2019 Nokere Koerse Videos


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- 2019 Nokere Koerse videos  from a variety of sources will be listed here throughout the race, as available.
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2019 Danilith Nokere Koerse Videos (Wednesday, March 20) Source
 Men's Extended English Highlights (English, 10:00) Eurosport
 Mathieu van der Poel interview - He thought for a moment after the fall that his spring was over (Dutch, 01:42) NOS
 Brief Highlights of the Men's Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 02:00) Sporza
 Highlights of the Women's Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 03:46) Sporza
 Interview with the race winner (Dutch, 01:10) Sporza
 Pascal Ackermann post race interview (English, 0:32) Sporza
 Final 1.5 kilometers (Dutch, 06:49) Sporza
 Dramatic crash in the final sprint: Mathieu van der Poel taken away by ambulance (Dutch, 02:49) Sporza
 Rider attacks and then crashes with 5k to go (Dutch, 0:46) Sporza
 Crash on a curve with under 9k to go (Dutch, 01:06) Sporza
 Remco Evenepoel attacks with just over 22k to go (Dutch, 01:12) Sporza
 First time for Mathieu van der Poel on Flemish roads in the spring (Dutch, 01:40) Sporza
 Narrowing down of the road causes another crash (Dutch, 0:49) Sporza
 Full speed crash takes down several riders (Dutch, 03:31) Sporza
 Stan Dewulf and others involved in crash with 52k to go (Dutch, 01:35) Sporza
 Start of the Men's Nokere Koerse (Ambient sound, 0:20) avs.be
 Start of the Women's Nokere Koerse (Ambient sound, 0:12) avs.be
 Mathieu van der Poel interview before the race (Dutch, 0:47) Sporza
 Remco Evenepoel interview before the race (Dutch, 01:59) Sporza
 Race Promo - Danilith Nokere Koerse 2019 (No sound, 0:12) Danilith Nokere Koerse


2018 Nokere Koerse Videos (Wednesday, March 14) Source
 Interview with the race winner (Dutch, 02:03) Sporza
 Final 2.6 kilometers (Dutch, 04:57) Sporza
 Van Aert accelerates again but does not get away (Dutch, 01:54) Sporza
 Peloton catches Van Aert group (Dutch, 03:23) Sporza
 Wout Van Aert attacks and takes a small group with him (Dutch, 04:50) Sporza
 Crash in the peloton with 50k to go (Dutch, 01:46) Sporza


2017 Nokere Koerse Videos (Wednesday, March 15) Source
 Highlights of the 2017 Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 01:17) Sporza
 Race Highlights - 2017 Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 01:54) Focus WTV
 Interview with the winner of the 2017 Nokere Koerse (French, 01:10) Sporza
 Kris Boeckmans and Justin Jules drop back to argue (Dutch, 0:42) Sporza
 Race Trailer - 2017 Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 0:15) AVS


2016 Nokere Koerse Videos  (Wednesday, March 16, 2016)
 As Live Replay (Subscription Cycling TV)  Cycling TV
 Timothy Dupont (Verandas Willems) wins the 2016 Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 01:19) Focus WTV
 Interview with the Winner of the 2016 Nokere Koerse (French/Dutch, 02:09) Rtbf
 Final 2.6 kilometers of the 2016 Nokere Koerse (French, 03:56) Rtbf
 Bartlomiej Matysiak loses his saddle (French, 0:45) Rtbf
 Race Promo - 2016 Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 0:15) Krist De Jaegher


2015 Nokere Koerse Videos - Wednesday March 18
 Nokere Koerse Highlights (Dutch, 01:36) focus-wtv
 Edward Theuns looks ahead to Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 01:56) AVS
 Route preview (English, 01:22) EmilProd
 Race Trailer (Dutch, 0:25)  AVS


2014 Nokere Koerse videos Source
 Recap and interview with winner (Dutch, 0:41) vtm
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:17) Focus wtv.tv
 Final sprint (Dutch, 0:37) Sporza
 Race promo (0:15) Krist De Jaegher