2017 Nokere Koerse Videos


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- 2017 Nokere Koerse videos  from a variety of sources will be listed here throughout the race, as available.
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2017 Nokere Koerse Videos (Wednesday, March 15) Source


2016 Nokere Koerse Videos  (Wednesday, March 16, 2016)
 As Live Replay (Subscription Cycling TV)  Cycling TV
 Timothy Dupont (Verandas Willems) wins the 2016 Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 01:19) Focus WTV
 Interview with the Winner of the 2016 Nokere Koerse (French/Dutch, 02:09) Rtbf
 Final 2.6 kilometers of the 2016 Nokere Koerse (French, 03:56) Rtbf
 Bartlomiej Matysiak loses his saddle (French, 0:45) Rtbf
 Race Promo - 2016 Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 0:15) Krist De Jaegher


2015 Nokere Koerse Videos - Wednesday March 18
 Nokere Koerse Highlights (Dutch, 01:36) focus-wtv
 Edward Theuns looks ahead to Nokere Koerse (Dutch, 01:56) AVS
 Route preview (English, 01:22) EmilProd
 Race Trailer (Dutch, 0:25)  AVS


2014 Nokere Koerse videos Source
 Recap and interview with winner (Dutch, 0:41) vtm
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:17) Focus wtv.tv
 Final sprint (Dutch, 0:37) Sporza
 Race promo (0:15) Krist De Jaegher