2015 Tour de Pologne videos


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- 2015 Tour de Pologne videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available. 
- See also: Tour de Pologne LIVE
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2015 Tour of Poland Videos (August 2 - 8) Source


2014 Tour de Pologne Videos Source
Stage 7  
 Interview with Rafał Majka, winner of 2014 Tour de Pologne (English, 01:20) TourdePologne
 Official Highlights (Music, 02:16) TourdePologne
 The best of Rafał Majka (Polish, 04:01) PrzegladSportowy
 Highlights (Polish, 03:27) PrzegladSportowy
Stage 6  
 Official Highlights (English, 02:14) TourdePologne
 Interview with stage winner Rafal Majka (English, 01:00) TourdePologne
 Highlights (Polish, 03:27) PrzegladSportowy
Stage 5  
 Official Highlights (English, 04:14) TourdePologne
 Interview with stage winner Rafał Majka (English, 0:57) TourdePologne
 Interview with Petr Vakoc (English, 0:58) TourdePologne
 Interview with the stage winner (Polish, 03:14) PrzegladSportowy
 Behind the scenes look at the stage featuring Team Tinkoff-Saxo (Polish/English, 02:57) Tvp
 Interview with the race director (Polish, 03:19) Tvp
Stage 4  
 Official Highlights (Polish, 03:12) TourdePologne
 The sprint - Is it dangerous? (Polish, 02:53) PrzegladSportowy
 Matthias Krizek after the stage (English, 0:29) TourdePologne
 Mateusz Taciak after the stage (Polish, 01:07) TourdePologne
Stage 3  
 The stage finish is discussed (Polish, 01:52) PrzegladSportowy
 Official Highlights (Polish, 02:02) TourdePologne
 Interview with the stage winner and the race leader (English, 01:33) TourdePologne
 Mateusz Taciak after the race (Polish, 01:27) TourdePologne
 Paweł Franczak receives the most combative cyclist award (Polish, 0:54) ActiveJet Team
 Paweł Franczak shows off his prize (Polish, 0:22) ActiveJet Team
Stage 2  
 Official Highlights (Polish, 03:01) TourdePologne
 Interview with stage winner (English, 01:03) TourdePologne
 Brief highlights (Polish, 01:26) sport.pl
 Brief interview with the race leader (Polish, 0:37) sport.pl
 Podium presentation (Polish, 0:59) sport.pl
Stage 1  
 Highlights (English, 01:09) Eurosport
 Official Highlights (Polish, 02:36) TourdePologne
 Interview with stage winner Jauheni Hutarowicz (English subtitles/French, 01:21) TourdePologne
 Brief interview with stage winner (Polish, 0:43) sport.pl
 Maciej Paterski interview (Polish, 0:54) TourdePologne
 The cyclists race though the streets of Pruszczu Gdańskim (Polish, 01:41) PolnocnaTV
 Former President of Poland, Lech Walesa at the race start (Polish, 0:43) TourdePologne
 Scenes from the stage start (Music, 01:17) NaszeMiastoTV
 Race Teaser (0:59) TourdePologne
 Route Animation (Music, 13:23) TourdePologne
 A look at the route towns (Music, 13:23)  TourdePologne


2013 Tour de Pologne videos
Stage 7  
 Stage 7 As Live Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Interview with Peter Weening and Bradley Wiggins (English, 01:49) TourdePologne
 Official Highlights (Music, 03:06) TourdePologne
Stage 6  
 Stage 6 As Live Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Official Highlights (Music, 03:06) TourdePologne
 Christophe Riblon and Darwin Atapuma interviews (English translation, 03:05) TourdePologne
Stage 5  
 Stage 5 As Live Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Official Highlights (Music, 04:00) TourdePologne
 Jon Izaguirre Insausti and Thor Hushovd interviews (English translation/ English, 01:24) TourdePologne
Stage 4  
 Stage 4 As Live Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Interview with stage winner Taylor Phinney (English, 01:24) TourdePologne
 Official Highlights (Music, 03:22)  TourdePologne
Stage 3  
 Stage 3 As Live Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Official Highlights (Music, 03:42) TourdePologne
 Interview with Fabian Cancellara (English, 01:23) TourdePologne
Stage 2  
 Stage 2 As Live Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Official Highlights (Music, 02:55) TourdePologne
 Interviews Christophe Riblon and Rafal Majka (English subtitles/English, 01:12) TourdePologne
 Interview with race leader Rafal Majka (Polish, 03:34) TourdePologne
 Stage 2 Finish (Turkish, 02:29) Eurosport
Stage 1  
 Stage 1 As Live Repeat (Subscription only) CTV
 Highlights (English subtitles, 03:10) TourdePologne
 Colombian enthusiasm for Darwin Atapuma (0:19) ColombiaColdeportes
 Stage 1 Finish (Turkish, 01:36) Eurosport
 Teams Presentation (English subtitles, 01:57) TourdePologne
 Route preview of all stages (13:01) TourdePologne