theuns and Arndt shed their lights on today's Scheldeprijs! (Various languages, 0:59) Scheldeprijs
 André Greipel interview at the start (English, 02:02) Sporza
 Pascal Ackermann interview at the start (English, 01:26) Sporza
 Marcel Kittel interview at the start (German, 02:43) Sporza
 Fabio Jakobsen interview at the start (Dutch, 01:25) Sporza
 Sep Vanmarcke interview at the start (Dutch, 02:15) Sporza
 Jasper Philipsen interview at the start (Dutch, 01:28) Sporza
 Timothy Dupont interview at the start (Dutch, 01:22) Sporza
 Sasha Weemaes interview at the start (Dutch, 01:10) Sporza
 Michael Van Staeyen interview at the start (Dutch, 02:01) Sporza
 Edward Theuns interview at the start (Dutch, 02:22) Sporza
 There’s A LOT of wind today... Watch out for echelons! (Ambient sound. 0:06) Scheldeprijs
 Route of the 2019 Scheldeprijs (Music, 0:43) Scheldeprijs
 Trailer - 2019 Scheldeprijs (Dutch, 0:24) Scheldeprijs
 Scheldeprijs in Zeeland with local rider Brian van Goethem (English subtitles, 01:58) Scheldeprijs


2018 Scheldeprijs Videos  (Wednesday, April 4) Source
 Interview with the race winner - Scheldeprijs (English, 02:10) Cycling Pro Net
 Official English Highlights of the 2018 Scheldeprijs (English, 04:34) inCycle
 Highlights of the 2018 Scheldeprijs (Dutch, 03:03) Sporza
 Interview with the race winner (Dutch, 01:53) Sporza
 Final 3 kilometers (Dutch, 06:49) Sporza
 Kittel has another flat (Dutch, 06:21) Sporza
 Bad luck for Hodeg! Flat tire 15 kilometers from the finish (Dutch, 01:21) Sporza
 In the first part of the race the Colombian Alzate and the Slovenian Kump collided with a car (Dutch, 0:37) Sporza
 Marcel Kittel gets a flat with 45k to go (Dutch, 02:51) Sporza
 Group of 30 riders ignore closed crossing and were removed from the race (Dutch, 02:19) - Arnaud Démare, Kris Boeckmans, Dylan Groenewegen, Alvaro Hodeg and Tony Martin are amongst those removed. Sporza
 Start of the 2018 Scheldeprijs (ambient sound, 0:43) Scheldeprijs
 Sprint Train - Animated video on how to do a perfect sprint lead out (Music, 01:15) Scheldeprijs
 Route of the 2018 Scheldeprijs (no sound, 01:15) Scheldeprijs
 Route presentation highlights - 106th Scheldeprijs (English subtitles, 01:00) Scheldeprijs


2017 Scheldeprijs Videos  (Wednesday, April 5) Source
 Interview with the race winner, Marcel Kittel (English, 01:30) Cycling Pro Net
 Elia Viviani post race interview (Italian, 01:08) Cycling Pro Net
 Nacer Bouhanni post race interview (French, 0:47) Sporza
 Official English Highlights - 2017 Scheldeprijs (English, 03:04) inCycle
 Tom Boonen's last race in Belgium (English, 03:36) VeloNews
 Final kilometer (English, 01:26) Eurosport
 Post race interview with Tom Boonen (Dutch, 01:45) Sporza
 Interview with the winner of Scheldeprijs 2017 (Dutch/English, 02:44) Sporza
 Final 4 kilometers of the 2017 Scheldeprijs (Dutch, 07:33) Sporza
 Final Sprint (Ambient sound, 01:22) Scheldeprijs
 Cycling amateurs ride along on the sidewalk (Dutch, 0:50) Sporza
 Where is Breschel's seat? (Dutch, 0:50) Sporza
 Roosen, Denz and Bauhaus crash with 58 to go (Dutch, 01:15) Sporza
 Fan say goodbye to Tom Boonen in Mol (Dutch, 02:03) Sporza
 Tom Boonen at the start of the 2017 Scheldeprijs (French, 01:41) Cycling Pro Net


2016 Scheldeprijs Videos  (Wednesday, April 6)
 As Live Replay (Subscription Cycling TV)  Cycling TV
 Postrace interview with the race winner (English, 0:42) Cycling Pro Net
 Mark Cavendish - Postrace interview (English, 01:06) Cycling Pro Net
 Andre Greipel - Postrace interview (English, 02:00) Cycling Pro Net
 Official Highlights of the 2016 Scheldeprijs (English, 03:03) inCycle
 Post race interview with Andre Greipel of Lotto–Soudal (English, 01:01) Sporza
 2016 Scheldeprijs Race Promo (English, 0:30) Bike


2015 Scheldeprijs Videos - Wednesday, April 8 Source
 As Live Replay (Subscription Cycling TV) Cycling TV
 Scheldeprijs Race Highlights (English, 03:48) inCycle
 Insane crash at Scheldeprijs! (English, 0:54) inCycle
 Brief Highlights (English, 01:34) SBS
 Scheldeprijs Race Racap (English, 05:52) Cycling TV
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:57) Sporza
 Interview with the race winner (English, 01:36) Sporza
 Huge crash near the race finish (Dutch, 02:57) Sporza
 Final 1.9 kilometers (Dutch, 04:49) Sporza
 Arch over the road collapses (Dutch, 01:46) Sporza
 Peloton gets stopped by a train (Dutch, 0:48) Sporza
 Scheldeprijs Race Promo (Italian, 0:30) BikeChannel


2014 Scheldeprijs Videos Source
 As Live Replay (English, CTV subscription) CyclingTV
 Kittel completes Scheldeprijs hat-trick (English, 01:21) SNTV
 Brief Highlights (English, 0:45) Eurosport
 Astana's Dmitriy Gruzdev at Scheldeprijs (English subtitles, 01:07) Astana ProTeam
 The winner's press conference (English, 04:07) Cyclismactu
 Tyler Farrar after the race (English, 01:50) Cyclismactu
 Race recap (English, 02:48) CyclingTV
 Reactions immediately after the race (English/Dutch, 0:57) ATV
 Winner answers questions after the race (English, 01:28) VeloNews
 Post-race interview with Tyler Farrar (Dutch/English, 02:08) Sporza
 Final kilometer (04:45) Sporza
 Pre-race interview with Marcel Kittel (English, 01:07) Sporza
 Pre-race interview with Fabian Cancellara (English, 01:32) Sporza
 Pre-race interview with Tom Boonen (Dutch, 01:13) Sporza
 Impressive field for Scheldeprijs (Dutch, 01:23)  ATV


2013 Scheldeprijs Videos Source
 Arman Kamyshev after the race (English subtitles, 02:00) Astana
 Interview with Marcel Kittel the winner (English, 01:15) Sporza
 Second place finisher Mark Cavendish is disappointed (English, 02:05) Sporza
 Final kilometer (Dutch, 04:21)  Sporza


 (Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen/GP de l'Escaut Videos)