2019 Fleche Wallonne Videos


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- 2019 Fleche Wallonne videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2019 Fleche Wallonne Videos (Wednesday, April 24)


2018 Flèche Wallonne Videos  (Wednesday, April 18) Source
 Mitchelton SCOTT Backstage at the 2018 Fleche Wallonne - Men's & Women's Races (English, 06:43) Mitchelton SCOTT
 Official English Highlights - La Flèche Wallonne 2018 (English, 03:37) ASO
 Official French Highlights - La Flèche Wallonne 2018 (French, 03:37) ASO
 Flash Summary - La Flèche Wallonne 2018 (Music, 0:50) ASO
 Interview with the winner of the 2018 Fleche Wallonne (French, 02:04) Cycling Pro Net
 Final kilometer - 2018 Men's Fleche Wallonne (Ambient sound, 03:00) ASO
 Interview with the race winner (French, 01:28) Sporza
 Finish of the 2018 Fleche Wallonne (Spanish, 06:20) Tdp
 Second passage of the Mur de Huy (Ambient sound, 0:21) ASO
 The escapees are caught (Ambient sound, 0:30) ASO
 First passage of the Mur de Huy (Ambient sound, 0:29) ASO
Women's Fleche Wallonne  
 Official UCI Highlights - Women's WorldTour – 2018 Fleche Wallonne (English, 06:58) UCI
 Behind the scenes with Wiggle High5 at Fleche Wallonne 2018 (English, 03:59) WiggleHigh5
 Interview with the winner of the Women's Fleche Wallonne (English, 04:38) Voxwomen
 Final kilometer of the Women's Fleche Wallonne 2018 (French, 03:37) ASO
 Dan Martin - Interview at the start (English, 01:25) Cycling Pro Net
 Tim Wellens - Interview at the start (English, 01:18) Cycling Pro Net
 Michal Kwiatkowski - Interview at the start (English, 01:21) Cycling Pro Net
 Bob Jungels - Interview at the start (English, 01:11) Cycling Pro Net
 DylanTeuns - Interview at the start (English, 0:58) Cycling Pro Net
 Jakob Fuglsang - Interview at the start (English, 02:10) Cycling Pro Net
 Do you know La Flèche Wallonne? (English, 0:45) ASO
 The Route - La Flèche Wallonne 2018 (Music, 0:31) ASO
 The Route - La Flèche Wallonne Femmes 2018 (Music, 0:31) ASO
 Best images of 2017 - La Flèche Wallonne (Music, 02:19) ASO
 Best images of 2017 - La Flèche Wallonne Femmes (Music, 01:32)  ASO


2017 Flèche Wallonne Videos  (Wednesday, April 19) Source
Women's Race  
 Official UCI Highlights - Women's WorldTour – Fleche Wallonne (English, 08:28) UCI
 Van der Breggen wins Women's Fleche Wallonne (English, 0:57) SBS
 Behind the scenes with Team Wiggle High5 (English, 04:33) WiggleHigh5
 Fleche Wallonne Women's Race winner (English, 01:44) Fleche Wallonne
 Interview with the winner of the 2017 Women's Fleche Wallonne (Dutch, 01:46) NOS
 Final meters of the 2017 Women's Fleche Wallonne (Dutch, 01:41) NOS
Men's Race  
 Fleche Wallonne 30 second Highlights (Music, 0:30) Fleche Wallonne
 Official English Highlights of the 2017 Fleche Wallonne (English, 03:55) ASO
 Interview with the race winner (Spanish, 01:15) Cycling Pro Net
 Fleche Wallonne Race Report / Interviews (Spanish, 05:28) Bicigoga
 Official French Highlights (French, 03:55) ASO
 Post race interview with Daniel Martin (English, 01:17) Sporza
 Highlights 2017 Men's Fleche Wallonne (Dutch, 02:29) Sporza
 On Demand Replay of the Fleche Wallonne Men's Race (French, 01:29:35) Francetv Sport
 Final 1.5 kilometers - 2017 Men's Fleche Wallonne (Dutch, 06:00) Sporza
 Final kilometer - 2017 Men's Fleche Wallonne (Ambient sound, 03:15) ASO
 Jungels solo with 10 kilometers to go (Ambient sound, 0:23) ASO
 Quick Step at the front (Ambient sound, 0:24) ASO
 2nd ascent of the Mur de Huy (Ambient sound, 0:23) ASO
 Jungels joins De Marchi (Dutch, 02:41) Sporza
 De Marchi is back into the attack (Dutch, 02:41) Sporza
 Michael Valgren Andersen takes a hard fall (Dutch, 01:43) Sporza
 First ascent of the Mur de Huy (Ambient sound, 0:30) ASO
 Team FDJ's lineup for the 2017 Tour of the Alps (no sound, 0:28) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 Route of the 2017 Flèche Wallonne Men's Race (Music, 0:40) ASO
 Route of the 2017 Flèche Wallonne Women's Race (Music, 0:35) ASO


