2016 Tour of Oman Videos


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- 2016 Tour of Oman videos from a variety of sources will be listed here throughout the race, as available.
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2016  Tour of Oman Videos (February 16 - 21) Source
Stage 6  
 Best Images of Stage 6 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Music, 01:12) Tour of Oman
 Final Kilometers of Stage 6 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Ambient sound, 02:16) Tour of Oman
 Race Recap and What it means for the 2016 Race Season (English, 01:12) Cycling Journos
Stage 5  
 Final 2 Kilometers of Stage 5 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Ambient sound, 04:01) Tour of Oman
 Post Race Interview with the Stage 5 Winner (English, 0:31) Rtbf
 Post Stage Interview with the Overall Race Leader (Italian, 0:54) Rtbf
Stage 4  
 Best Images of Stage 4 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Music, 01:12) ASO
 Stage 4 Recap - 2016 Tour of Oman (English, 01:53) Cycling Journos
 Interview with the Stage 4 Winner (Italian, 01:11) Rtbf
 Final kilometers of stage 4 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Ambient sound, 04:28) Tour of Oman
 Pre-Stage interview with Alexander Kristoff (English, 0:53) Cycling Journos
Stage 3  
 Best Images of Stage 3 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Music, 01:04) ASO
 Final 2 kilometers of stage 3 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Ambient sound, 02:53) ASO
Stage 2  
 Official Stage 2 Highlights - 2016 Tour of Oman (English, 02:12) ASO
 Final 2 kilometers of stage 2 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Ambient sound, 03:26) ASO
Stage 1  
 Official Stage 1 Highlights - 2016 Tour of Oman (English, 02:38) ASO
 Best Images of Stage 1 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Music, 01:11) ASO
 Interview with the Stage 1 Winner - 2016 Tour of Oman (French, 01:11) Rtbf
 Final 2 kilometers of stage 1 - 2016 Tour of Oman (Ambient sound, 03:18) ASO
 Race Teaser for the 2016 Tour of Oman (English, 02:26) ASO


2015 Tour of Oman Videos - February 17 - 22
Stage 6  
 Brandle wins final stage of Tour of Oman, Valls seals overall victory (English, 0:40) Eurosport
 Official Highlights (Music, 03:00) Tour of Oman
 Stage 6 Race Report - Highlights (English, 03:44) Global Cycling Network
 Highlights (English, 01:18) SBS
 Podium Ceremony for the team classification (English, 01:01) BMCPro Team
Stage 5  
 Stage 5 Cancelled due to extreme heat and high winds (English, 03:33) Global Cycling Network
Stage 4  
 Stage 4 Race Report - Highlights (English, 04:04) Global Cycling Network
 Highlights (English, 01:01) SBS
 Official Highlights (Music, 03:00) Tour of Oman
 Stage finish (0:12) BMC Racing Team
Stage 3  
 Highlights (English, 01:02) SBS
 Official Highlights (Music, 03:00) Tour of Oman
 Stage 3 Race Report - Highlights (English, 03:23) Global Cycling Network
 Tribute to Claudy Criquielion (English, 02:17) Tour of Oman
 Stage 3 Sprint finish (0:06) Sean Weide
Stage 2
 Brief Highlights (English, 01:08) Eurosport
 Stage 2 Race Report - Highlights (English, 02:57) Global Cycling Network
 Official Highlights (Music, 02:55) Tour of Oman
 Riders get ready for the stage start (Music, 0:46) Times of Oman
Stage 1  
 Official Highlights (Music, 01:34) Tour of Oman
 Stage 1 Race Report and Highlights (English, 02:54) Global Cycling Network
 Brief Highlights (English, 0:39) Eurosport
 Stage finish and post stage celebration (Music, 0:56) Astana ProTeam
 Greg van Avermaet post stage interview (French, 01:33) Rtbf
 Tom Boonen post stage interview (French, 01:33) Rtbf
 Riders sign-in and get ready to start (Music, 02:00) Times of Oman
 Top 10 Riders To Watch (English, 04:42) Global Cycling Network
 Race Promo (Italian, 0:30) BikeChannel
 Top 5 riders to watch at the Tour of Oman (English, 02:58) cyclingnewstv
 Tour of Oman Race Teaser (Music, 01:00)  TourofOman


2014 Tour of Oman Videos Source
 Cannondale's Best of Tour d'Oman (02:20) cannondaleprocycling
 Official Race Wrap up (English, 02:44) TourofOman
Stage 6  
 Race Report for stages 5 and 6 (English, 02:43) Global Cycling Network
 Highlights of the final stage (English, 0:50) Eurosport
 Official Highlights (English, 02:42) TourofOman
 Interview of the Day: Tejay van Garderen (English, 0:56) BMCProTeam
 Vincenzo Nibali at stage 6 (English translation, 01:06) Astana ProTeam
Stage 5  
 Philippe Gilbert discusses why the Ardennes races are special to him (English, 01:26) Velonews
 Chris Froome discusses racing in Oman (English, 0:22) Velonews
 Zdenek Stybar on road or CX "It's all fun" (English, 0:38) Velonews
 Extended Highlights (English, 04:02) SBS
 Official Highlights (English, 03:00) TourofOman
 Valerio Agnoli at stage 5 (English translation, 0:58) Astana ProTeam
Stage 4  
 Race Report (English, 03:21) Global Cycling Network
 Official Highlights (English, 02:48) TourofOman
 Astana's Evan Huffman at stage 4 (English, 01:00) Astana ProTeam
 UHC Soignuers at the Tour of Oman (English, 02:10) UHCprocycling
Stage 3  
 BMC's Dominik Nerz receive a saddle adjustment (English, 01:10) BMCProTeam
 BMC's Dominik Nerz loads up with PowerBar sports drinks (English, 01:16) BMCProTeam
 Official Highlights (English, 02:54) TourofOman
 Race Report (English, 02:30) Global Cycling Network
 Astana's Francesco Gavazzi on stage 3 (English translation, 0:58) Astana ProTeam
Stage 2  
 Race Report (English, 02:45) Global Cycling Network
 Official Highlights (English, 02:50) TourofOman
 Marcus Burghardt's Strategy Check (English, 01:05) BMCProTeam
 Greg van Avermaet, Loading Up With PowerBar (English, 01:26) BMCProTeam
 Astana's Evan Huffman post stage (English, 01:06) Astana ProTeam
 Ben Swift on his return from injury, road and track ambitions (English, 02:24) cyclingnewstv
Stage 1  
 Andre Greipel (Lotto) on getting the first stage win (English, 0:59) -May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Highlights (English, 02:13) -May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Extended Highlights (English, 03:36) SBS
 Official Highlights (English, 02:37) TourofOman
 Race Report (English, 02:22) Global Cycling Network
 Tom Boonen pre-stage on the classics and Cancellara rivalry (English, 01:30) velonews
 Astana's Lieuwe Westra after the opening stage (English, 01:06) Astana ProTeam
 A festive start at the Tour of Oman's opening stage (0:25) velonews
 Race Promo (0:35) TourofOman
 IAM Cycling's DS Kjell CarlstroĢˆm on what we can expect from his team (01:04) IAM Cycling
 BMC Racing Team mechanics prepare for the race (0:49) BMCProTeam
 Top 10 Riders To Watch At The Tour Of Qatar and Tour Of Oman (English, 04:43) Global Cycling Network
 UHC gets ready for Qatar and Oman (English, 02:08) UHCprocycling
 Tour of Oman 2013 wrap up (English, 03:39) TourofOman