2017 USA Cyclocross National Championships Videos


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- 2017 USA Cyclocross National Championships Videos from a variety of sources will be listed, as available.
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2017 USA Cyclocross National Championships Videos (January 3 - 8)
Day 6  
 Denzel Stephenson - Junior Men 17-18 National Champion 2017 (English, 02:26) Cyclocross Magazine
 Lance Haidet - U23 Men National Champion 2017 (English, 03:23) Cyclocross Magazine
 Ashley Zoerner - Junior Women 17-18 National Champion 2017 (English, 01:30) Cyclocross Magazine
 Jamey Driscoll - Elite Men 2nd place CX Nationals (English, 02:25) Cyclocross Magazine
 Kerry Werner - Elite Men 3rd place CX Nationals (English, 03:05) Cyclocross Magazine
 Amanda Miller - Elite Women 2nd place CX Nationals (English, 01:26) Cyclocross Magazine
 Kaitie Antonneau - Elite Women 3rd place CX Nationals (English, 01:58) Cyclocross Magazine
 Stephen Hyde - Elite Men National Champion 2017 (English, 03:16) Cyclocross Magazine
 Katie Compton - Elite Women National Champion 2017 (English, 04:08) Cyclocross Magazine
 Ellen Noble - U23 Women National Champion 2017 (English, 02:36) Cyclocross Magazine
 On Demand Replay - Day 6 - Junior Men, U23 Women and Men, Elite Women and Men (English, 05:55:22) USACyclingOrg
Day 5  
 Kaya Musgrave - Womens 11-12 National Champion 2017 (English, 01:58) Cyclocross Magazine
 Lizzy Gunsalus - Womens 13-14 National Champion 2017 (English, 01:44) Cyclocross Magazine
 Ryan Campbell - Mens 13-14 National Champion 2017 (English, 01:24) Cyclocross Magazine
 Katie Clouse - Womens 15-16 National Champion 2017 (English, 02:40) Cyclocross Magazine
 Nick Carter - Mens 15-16 National Champion 2017 (English, 01:57) Cyclocross Magazine
 Mindy McCutcheon - Womens Singlespeed National Champion 2017 (English, 02:18) Cyclocross Magazine
 Isaac Neff - Mens Singlespeed National Champion 2017 (English, 03:13) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 4  
 Matt Timmerman - Masters 40-44 National Champion 2017 (English, 02:40) Cyclocross Magazine
 Adam Myerson - 45-49 National Champion 2017 (English, 03:45) Cyclocross Magazine
 Craig Cozza - Masters 50-54 National Champion 2017 (English, 01:47) Cyclocross Magazine
 Kevin Hines - Masters 55-59  National Champion 2017 (English, 01:06) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 3  
 Christina Gokey-Smith - Women's Masters 40-44 National Champion 2017 (English, 01:58) Cyclocross Magazine
 Catherine Moore - Women's Masters 45-49 National Champion 2017 (English, 03:15) Cyclocross Magazine
 Laura Van Gilder - Women's Masters 50-54 National Champion 2017 (English, 01:27) Cyclocross Magazine
 Tove Shere - Women's Masters 65-69 National Champion 2017 (English, 01:50) Cyclocross Magazine
 Julie Lockhart - Women's Masters 75-79 National Champion 2017 (English, 03:20) Cyclocross Magazine
 Brevard College - Team Relay National Champions 2017 (English, 02:42) Cyclocross Magazine
 University of Vermont - Club Relay National Champions 2017 (English, 02:43) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 2  
 Hannah Finchcamp - Women's Collegiate National Champion 2017 (English, 01:39) Cyclocross Magazine
 Emily Shields - Women's Collegiate Club National Champion 2017 (English, 0:56) Cyclocross Magazine
 Brannon Fix - Men's Collegiate National Champion 2017 (English, 01:48) Cyclocross Magazine
 Maxx Chance - Men's Collegiate Club National Champion 2017 (English, 01:59) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 1  
 Cyclocross hits the Capitol City with mud, guts and competitors of all ages (English, 02:03) Fox61
 Day #1 On-site cxnats with Jeremy Powers (English, 08:28) David Hildebrand
 CXNats Preview, Final Course Review, Advice from Pros! (English, 31:07) David Hildebrand


2016 USA Cyclocross National Championships Videos (January 5 - 10) Source
Day 6  
 Jeremy Powers wins Elite Men title (English, 07:05) Cyclocross Magazine
 Katie Compton wins Elite Women title (English, 03:06) Cyclocross Magazine