2016 Fleche Wallonne Videos (Wednesday, April 20)
Men's Race  
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 06:03) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Official English Highlights (English, 04:38) ASO
 Official French Highlights (French, 04:38) ASO
 Interview with Daniel Martin of Etixx–Quick-Step (English, 01:40) Cycling Pro Net
 Interview with the Men's Race winner (Spanish, 0:35) Cycling Pro Net
 Final 5.6 kilometers of the Men's 2016 Fleche Wallonne (Italian, 13:38) Rai Sport
 Final Sprint of the 2016 Fleche Wallonne (Ambient sound, 0:28) Fleche Wallonne
Women's Race  
 Official Highlights of the Women's Fleche Wallonne (English, 12:18) ucichannel
 Behind the scenes with Wiggle High5 (English, 07:00) WiggleHigh5
 Women's Fleche Wallonne Race Report (English, 01:39) voxwomen
 Interview with the Women's Race winner (Dutch, 01:37) NOS
 Finish of the Women's Fleche Wallonne 2016 (Ambient sound, 0:26) Fleche Wallonne


2015 Fleche Wallonne Videos - Wednesday April 22
Women's Race - UCI World Cup Round 4  
 Extended Highlights of the Women's Fleche Wallonne (English, 26:01) ucichannel
 The Dutch flyingwoman van der Breggen claims the Fleche Wallonne (English, 01:59) Eurosport
 Official Highlights of the Women's Fleche Wallonne (English, 07:04) ucichannel
 Interview with the winner of the Women's Fleche Wallonne (Dutch, 02:00) Cycling Pro Net
 Women's Fleche Wallonne Race Report (English, 03:09) voxwomen
 Women's UCI World Cup Round 4 - Race Preview (English, 02:35) voxwomen
 Lotto Soudal Ladies visit Ridley Factory before Flèche Wallonne (English, 01:14) voxwomen
Men's Race  
 As Live replay (Subscription Cycling TV) Cycling TV
 Backstage Pass - Fleche Wallonne Men's and Women's Races (English, 08:36) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Astana ProTeam at Fleche Wallonne (Music, 0:53) Astana ProTeam
 The Best of Fleche Wallonne (English, 05:14) ASO
 Fleche Wallonne Race Recap (English, 06:04) Cycling TV
 The race finish (English, 01:52) Eurosport
 Philippe Gilbert suffers heavy crash in Fleche-Wallone (Ambient sound, 01:52) Eurosport
 Interview with the Fleche Wallonne Race Winner (Spanish, 01:07) Cycling Pro Net
 Final kilometers, plus post race interviews (Italian, 09:31) Rai Sport
 Final 2 kilometers (Men's race) (Dutch, 05:15) Sporza
 Tim Wellens attacks 6 kilometers from the finish (Dutch, 03:39) Sporza
 Chris Froome and several others crash (Dutch, 02:26) Sporza
 Jelle Vanendert and others also involved in a crash (Dutch, 01:40) Sporza
 Several cyclists crash and plunge into a ditch (Dutch, 02:52) Sporza
 Philippe Gilbert is involved in a bad crash and ultimately abandons (Dutch, 03:09) Sporza
 Daniel Martin upset and hurting after crash (Dutch, 01:30) Sporza
 Dan Martin on Flèche Wallonne (English, 01:49) Cannondale-Garmin
 Spanish favorites at the Fleche Wallonne (Italian, 01:17) Rai Sport
 Cannondale-Garmin Flèche Wallonne Recon (Ambient sound, 01:51) Cannondale-Garmin
 Tinkoff-Saxo prepares for Flèche Wallonne - Ardennes training ride (Music, 01:29) Tinkoff Saxo
 Focus on the Favorites (Music, 01:44) Cyclismactu
 Team LottoNL-Jumbo previews La Fleche Wallonne (Dutch with English subtitles, 01:52) Bell Bike Helmets
 Focus on the Route (Music, 01:08) Cyclismactu


2014 Fleche Wallonne videos Source
 As Live Replay (English, CTV subscription) CTV
 Women's Fleche Wallonne finish and podium: Ferrand-Prevot wins (2:21) Sporza
 Final 1.5 kilometers (Dutch, 05:56) Sporza
 Cunego crashes with 3k to go (Dutch, 02:37) Sporza
 Wellens tries an attack on Côte d'Ereffe (Dutch, 02:37) Sporza
 Second ascent of Muur (Dutch, 06:28) Sporza
 La Flèche Wallonne reconnaissance with Garmin-Sharp (English, 02:28) cyclingnewstv
 Tom Jelte Slagter on his Ardennes campaign (English, 01:36)  cyclingnewstv


2013 Fleche Wallonne videos
 Best of 2013 Men's Fleches Wallonne (Music, 02:21) Le Tour de France
 Best of 2013 Women's Fleches Wallonne (Music, 01:51) Le Tour de France
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:38) Sporza
 Final 2.7 kilometers (French, 05:40) Rtbf
 Final kilometer (Dutch, 03:14) Sporza
 Schleck is dropped inside 9km to go (Dutch, 0:25) Sporza
 Second climb of the Muur van Hoei (Dutch, 05:05) Sporza
 Ten Dam attacks on the Côte de Bohisseau (Dutch, 01:14) Sporza
 2013 Men's Fleche Wallonne Promo (Music, 02:28) ASOCycling
 2013 Women's Fleche Wallonne Promo (Music, 02:03) ASOCycling