2017 Paris-Roubaix Videos


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- 2017 Paris-Roubaix Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2017 París-Roubaix Videos  (Sunday, April 9) Source
 From the heart of the race, Team FDJ (Music, 02:25) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 Arrival atmosphere at the Velodrome, mud, sweat and pride (Music, 01:35) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 BORA-Hansgrohe at Paris-Roubaix 2017 (Music/English, 01:41) BORA – hansgrohe
 Feel the cruelty of the Hell of the North (English subtitles, 03:12) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
 Behind the scenes with Team Direct Energie (French, 05:53) Team Direct Energie
 BMC Team Car Celebration - Paris Roubaix (Ambient sound, 01:04) Velon CC
 Iván Garcia Cortina talkes about his Paris-Roubaix debut (English, 0:39) Team Bahrain Merida
 John Degenkolb post race interview (German, 03:11) cyclingmagazine
 Arnaud Démare post race interview (French, 01:14) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 The Legend Boonen - Paris-Roubaix 2017 (English, 01:42) ASO
 Official English Highlights (English, 03:45) ASO
 GoPro onboard camera - Paris-Roubaix (Ambient sound, 02:25) ASO
 Boonen 'always had class and respect' (English, 02:39) Cycling Journos
 Post race interview with Zdenek Stybar (English, 0:45) Cycling Pro Net
 Post race interview with Sebastian Langeveld (English, 02:17) Cycling Pro Net
 Post race interview with Arnaud Démare (French, 05:29) Cycling Pro Net
 Highlights - 2017 Paris-Roubaix (Spanish, 04:30) Rtve
 Highlights - 2017 Paris-Roubaix (Dutch, 06:54) NOS
 Top three podium presentation (English, 05:01) NBC Sports
 Paris-Roubaix ends with thrilling sprint (English, 01:33) NBC Sports
 Greg van Avermaet crashes midway through Paris-Roubaix (English, 0:41) NBC Sports
 Official Highlights - Paris-Roubaix 2017 (French, 03:45) ASO
 Post race interview with the winner, Greg Van Avermaet (French, 02:23) Cycling Pro Net
 Crowds cheer for Tom Boonen as he's interviewed (Dutch, 02:39) Sporza
 Post race interview with Jürgen Roelandts (Dutch, 01:28) Sporza
 Post race interview with Zdeněk Štybar (Dutch, 02:50) Sporza
 On Demand Replay of the final 179 kilometers (French, 04:15:10) Francetv Sport
 Interview with the race winner (English, 01:08)  Sporza
 Post race interview with Daniel Oss (English, 01:26)  Sporza
 Post race interview with Jasper Stuyven (Dutch, 01:59) Sporza
 Final kilometer (Ambient sound, 01:57) ASO
 Final 1.8 kilometers (Dutch, 07:36) Sporza
 Stybar tries surprise attack 4km from the finish (Dutch, 01:46) Sporza
 Van Avermaet, Stybar and Langeveld in the lead after Carrefour de l'Arbre (Dutch, 04:22) Sporza
 Van Avermaet and Stuyven reach the group with Stybar and Roelandts (Dutch, 03:18) Sporza
 Bad luck again for Sagan (Dutch, 02:55) Sporza
 Stybar attacks (Dutch, 02:55) Sporza
 Boonen Boonen Boonen (Dutch, 0:55) Sporza
 Sagan thins the peloton on Mons-en-Pévèle (Dutch, 04:53) Sporza
 Full pass though the Mons-en-Pevele (Dutch, 06:01) Sporza
 Roelandts attacks, trying to catch leading duo (Dutch, 03:32) Sporza
 Once again Tom Boonen (Dutch, 02:32) Sporza
 Tom Boonen shows his good form (Dutch, 01:49) Sporza
 Sagan comes back after a puncture (Dutch, 05:17) Sporza
 After crash and bike change Van Avermaet struggles to catch the peloton (Dutch, 01:59) Sporza
 Van Amermaet is hampered by "Amsterdammer" on the road (Dutch, 03:15) Sporza
 The dry cobblestones are very difficult (Dutch, 03:15) Sporza
 Hell of the North does its job, the battle begins (Dutch, 01:33) Sporza
 First falls on the cobbles include Oliver Naesen (Dutch, 03:01) Sporza