 Ellen Noble wins U23 Women title (English, 01:16) Cyclocross Magazine
 Gage Hecht wins Junior Men 17-18 title (English, 02:04) Cyclocross Magazine
 Hannah Arensman wins Junior Women 17-18 title (English, 02:06) Cyclocross Magazine
 Katie Clouse wins Junior Women 15-16 title (English, 02:12) Cyclocross Magazine
 Elite Men, Elite Women, U23 Men and U23 Women races On Demand (English, 05:51:02) USA Cycling
Day 5  
 Haydn Hludzinski wins Junior Women 9-10 title (English, 01:17) Cyclocross Magazine
 David Thompson wins Junior Men 9-10 title (English, 01:34) Cyclocross Magazine
 Kaya Musgrave wins Junior Women 11-12 title (English, 02:14) Cyclocross Magazine
 Ben Crismon wins Junior Men 11-12 title (English, 01:17) Cyclocross Magazine
 Marian wins Collegiate D1 Relay (English, 01:43) Cyclocross Magazine
 King University wins Collegiate D2 Relay (English, 02:20) Cyclocross Magazine
 Tea Wright wins Junior Women 13-14 title (English, 02:01) Cyclocross Magazine
 Magnus Sheffield wins Junior Men 13-14 title (English, 01:13) Cyclocross Magazine
 Ben Gomez Villafane wins Junior Men 15-16 title (English, 03:33) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 4  
 Nicole Mertz wins Women Singlespeed title (English, 02:29) Cyclocross Magazine
 Tristan Uhl wins Men Singlespeed title (English, 02:44) Cyclocross Magazine
 Clara Honsinger wins Collegiate Women D2 title (English, 01:33) Cyclocross Magazine
 Sofia Gomez Villafane wins Collegiate Women D1 title (English, 02:57) Cyclocross Magazine
 Andrew Dillman wins Collegiate Men D1 title (English, 01:10) Cyclocross Magazine
 Cooper Willsey wins Collegiate Men D2 title (English, 02:08) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 3  
 Graciela Val wins Female Masters 75+ title (English, 0:59) Cyclocross Magazine
 Nancy Brown wins Female Masters 70-74 title (English, 02:55) Cyclocross Magazine
 Maurine Sweeney wins Female Masters 65-69 title (English, 01:01) Cyclocross Magazine
 Karen Purtill wins Female Masters 60-64 title (English, 02:18) Cyclocross Magazine
 Karen Tripp wins Female Masters 55-59 title (English, 01:06) Cyclocross Magazine
 Karen Brems wins Female Masters 50-54 title (English, 02:50) Cyclocross Magazine
 Tanya Bettis wins Female Masters 45-49 title (English, 01:06) Cyclocross Magazine
 Melissa Barker wins Female Masters 40-44 title (English, 01:53) Cyclocross Magazine
 Corey Coogan Cisek wins Female Masters 35-39 title (English, 02:09) Cyclocross Magazine
 Melinda McCutcheon wins Female Masters 30-34 title (English, 03:26) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 2
 Fred Schmid wins Masters 80+ title (English, 01:56) Cyclocross Magazine
 Whitney Fanning wins Masters 70+ title (English, 02:27) Cyclocross Magazine
 Fred Wittwer wins Masters 65-69 title (English, 01:48) Cyclocross Magazine
 Randy Root wins Masters 60-64 title (English, 03:45) Cyclocross Magazine
 Jay Trojan wins Masters 55-59 title (English, 02:21) Cyclocross Magazine
 Victor Sheldon wins Masters 50-54 title (English, 02:37) Cyclocross Magazine
 On Bike Camera - Masters 45-49 Race (Ambient sound, 10:00) david sanders
 Pete Webber wins Masters 45-49 title (English, 03:30) Cyclocross Magazine
 Matt Timmerman wins Masters 40-44 title (English, 02:58) Cyclocross Magazine
 Jacob Lasley wins Masters 35-39 title (English, 02:17) Cyclocross Magazine
 Spencer Whittier wins Masters 30-34 title (English, 03:07) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 1
 On Bike Camera - Male 40-49 Non-Championship Race (Ambient sound, 09:59) david sanders
 Female 35+ Non-Championship Race Highlights (Ambient sound, 10:09) TopShots
 Female 23-34 Non-Championship Race Highlights (Ambient sound, 06:44) TopShots
 Male 30-39 Non-Championship Race Highlights (Ambient sound, 15:52) TopShots
 Male 23-29 Non-Championship Race Highlights (Ambient sound, 07:06) TopShots
 Asheville 2016 Cyclocross Nationals Course Sneak Peek (Music, 09:00) Asheville CXnats


2015 USA Cyclocross National Championships Videos (January 7-11)
