2018 Dwars door Vlaanderen Videos


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- 2018 Dwars door Vlaanderen videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2018 Dwars door Vlaanderen Videos  (Wednesday, March 28)
 Interview with the winner of Dwars Door Vlaanderen (English, 01:51) Cycling Pro Net
 Official English Highlights (English, 04:46) inCycle
 Final kilometer: Winner stuns rivals with late burst (English, 02:54) Eurosport
 Interview with the race winner (Dutch, 02:06) Sporza
 Final 2.5 kilometers of Dwars Door Vlaanderen (Dutch, 06:31) Sporza
 Vanmarcke attacks but does not get away (Dutch, 02:22) Sporza
 Benoot and Van Avermaet continue, Vanmarcke accelerates (Dutch, 04:19) Sporza
 Benoot attack on the Knokteberg and Van Avermaet goes with (Dutch, 05:15) Sporza
 Stybar attacks, Valverde looking good, more crashes! (Dutch, 03:39) Sporza
 Stybar attacks on the Taaienberg (no sound, 01:00) Dwars door Vlaanderen
 Tony Martin slips and goes down on a curve (Dutch, 0:35) Sporza
 Flat tire: Wout van Aert has to chase again (Dutch, 2:03) Sporza
 Wout van Aert crashes into a signaller and goes into the ditch (Dutch, 2:23) Sporza
 Oliver Naesen gives up after a crash (Dutch, 0:50) Sporza
 Start of the 2018 Dwars Door Vlaanderen (Ambient sound, 02:20) Dwars Door Vlaanderen
 Riders sign in and pre-race interviews (Dutch, 1:57) Sporza
Women's Race  
 Highlights of the women's Dwars Door Vlaanderen (Dutch/English, 06:41) Focus WTV
 Women's Podium: Tough champagne cork needs three people to pop it (English, 01:29) Eurosport
 Finish of the women's Dwars Door Vlaanderen (Ambient sound, 0:45) Dwars Door Vlaanderen
 Women's peloton has broken up. Very tough racing today! (Ambient sound, 0:22) Dwars Door Vlaanderen
 Women's passage on the Knokteberg! (Ambient sound, 0:25) Dwars Door Vlaanderen
 Dwars Door Vlaanderen, where boys become men (English, 0:59) Dwars Door Vlaanderen
 Participating Teams (No sound, 0:40) Dwars Door Vlaanderen
 Thoughts on the new course (English subtitles, 01:48) Dwars Door Vlaanderen
 Route - Dwars Door Vlaanderen 2018 (No sound, 0:50) Dwars Door Vlaanderen


2017 Dwars door Vlaanderen Videos (Wednesday, March 22)
 Yves Lampaert surges to biggest victory of career (English, 01:13) Eurosport
 Highlights of the 2017 Dwars door Vlaanderen (English, 03:11) inCycle
 Final kilometer - Dwars Door Vlaanderen 2017 (French, 02:00) Rtbf
 Final 3.5 kilometers (Dutch, 06:31) Sporza
 Lampaert attacks 6 kilometers from the finish (Dutch, 0:21) Sporza
 Dayer Quintana flies head over heels into the ditch (Dutch, 0:21) Sporza
 American cyclist Reijnen crashes hard into the ditch (Dutch, 01:07) Sporza


2016 Dwars door Vlaanderen Videos (Wednesday, March 23)
 As Live Repeat (Subscription Cycling TV)  Cycling TV
 Highlights of the 2016 Dwars door Vlaanderen (English, 02:49) inCycle
 Interview with the Winner of the 2016 Dwars door Vlaanderen (Dutch, 01:36) Sporza
 Edward Theuns attacks on the Taaienberg (Dutch, 01:29) Sporza
 Belgian champion Van Hecke takes the lead (Dutch, 0:41) Sporza
 One minute of silence to honor those lost in Brussels tragedy (Dutch, 01:24) Sporza


2015 Dwars door Vlaanderen Videos - Wednesday March 25
 As Live Repeat (Subscription Cycling TV) Cycling TV
 Michal Kwiatkowski and Etixx_QuickStep behind the scenes (English, 03:52) Etixx_QuickStep
 Race Highlights (English, 04:31) inCycle
 Highlights (Ambient sound, 04:55) cyclingnewstv
 Race Recap (English, 05:41) Cycling TV
 Post race interviews with highlights (Dutch, 02:38) Focus wtv
 Highlights (Dutch, 02:27) Sporza
 Interview with the race winner (Dutch, 02:06) Sporza
 Final 1.6 kilometers (Dutch, 05:13) Sporza
 Debusschere attacks and tries to get away (Dutch, 01:36) Sporza
 Devolder goes down on the same corner (Dutch, 01:09) Sporza
 Lars Boom and motorcycle tangle up in a corner (Dutch, 0:41) Sporza
 Lars Boom tries to get up to the four leaders (Dutch, 05:03) Sporza
 Wallays is joined by Kwiatkowski, Van Baarle and Theuns (Dutch, 05:04) Sporza
 Jelle Wallays attacks after Eikenberg (Dutch, 05:04) Sporza
 Many cyclists crash and go into a ditch (Dutch, 01:04) Sporza
 Race Promo (Italian, 0:30) BikeChannel


2014 Dwars door Vlaanderen videos Source
 As Live Replay (English, CTV subscription) CyclingTV
 Highlights (English, 02:17) CyclingTV
 Champagne celebration on the podium (Dutch, 0:35) VTM
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:36) WTV
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:32) Sporza
 Interview with winner (Dutch, 03:29) NOS
 Interview with Tyler Farrar (English/Dutch, 01:26) Sporza
 Race finish (French, 04:54) Rtbf
 Final 1.5 kilometers (Dutch, 04:53) Sporza
 Stijn Devolder draws counter attacks (Dutch, 0:58) Sporza
 The Paterberg (Dutch, 03:44) Sporza
 Tom Boonen accelerates on the Taaienberg (Dutch, 01:06) Sporza
 Devolder need to change shoe after early crash (Dutch, 02:02) Sporza