 The first cobblestones! (Dutch, 05:06) Sporza
 Luke Durbridge crashes with 173k to go (Ambient sound, 0:35) ASO
 Early breakaway with five riders (Ambient sound, 0:22) ASO
 Start of the 2017 Paris-Roubaix (Ambient sound, 0:50) Velon CC
 Peter Sagan - interview before Paris-Roubaix 2017 (English, 01:19) Cycling Pro Net
 The Hell of the North: Team Sunweb Paris-Roubaix Recon (English, 02:49) Team Sunweb
 Team Presentation Highlights (Music, 0:55) Velon CC
 Team BORA-hansgrohe on Paris-Roubaix 2017 (English, 03:11) BORA – hansgrohe
 Team FDJ Presentation Highlights (Music, 01:59) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 Astana sports directors about Northern classics and Paris Roubaix (English subtitles, 02:38) Astana ProTeam
 GCN's Top 9 Riders To Watch - Paris-Roubaix 2017 (English, 05:15) Global Cycling Network
 Road To Roubaix: Pre-Race Press Conference (English, 02:15) Quick-Step Floors Cycling
 Reconnaissance de Paris-Roubaix 2017 (Music, 01:50) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 Team FDJ Lineup for the 2017 Paris-Roubaix (Music, 01:46) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 Team Sunweb - Bert De Backer's Road to Roubaix (English, 02:15) Team Sunweb
 Team Direct Energie - Présentation Paris Roubaix 2017 (French, 01:22) Team Direct Energie
 Peter Sagan and Bora-Hansgrohe recon the cobbles (Ambient sound, 01:23) Cyclism'Actu
 Paris-Roubaix recon day with Team Quick-Step (English, 03:36) VeloNews
 Arnaud Démare pre-race interview (French, 04:10) Cycling Pro Net
 Tom Boonen pre-race interview (French, 08:55) Cycling Pro Net
 Paris-Roubaix Preview: Inside the Race part 2 (Ambient sound, 0:47) Velon CC
 2017 Paris-Roubaix Preview & Predictions (English, 10:05) BobkeTV
 Tom Boonen on his love for Paris-Roubaix (English, 03:27) cyclingnewstv
 Paris Roubiax Bikes: 7 pro tweaks to tame Hell of the North (English, 03:00) road.cc
 Paris - Roubaix 2017 GCN Race Preview (English, 11:22) Global Cycling Network
 Paris-Roubaix Preview: Inside the Race (Ambient sound, 0:38) Velon CC
 Paris-Roubaix 2017: 10 riders to watch (English, 05:41) cyclingnewstv
 Road To Roubaix: Dirk Nachtergaele's stories of Tom Boonen (English, 03:40) Quick-Step Floors Cycling
 Interview with John Degenkolb (German, 10:01) ASO
 Dirk Demol on his surprise '88 Paris-Roubaix win (English, 03:38) VeloNews
 The Paris-Roubaix bicycle of Team Direct Energie (French, 01:42) Team Direct Energie
 Official Teaser - Paris-Roubaix 2017 (Music, 01:02) ASO
 Paris-Roubaix: Champions of the Grand Tours VS Classics Riders (French/English, 01:56) ASO
 We Believe in Boonen (Music, 01:14) Specialized Bicycles
 Road To Roubaix: Tom Boonen and the Cobblestones (English, 02:36) Quick-Step Floors Cycling
 Road To Roubaix: Tom Boonen's Magical 2005 Season (English, 02:14) Quick-Step Floors Cycling
 Road To Roubaix: Wilfried Peeters on his long history with Tom Boonen (English, 03:05) Quick-Step Floors Cycling
 Road To Roubaix: Tom Boonen through the eyes of Kurt Van Roosbroeck (English, 02:39) Quick-Step Floors Cycling
 Road To Roubaix: Tom Boonen's Love for Cycling (English, 02:19) Quick-Step Floors Cycling
 Tom Boonen talks about riding his last Paris-Roubaix (English, 0:49) Cyclism'Actu
 The forgotten showers of the velodrome of Roubaix (French, 02:27) Cyclism'Actu
 Retro 2008 and backstage of the victory of Tom Boonen (Ambient sound, 01:28) Cyclism'Actu
 Paris-Roubaix - Boonen: 2008, the fastest and most vigilant (French, 01:43) Eurosport
 Paris-Roubaix - Boonen: First victory in 2005? A perfect day (French, 02:11) Eurosport
 Paris-Roubaix - Retro 2000: Johan Museeuw, the revenge of the cursed of Arenberg (French, 02:39) Eurosport