Day 6  
 Interview with Katie Compton - US Elite Women Cyclocross Champ (English, 01:30) USA Cycling
 Interview with Logan Owen - U23 Men US Cyclocross Champ (English, 01:22) USA Cycling
 Interview with Ellen Noble - U23 Women US Cyclocross Champ (English, 01:13) USA Cycling
 Interview with Emma White - US Junior Women Cyclocross Champ (English, 01:28) Cyclocross Magazine
 Interview with Zach McDonald who finished 3rd in Elite Men race (English, 02:48) Cyclocross Magazine
 Interview with Jeremy Powers - Elite Men National Champ (English, 02:06) Cyclocross Magazine
 Interview with Katie Compton - Elite Women National Champ (English, 01:42) Cyclocross Magazine
 Interview with Jonathan Page who finished second - Elite Men ( English, 01:20) Cyclocross Magazine
 2015 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Monday Coverage On Demand (English, 05:27:53) USA Cycling
 Interview with Gage Hecht Nats - Junior Men National Champ (English, 01:46) Cyclocross Magazine
 Interview with Cody Kaiser before Monday's Elite Men Championship race (English, 01:19) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 5  
 Cyclo-Cross Nationals postponed to protect Zilker trees (English, 03:37) Fox 7 Austin
 Juniors Interview (English, 02:04) Cyclocross Magazine
 Cyclo-cross National Championships Sunday Coverage (English, 01:04:39) USA Cycling
Day 4  
 Interview with Drew Dillman - Men's Collegiate D1 National Champ (English, 02:06) Cyclocross Magazine
 Scenes from the Men's Collegiate D1 race (English, 03:59) ProVeloPassion
 Interview with Sam O'Keefe - Men's Collegiate D2 National Champ (English, 02:06) In The Crosshairs
 Carden King - Male Junior ages 9-10 Cyclocross National Champ (English, 01:32) Cyclocross Magazine
 Haydn Hludzinski - Female Junior ages 9-10 National Champ (English, 01:46) Cyclocross Magazine
 Juniors ages 9-10 get a little help up the stairs ( 0:27) Cyclocross Magazine
 Juniors ages 9-10 on the slippery course (0:53) Cyclocross Magazine
 Lizzy Gunsalus - Female Junior ages 11-12 National Champ (English, 01:25) Cyclocross Magazine
 Cyclocross Junior ages 11-12 start the race with a crash (0:20) Cyclocross Magazine
 Nolan Stephenson - Male Junior ages 13-14 National Champ (English, 02:13) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 3  
 Interview with Matt Shriver - 2015 Men's Masters 35-39 National Champ (English, 0:58) USA Cycling
 Kristin Weber Women's Masters 40-44 National Champ (English, 03:38) ProVeloPassion
Day 2  
 Walter Axthelm Men's Masters 80+ Cyclocross National Champ (English, 01:29) USA Cycling
 Dean Ferrandini Men's Masters 75-79 Cyclocross National Champ (English, 01:13) Cyclocross Magazine
Day 1  
 Scenes from the men's singlespeed race (English, 03:10) ProVeloPassion
 Justin Lindine Men's Single Speed National Champ (English, 01:21) USA Cycling
 Maureen Bruno Roy Women's Single Speed National Champ (English, 0:39) USA Cycling
 Scenes from the women's singlespeed race (English, 02:32) ProVeloPassion
 Course Preview: 2015 Cyclocross National Championships (English, 10:58)  Velo News


2014 USA Cyclocross National Championships Videos  
Day 5  
 Highlights of the U23 and Pro Men's & Women's US CX Nationals (05:09) SRAM Road Diaries
 Katie Compton talks about winning her tenth national championship (02:27) USACyclingOrg
 Post race interview with Jonathan Page (01:19) dirtwire.tv
 Complete broadcast of Sunday Coverage - Men's and Women's Elite races On Demand (06:02:46) USACyclingOrg
Day 4  
 Junior Men U23 action and post race scenes (04:17) ProVeloPassion
 Junior Men U23 Highlights (03:38) dirtwire.tv
 Logan Owen talks about winning USA U23 national championship (02:33) USACyclingOrg
 Logan Owen on U23 nationals win: 'I knew I could do it today' (02:36) VeloNews
 Collegiate Women 35-39 Highlights (03:42) dirtwire.tv
 Masters Women 35-39 Highlights (02:07) dirtwire.tv
 Masters Men 35-39 Highlights (03:27) dirtwire.tv
 Masters Men 40-44 Highlights (03:53) dirtwire.tv
 Complete broadcast - Under-23 race On Demand (01:26:36) USACyclingOrg
