2015 Strade Bianche Videos


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- 2015 Strade Bianche videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page throughout the race, as available.
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2015 Strade Bianche Videos - Saturday March 7
 Race preview with google earth road pictures (French/English subtitles, 01:59) EmilProd
- More to come -  


2014 Strade Bianche videos Source
 Highlights (English, 01:34) SNTV
 Interview with the race winner (English, 01:31) GazzettaTV
 Peter Sagan interview (Italian, 02:32) GazzettaTV
 Damiano Cunego interview (Italian, 02:32) GazzettaTV
 Moreno Moser interview (Italian, 0:51) GazzettaTV
 Matteo Trentin interview (Italian, 02:22) GazzettaTV
 Franco Pellizotti interview (Italian, 0:25) GazzettaTV
 Highlights (Italian, 01:29) GazzettaTV
 Highlights (Basque, 02:04) eitb
 Highlights (Dutch, 02:48) Sporza
 Highlights from the early part of the race (Italian, 0:39) GazzettaTV
 Final kilometer (Dutch, 03:22) Sporza
 Peter Sagan attacks with 22k to go (Dutch, 01:10) Sporza
 Diego Rosa falls in the gravel (Dutch, 0:44) Sporza
 50 km of gravel roads (Italian, 01:59) GazzettaTV
 Top 10 Riders To Watch At Strade Bianche And Roma Maxima (English, 04:38) Global Cycling Network
 Race Promo (English, 0:30) beIN SPORTS
 Cancellara and Valverde: The Italian campaign (Italian, 04:46) GazzettaTV
 What You Need to Remember from last year (02:37) GazzettaTV
Strade Bianche videos from past years
 2013 Strade Bianche: Highlights (Italian, 02:55) GazzettaTV
 2013 Strade Bianche: Last kilometer (Dutch, 03:04) Sporza
 2013 Strade Bianche: Race Promo (Italian, 0:46) GazzettaTV
 2012 Strade Bianche: The unique charm of the race (Italian, 02:23) GazzettaTV
 2012 Strade Bianche: Final kilometer (Italian, 03:03) GazzettaTV
 2012 Strade Bianche: Race highlights (Italian, 01:07) GazzettaTV
 2012 Strade Bianche: Race finish (Basque, 02:26) Eitb
 2012 Strade Bianche Promo Video (01:53) ciclismomadeinitaly