2016 Paris-Roubaix Videos  (Sunday, April 10)
 ORICA GreenEDGE BackStage Pass - Mat Hayman Wins! (English, 19:56) ORICA GreenEDGE
 How Did Mathew Hayman Win Paris-Roubaix? GNC breaks it down (English, 07:51) Global Cycling Network
 Onboard camera – Paris-Roubaix 2016 (Ambient sound, 02:51) ASO
 Paris Roubaix On Bike Highlights (Ambient sound, 03:18) Velon CC
 Taylor Phinney excited to finish Paris-Roubaix (English, 02:06) NBC Sports
 Tom Boonen breaks down stunning loss in Paris-Roubaix (English, 02:09) NBC Sports
 Race winner, Mathew Hayman was calm during exciting final sprint (English, 03:04) NBC Sports
 Fabian Cancellara crashes in final Paris-Roubaix (English, 02:38) NBC Sports
 Team Direct Energie at the 2016 Paris-Roubaix (French, 05:38) Team Direct Energie
 AG2R LA MONDIALE at the 2016 Paris-Roubaix (French, 01:28) veloag2rlamondiale
 Final 8 kilometers (English, 12:08) SBS
 Interview with the Winner of the 2016 Paris-Roubaix (English/French, 02:35) Francetv Sport
 Fabian Cancellara - post-race interview (English, 02:24) Cycling Pro Net
 Final 2.5 kilometers of the 2016 Paris-Roubaix (English, 04:40) NBC Sports
 Paris-Roubaix winning moment (English, 01:32) SBS
 Highlights of the 2016 Paris-Roubaix (French, 03:24) Francetv Sport
 Official Highlights - Best of Paris-Roubaix 2016 (English, 04:21) ASO
 Fabian Cancellara interview (English, 01:18) Sporza
 Interview with Peter Sagan (English, 01:00) Sporza
 Interview with Tom Boonen (French, 02:06) Cycling Pro Net
 Interview with Sep Vanmarcke (English, 01:45) Cycling Pro Net
 Interview with Edvald Boasson Hagen (English, 0:55) Cycling Pro Net
 Interview with the Race Winner (English, 02:06) Cycling Pro Net
 Final 2.4 kilometers (Italian, 06:07) Rai Sport
 Boonen, Hayman and Vanmarcke enter the stadium togther (Dutch, 05:30) Sporza
 Cancellara crashes, Sagan avoids crash with a bunny-hop (Dutch, 02:39) Sporza
 Vanmarcke group catches the group with Bonnen (Dutch, 02:36) Sporza
 Peloton goes through the Arenberg Forest (Dutch, 07:53) Sporza
 Sagan moves astonishingly easy in the Arenberg Forest (Dutch, 0:22) Sporza
 Boonen in group of five riders 100km from the finish (Dutch, 05:28) Sporza
 FDJ rider crashes (Dutch, 0:26) Sporza
 Cancellara and Sagan fall behind (Dutch, 07:45) Sporza
 Another fall in the back of the peloton (Dutch, 01:07) Sporza
 Phil Gaimon goes down in a curve (Dutch, 0:26) Sporza
 Crash in the first cobble section (Dutch, 0:38) Sporza
 Vanmarcke and Boom have some bad luck (Dutch, 01:56) Sporza
 Fans line the course waiting for the race to come by (Frence, 02:46) Rtbf
 Peter Sagan - pre-race interview (English, 03:18) Cycling Pro Net
 Alexander Kristoff - pre-race interview (English, 02:48) Cycling Pro Net
 Sylvain Chavanel - interview before the race (French, 03:05) Cycling Pro Net
 Peter Sagan interview ahead of the 2016 Paris-Roubaix (English, 10:01) cyclingnewstv
 On-board as Peter Sagan and the Tinkoff team recon the route (English, 04:02) cyclingnewstv
 Team Tinkoff-Saxo Paris-Roubaix Recon (Music, 01:19) Tinkoff Team
 Etixx_QuickStep 2016 Paris-Roubaix Recon (Music, 01:19) Etixx_QuickStep
 Fabian Cancellara - interview before the race (French, 04:00) Cycling Pro Net
 Tom Boonen - interview before the race (French, 01:24) Cycling Pro Net
 Team LottoNL-Jumbo - Cobbles, opportunities and opponents (English, 02:22) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
 Team Giant-Alpecin Paris-Roubaix recon (English, 04:22) Team Giant-Alpecin
 AG2R La Mondiale recon the cobblestones of Paris Roubaix (French, 01:37) veloag2rlamondiale
 GCN's Paris-Roubaix 2016 Preview (English, 04:32) Global Cycling Network
