2017 Tour de l'Avenir Videos


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- 2017 Tour de l'Avenir videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
- See also: Tour de l'Avenir LIVE
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2017 Tour de l'Avenir Videos (August 18 - 27) Source
Stage 2  
 Stage 2 On Demand Replay (French, 49:47) France 3 Bretagne
Stage 1  
 Stage 1 On Demand Replay (French, 01:28:43) France 3 Bretagne
 Tour de l'Avenir Teaser (Music, 01:20) Tour de l'Avenir
 The Route of the 54th Tour de l'Avenir (Music, 02:14) Alpes Vélo
 Christian Prudhomme's support for the Tour de l'Avenir 2017 (French, 01:41) Alpes Vélo
 Colombian Cyclist Daniel Martínez gives 5 reasons to watch the Tour de L'Avenir (Spanish, 0:38) Señal Colombia Deportes


2016 Tour de l'Avenir Videos (August 20 - 27)
Stage 8  
 As Live Replay (English, Subscription Cycling TV) Cycling TV
 Stage 8 Brief Highlights (Music, 01:07) France 3
Stage 7  
 As Live Replay (English, Subscription Cycling TV)  Cycling TV
 Official Stage 7 Highlights (Ambient sound, 05:07) Alpes Vélo
 Stage 7 Post Race Interviews (English, 03:34) Cycling TV
Stage 6  
 Official Stage 6 Highlights (Ambient sound, 09:33) Alpes Vélo
Stage 5  
 Official Stage 5 Highlights (Ambient sound, 07:03) Alpes Vélo
Stage 4  
 Official Stage 4 Highlights (Ambient sound, 05:55) Alpes Vélo
Stage 3  
 Official Stage 3 Highlights (Ambient sound, 07:46) Alpes Vélo
Stage 2  
 Official Stage 2 Highlights (Ambient sound, 04:41) Alpes Vélo
Stage 1  
 Official Stage 1 Highlights (Ambient sound, 04:37) Alpes Vélo
 Teaser Tour de l'Avenir 2016 (Music, 01:48)  Alpes Vélo
 Présentation du Tour de l'Avenir 2016 (20 au 27 Août) (Music, 02:02) Alpes Vélo