2018 Ronde van Drenthe Videos


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- 2018 Ronde van Drenthe videos  from a variety of sources will be listed here throughout the race, as available.
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2018 Ronde van Drenthe Videos (Sunday, March 11) Source
Women's Race - UCI WorldTour round 2  
 Official UCI Ronde van Drenthe Highlights - Women's WorldTour (English, 06:24) UCI
 Behind the scenes with Wiggle High5 - Ronde van Drenthe (English, 03:09) WiggleHigh5
 Voxwomen Highlights Women's Ronde van Drenthe (English, 01:34) Voxwomen
 Ronde van Drenthe Women's Race Highlights (Dutch, 03:19) Rtv Drenthe
 Interview with the 2nd place finisher (English, 01:12) Voxwomen
 Highlights of the 2018 Ronde van Drenthe Women's Race (Dutch, 02:07) NOS


2017 Ronde van Drenthe Videos (Saturday, March 11) Source
Women's Ronde van Drenthe - UCI WorldTour 2  
 Offical UCI Highlights Women's WorldTour – Ronde Van Drenthe (English, 08:08) UCI
 Wiggle High5 behind the scenes at Ronde van Drenthe (English, 04:24) WiggleHigh5
 On bike camera as Jeanne Korevaar climbs the Vamberg (Ambient sound, 02:12) WM3 Pro Cycling Team
 Interview with women's race winner (English, 01:38) WielerFlits
 Interview with the women's race winner (English, 01:56) Radreporter
 Interview with the women's second place (English, 02:55) Radreporter
 Interview with the women's third place (English, 02:30) Radreporter
Men's Ronde van Drenthe  
 Behind the scenes with Team LottoNL-Jumbo - Men's Ronde van Drenthe (Music, 03:21) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
 Interview with the men's race winner (Dutch, 03:44) WielerFlits
 Interview with the men's second place (Dutch, 02:10) WielerFlits
 Wiggle High5 recon Ronde van Drenthe (English, 02:21) WiggleHigh5
 Women's Ronde van Drenthe preview (Dutch, 01:29) RTV Drenthe
 Men's Ronde van Drenthe preview (Dutch, 02:29) RTV Drenthe


2016 Ronde van Drenthe Videos (Saturday, March 12)
UCI Women's World Tour 2
 Highlights of the 2016 UCI Women’s WorldTour Round 2 (Ambient sound, 02:29) ucichannel
 Highlights of the Women's and Men's Races (English, 03:43) Regio Hoogeveen
 Wiggle High5 Highlights of the Women's Ronde Van Drenthe (English, 07:08) WiggleHigh5
More to come -  


2015 Ronde van Drenthe Videos - Saturday March 14
 Best moments from the Women Road World Cup round 1, Ronde van Drenthe (English, 07:23) ucichannel
 Final kilometer of the men's race (Dutch, 02:02) RTV Oost
 Women's Race Final Sprint (0:06) Ronde van Drenthe
 Women's Race Start (0:16) Ronde van Drenthe
 Race Teaser (Dutch, 0:28) RTV Drenthe
 Janneke Ensing, Berden de Vries and Stefan Poutsma are ready (Dutch, 01:48) RTV Drenthe
 Race Promo (Dutch, 0:35) LekkerHipVideo


2014 Ronde van Drenthe videos Source
 Extended highlights of women's race (English, 26:02) SBS
 Women's Ronde van Drenthe Recap (English, 04:27) ucichannel
 Extended coverage of Women's and Men's races (Dutch, 51:25) rtvdrenthe
 Race Promo (Dutch, 0:24)  rtv
 Women's UCI World Cup is set to roll (01:26)  SBS