 inCycle's Paris-Roubaix Preview (English, 04:32) inCycle
 Hammond: 'On a good day Cavendish can win Paris-Roubaix' (English, 01:26) Cycling Journos
 FDJ's Team for Paris-Roubaix (Music, 0:51) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 A look back at the Paris-Roubaix podium from 2004 (English, 22:53) inCycle/cyclingnewstv
 2016 Paris-Roubaix: 10 riders to watch (English, 05:23) cyclingnewstv
 Official Teaser - Paris-Roubaix 2016 (Music, 0:55) ASO
 Focus on the Favorites - 2016 Paris-Roubaix (Music, 02:06) CyclismActu


2015 Paris-Roubaix Videos - Sunday 12 April
 Fight those cobbles! Team Lampre-Merida at Paris-Roubaix (Music, 02:04) MeridaProRoadRacing
 Trek Factory Racing battled through a crash & injury-riddled race (English, 01:28) Trek Bicycle
 Meeting the Alexander Kristoff fan club at Paris-Roubaix (English, 05:16) inCycle
 Etixx_QuickStep Paris-Roubaix Recap (English, 04:38) Etixx_QuickStep
 The spills of Paris-Roubaix (English, 02:40) SBS
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass: Paris-Roubaix Part 2 (English, 11:15) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Team Sky Diaries – Bradley Wiggins last race (English, 03:14) Team Sky
 No fairy tail ending for Wiggins at Paris-Roubaix (English, 01:26) ESPN
 Wiggo happy with final performance (English, 01:13) Sky Sports
 The Best of 2015 Paris-Roubaix (English, 04:48) ASO
 Wiggins ends Sky career - Post race interview (English, 04:16) Sky Sport
 Brief Highlights (English, 01:26) Eurosport
 Paris-Roubaix winner post race interview (English, 01:16) Cyclismactu
 Zdenek Stybar post race interview (English, 01:02) Cyclismactu
 Winner brings his teammates up on the podium (Dutch, 01:00) Sporza
 The winner stands tall on podium at Paris-Roubaix (English, 03:05) NBC Sports
 Interview with the Paris-Roubaix winner (English, 02:29) NBC Sports
 Paris-Roubaix final kilometer (English, 03:05) NBC Sports
 Paris-Roubaix Race finish (Dutch, 01:50) Sporza
 Bradley Wiggins makes a final attempt (Dutch, 0:20) Sporza
 Stybar tries to bridge up to the leaders (Dutch, 0:18) Sporza
 Peter Sagan throws his bike in disgust (Dutch, 0:28) Sporza
 De Backer is tries to get across and Degenkolb goes too (Dutch, 01:09) Sporza
 Lampaert attacks and Van Avermaet goes with (Dutch, 0:24) Sporza
 Jürgen Roelandts leads the peloton at Carrefour de l'Arbre (Dutch, 02:49) Sporza
 Jürgen Roelandts attacks on the cobbles (Dutch, 0:49) Sporza
 Sep Vanmarcke and others try to get away (Dutch, 01:00) Sporza
 Bradley Wiggins attacks with 32 kilometers to go (Dutch, 0:54) Sporza
 Cyclist stumbles off cobbles, crashes into fans (English, 01:07) NBC Sports
 Lars Ytting Bak goes down in the ditch taking a fan with him (Dutch, 0:20) Sporza
 Stijn Vandenbergh attacks and breaks away from the peloton (Dutch, 0:36) Sporza
 Another crash - Breschel and Vansummeren go down (Dutch, 0:30) Sporza
 Pozzato has a flat rear tire (Dutch, 0:24) Sporza
 Etixx-Quick Step is at the front driving the peloton (Dutch, 02:16) Sporza
 First real acceleration of Van Keirsbulck on the cobbles (Dutch, 0:30) Sporza
 Team Sky's Geraint Thomas goes down, bloodied (English, 01:06) NBC Sports
 Geraint Thomas crashes and works to catch the peloton (Dutch, 02:04) Sporza
 Unexpected train disrupts peloton during Paris-Roubaix (English, 01:23) NBC Sports
 Riders do not stop at railroad crossing where a train was coming (Dutch, 03:45) Sporza
 The peloton rumbles through the forest of Wallers (Dutch, 03:45) Sporza
 Archbold remains down after a hard fall (Dutch, 0:13) Sporza
 Gnarly crash sends riders toppling on the cobbles (English, 0:47) NBC Sports
 Westra and others go down on the cobbles (Dutch, 0:14) Sporza