Day 3  
 Junior Men 15-16 Highlights (02:40) dirtwire.tv
 Junior Women 15-16 and 17-18 Highlights (03:26) dirtwire.tv
 Winner of the Men's 11-12 - Ryan Campbell (02:00) cyclocross magazine
 Winner of the Men's 13-14 - Calder Wood (02:54) cyclocross magazine
 Winner of the Men's 15-16 - Spencer Petrov (01:22) USACyclingOrg
 Winner of the Women's 11-12 - Tea Wright (01:52) cyclocross magazine
 Winner of the Women's 15-16 - Hannah Arensman (02:21) cyclocross magazine
 Winner of the Women's 17-18 - Katherine Santos (02:20) cyclocross magazine
 Reigning National Champ Jonathan Page is ready to roll (01:03) VeloNews
 Pro Bike: Katie Compton's Trek Boone 9 for U.S. nationals (01:46) VeloNews
 Marion Wins Collegiate Relay (06:31) cyclocross magazine
 The Start of the Junior Women 9-10 race (0:47) cyclocross magazine
 The Start of the Junior Men 9-10 race (0:28) cyclocross magazine
 Rebecca Gross talks about winning women's 30-34 (02:39) USACyclingOrg
 Masters Women 30-34 Highlights (02:14) dirtwire.tv
 Masters Men 45-49 Highlights (03:21) dirtwire.tv
Day 2  
 Masters Women 40-44 Highlights (02:15) dirtwire.tv
 Masters Women 55-59/60+ Highlights (01:38) dirtwire.tv
 Masters Men 50-54 Highlights (03:39) dirtwire.tv
 Masters Men 55-59 Highlights (04:17) dirtwire.tv
 Masters Men 60-64 and 65-69 Highlights (02:31) dirtwire.tv
 Scenes from masters women's 40-44 race (02:52) ProVeloPassion
 Frank Gonzalez talks about winning men's 50-54 (02:39) USACyclingOrg
 Winner of the Masters Men 50-54 - Frank Gonzalez (03:01) cyclocross magazine
 Henry Kramer talks about winning men's 50-55 (02:27) USACyclingOrg
 Winner of the Masters Men 55-59 - Henry Kramer (05:00) cyclocross magazine
 Hardwick Gregg talks about winning men's 60-64 (01:17) USACyclingOrg
 Winner of the Masters Men 60-64 - Hardwick Gregg (06:57) cyclocross magazine
 Winner of the Masters Men 65-69 - Phillip Bannister (04:00) cyclocross magazine
 Winner of the Masters Women 50-54 - Anne Trombley (03:28) cyclocross magazine
 Winner of the Masters Women 55-59 - Laura Howat (02:21) cyclocross magazine
 Winner of the Masters Women 60-64 - Maurine Sweeney (02:29) cyclocross magazine
 Winner of the Masters Women 70+ - Julie Lockhart (04:43) cyclocross magazine
 Bunny-hopping and wig wear during warmup rides (0:29) ProVeloPassion
Day 1  
 Men's Singlespeed Race Highlights (04:54) dirtwire.tv
 Women's Singlespeed Race Highlights (04:17) dirtwire.tv
 Scenes from men's single speed race (03:26) ProVeloPassion
 The start of the Singlespeed Men's Race (0:20) cyclocross magazine
 Tim Allen - New Men's Singlespeed National Champion (04:19) cyclocross magazine
 Tim Allen talks about winning men's singlespeed (0:57) USACyclingOrg
 Singlespeed Men - Brady Kappius talks about his silver medal ride (02:48) cyclocross magazine
 Singlespeed Men - Craig Etheridge talks about his bad luck (02:16) cyclocross magazine
 Maureen Bruno Roy talks about winning women's singlespeed (01:13) USACyclingOrg
 Singlespeed Women’s second place winner Ellen Sherrill (04:16) cyclocross magazine
 Singlespeed Women’s fifth place winner Ellen Noble (02:48) cyclocross magazine
 Singlespeeders share which gear they're using - or not (0:31) cyclocross magazine
 Georgia Gould: Nationals will be hard, ridiculous, and awesome (01:41) VeloNews
 Course Preview: 2014 U.S. Cyclocross Nationals, on the hill (04:05) VeloNews
 USA Cyclocross Nationals Promo - Are You Ready? (01:02) Cyclocross Nationals
 USA Cyclocross Nationals Course Pre-Ride (01:45) Cyclocross Nationals
 Brandon Dwight takes us through some tricky sections of the course (06:00) Boulder Cycle Sport
 Inside Logan VonBokel's pit bag for 2014 cyclocross nationals (02:19) VeloNews
 USA Cyclocross Nationals - A look at some of the course features (02:00) Cyclocross Nationals
 The Heckler - Boulder Beer's Tribute to Cyclocross and Nationals (04:06) Cyclocross Nationals
 Boulder Cyclocross Nationals Junior Racing Information (04:10)  Cyclocross Nationals


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