2015 Tour of Utah Videos


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- 2015 Tour of Utah videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
- See also: Tour of Utah LIVE
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2015 Tour of Utah Videos (August 3 - 9) Source
 Tour of Utah 2015 - Official Route Announcement (English, 09:58) Tour of Utah
- More to come -  


2014 Tour of Utah Videos Source
Stage 7  
 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 35:24) Tour of Utah
 Stage preview (English, 01:25) Tour of Utah
Stage 6  
 Bissell Development Team stage highlights and wrap (English, 01:16) Bissell Development Team
 Team BMC Pre-Race Meeting (English, 02:10) BMCProTeam
 Cadel Evans takes the stage, Danielson leads with one day left (English, 0:38) kiroTV
 Tour of Utah brings world-class cycling to Beehive State (English, 02:15) Fox13
 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 21:12) Tour of Utah
 Stage preview (English, 01:43) Tour of Utah
Stage 5  
 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 15:34) Tour of Utah
 Young Claims Fifth Stage of Tour of Utah (English, 02:46) kiroTV
 Dylan Teuns representing the "best team" in the podium ceremony (English, 0:53) BMCProTeam
 Bissell Development Team stage highlights and wrap (English, 01:50) Bissell Development Team
 Stage preview (English, 01:06) Tour of Utah
Stage 4  
 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 11:15) Tour of Utah
 Defending champ Danielson takes stage (English, 0:25) klsTV
 Bissell Development Team stage highlights and wrap (English, 01:05) Bissell Development Team
 Team BMC Pre-Race Meeting (English, 01:08) BMCProTeam
 Recap Video by iON Cameras in stage 1 (Music, 01:06) Tour of Utah
 Stage preview (English, 01:04) Tour of Utah
Stage 3  
 Bissell Development Team stage highlights and wrap (English, 01:41) Bissell Development Team
 Moreno wins stage 3 of Tour of Utah (English, 0:28) klsTV
 Tour of Utah features women’s race for first time in event’s history (English, 02:09) Fox 13
 Post Stage Press Conference including Women's race winner Coryn Rivera (English, 14:12) Tour of Utah
 Meet Cadel Evans (English, 0:58) BMCProTeam
 Stage preview (English, 01:36) Tour of Utah
Stage 2  
 Post Stage Press Conference  (English, 10:53) Tour of Utah
 Michael Schär describes the final minutes of his victory (English, 02:46) BMCProTeam
 Bissell Development Team's Tanner Putt and Omer Kem (English, 01:20) Bissell Development Team
 Stage preview (English, 01:46) Tour of Utah
Stage 1  
 Post Stage Press Conference  (English, 13:35) Tour of Utah
 Bissell Development Team Stage Recap with Axel Merckx (English, 01:02) Bissell Development Team
 BMC's Dylan Teuns post stage interview (English, 01:36) BMCProTeam
 Stage highlights (Music, 04:53) PortalR3
 Stage preview (English, 0:42) Tour of Utah
 BMC Team Presentation (English, 01:06) BMCProTeam
 Team Funvic São José dos Campos train in Utah for the race (Music, 03:48) PortalR3
 Route Announcement (English, 09:16) Tour of Utah
 Tom Danielson on Tour of Utah 2014 (English, 0:46) Tour of Utah
 Fred "Fast Freddy" Rodriguez- Route Announcement Press Conference (English, 02:20) Tour of Utah
 Recap of last year's race - 2013 (English, 05:07) Tour of Utah


2013 Tour of Utah videos
Stage 6  
 Stage 6 On Demand Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Highlights of the race with the Bontrager Cycling Team boys (01:34) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Stage 6 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 24:42) Tour of Utah
 Stage 6 Official Highlights (English, 02:24) Tour of Utah
Stage 5  
 Stage 5 On Demand Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Behind the scenes look from Stage 5 (02:16) iON Camera
 Stage 5 breakaway with BISSELL's Torckler and BMC's Eijssen (English, 0:28) bissell procycling
 Mike Torckler gets encouragement up Guardsmans Pass (English, 0:39) bissell procycling
 BISSELL's Jeremy Vennell loads up on water bottles bottles (01:11) bissell procycling
 Bontrager's Jasper Stuyven on his two 3rd place finishes (English, 0:36) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Bontrager's Lawson Craddock before stage 5 (English, 0:49) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Bontrager's Nathan Brown before stage 5 (English, 0:30) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Stage 5 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 15:38) Tour of Utah
 Stage 5 Official Highlights (English, 02:20) Tour of Utah
Stage 4  
 Stage 4 On Demand Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Behind the scenes look from Stage 4 (02:57) iON Camera
 Orica0GreenEDGE's Matthews celebrates after taking 2nd stage win (English, 01:01) ProVeloPassion
 Sports Director Kim Andersen - A Quick Update (English, 0:27) RadioshackNissanTrek
 Stage 4 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 12:40) Tour of Utah
 Stage 4 Official Highlights (English, 01:53) Tour of Utah
 Lachlan Morton pulls on the yellow jersey (English, 0:40) ProVeloPassion
Stage 3  
  Stage 3 On Demand Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Jens Voigt - A Quick Update (English, 0:54) RadioshackNissanTrek
 Surprise Tour of Utah interview with Connor O' Leary (English, 01:19) BontragerLIVESTRONG
 Sights and sounds from Stage 3 (01:13) iON Camera
 Stage 3 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 14:04) Tour of Utah
 Stage 3 Official Highlights (English, 03:07) Tour of Utah
 Stage 3 Recap (English, 05:55) CTV
Stage 2  
 Stage 2 On Demand Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Post race with Orica-GreenEDGE after Michael Matthews stage win (03:43) ProVeloPassion
 Ben King - The Tour of Utah in 30 Seconds (English, 0:32) RadioshackNissanTrek
 Stage 2 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 09:04) Tour of Utah
 Stage 2 Official Highlights (English, 03:07) Tour of Utah
 Stage 2 Recap (English, 05:55) CTV
Stage 1
 Stage 1 On Demand Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Stage 1 Recap (English, 04:57) CTV
 Stage 1 Official Highlights (English, 02:09) Tour of Utah
 Stage 1 Post Stage Press Conference (English, 12:30) Tour of Utah
 Orica GreenEDGE at the teams presentation (English, 03:03) ProVeloPassion
 Team Cannondale and Ted King at the teams presentation (English, 02:27) ProVeloPassion
 Team Funvic São José dos Campos at the team presentation (English, 08:00) PortalR3
 Steve Miller previews the race (English, 09:32) KSL5Sports
 Tour of Utah 2013 Promo (English, 01:06) Tour of Utah
 Team BMC's Bookwalter and Schar on the race (English, 0:55) Tour of Utah
 Orica Green Edge's Michael Matthews on the race (English, 0:34) Tour of Utah
 Team Radioshack's Busche and Voigt on the race (English, 01:38) Tour of Utah
 Bissell Team's Baldwin and Vennell on the race (English, 0:36) Tour of Utah
 United Healthcare's Euser and Louder on the race (English, 03:00) Tour of Utah
 5-Hour Energy's Mancebo and Jenkins on the race (English, 01:00) Tour of Utah
 Optum Team's Cooper and Anthony on the race (English, 01:16) Tour of Utah
 Champions Systems's Beyer and Roth on the race (English, 0:24) Tour of Utah