 Tim Declercq gets a flat on the cobbles (Dutch, 0:40) Sporza
 Nervousness leads to a new crash with 117 kilometers to go (Dutch, 0:48) Sporza
 Cobbles at Paris-Roubaix claim its next victim - Jonas Ahlstrand (English, 0:47) NBC Sports
 Stijn Devolver is out after a big pile-up in the first cobble section (Dutch, 0:52) Sporza
 Geraint Thomas pre-race interview (English, 0:34) Cyclismactu
 Alexander Kristoff pre-race interview (English, 0:54) Cyclismactu
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass: Paris-Roubaix Part 1 (English, 07:20) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Paris-Roubaix: A Hell Of a Ride for Team Sky (Music, 0:45) Team Sky
 The eve before the Hell with Team LottoNL-Jumbo (English subtitles, 0:43) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
 Team LottoNL-Jumbo Line up for Paris-Roubaix (Music, 0:46) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
 Team IAM Cycling prepare for the Hell of the North (English, 01:15) IAM Cycling
 Sebastian Langveld on Paris-Roubaix (English, 01:02) Cannondale-Garmin
 Astana ProTeam at the Paris-Roubaix teams presentation (Music, 0:50) Astana ProTeam team
 Etixx_QuickStep Paris-Roubaix recon and preview (English, 02:10) Etixx_QuickStep
 Paris-Roubaix preview with Sir Bradley Wiggins (English, 02:26) ProductiehuisEU
 Sir Bradley Wiggins says this being his last race is distracting (English, 01:50) SNTV
 The Hell of the North (English, 01:24) Specialized Bicycles
 Trek Factory Racing DS Dirk Demol recaps his 1988 P-R victory (English, 01:50) Trek Bicycle
 Bradley Wiggins set for final bow (English, 01:54) Eurosport
 Focus on the Favorites (Music, 01:51) Cyclismactu
 Tinkoff-Saxo Paris-Roubaix route recon and interviews (English, 03:41) cyclingnewstv
 Cannondale-Garmin Paris-Roubaix Recon Ride #1 (English, 01:20) Cannondale-Garmin
 Cannondale-Garmin Paris-Roubaix Recon Ride #2 (ambient sound, 01:41) Cannondale-Garmin
 Cannondale-Garmin Paris-Roubaix Recon Ride #3 - Arenberg! (ambient sound, 01:24) Cannondale-Garmin
 Cervelo R3 Mud: Bike specs for Paris-Roubaix (English, 01:35) MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung
 On-board with Tinkoff-Saxo as they recon the Arenberg Forest (02:14) cyclingnewstv
 Race Preview with Global Cycling Network Commentators (English, 10:08) Global Cycling Network
 Interview with 4 time Paris-Roubaix winner Roger De Vlaeminck (English, 05:24) inCycle
 inCycle Technology: Lampre-Merida prepare for the cobbles (English, 05:19) inCycle
 Paris-Roubaix recon by Sir Bradley Wiggins & Team Sky (English, 06:21) ProductiehuisEU
 Sir Bradley Wiggins on the Hell of the North (English, 01:51) Rapha
 Astana recons Paris-Roubaix (Music, 01:03) Astana ProTeam
 BMC recons the last kilometer of Paris-Roubaix (English, 03:31) Daniel Oss
 Top 10 Riders To Watch: Paris-Roubaix (English, 04:25) Global Cycling Network
 Tom Boonen on 2015 Paris-Roubaix (English, 01:28) Specialized Bicycles
 Lotto Soudal Recons Paris-Roubaix (0:42) Lotto Soudal
 Paris-Roubaix Race Teaser (Music, 01:33) Rtbf
 Top 10 riders to watch at Paris-Roubaix (English, 05:07) cyclingnewstv
 Paris-Roubaix Race Teaser (Music, 0:36) ASO
 Tom Boonen on why Paris-Roubaix is a slow killer (English, 02:35) cyclingnewstv
 Fabian Cancellara on what it's like to win Roubaix (English, 02:10) cyclingnewstv
 Team LottoNL-Jumbo previews Paris-Roubaix (Dutch with English subtitles, 02:09) Bell Bike Helmets
 Focus on the Route (Music, 01:21) Cyclismactu
 Road to Roubaix - Promo (Italian, 0:30) BikeChannel
 Bradley Wiggins targets Paris-Roubaix (English, 0:59) Sky Sports

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