2017 Le Samyn Videos


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- 2017 Le Samyn videos from a variety of sources will be listed here throughout the race, as available.
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2017 Le Samyn Videos (Wednesday, March 1)


2016 Le Samyn Videos (Wednesday, March 2)
 As Live Replay (English, CTV subscription)  Cycling TV
 Interview with the Race Winner (Dutch, 0:56) Vtm
 Race Highlights - 2016 Le Samyn (Dutch, 01:31) Vtm
 Race Highlights - 2016 Le Samyn (French, 01:56) Rtbf
 Winds and rain dampen Gediminas Bagdonas's breakaway attempt (Dutch, 0:23) Vtm
 Philippe Gilbert is ready for the GP Samyn (Dutch, 01:07) Vtm


2015 Le Samyn Videos - Wednesday March 4th
 As Live Replay (English, CTV subscription)   CyclingTV
 Highlights (French, 03:23) Telemb
 Le Samyn race recap (English, 02:24) CyclingTV
 Interview with the race winner (French, 01:30) Sporza
 Post race interview with Meersman (French, 01:30) Sporza
 Thomas De Gendt throws in the towel on his breakaway (0:24) Sporza
 Highlights of Le Samyn (English, 02:24)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Men's Le Samyn final 1.5 kilometers (04:01) Sporza
 Women's Le Samyn final sprint (01:04) Sporza
 Atmosphere in Quaregnon for the start of the Grand Prix Samyn (French, 02:25) Telemb
 A look at some of the grueling pavement (0:28) Alfonso Blanco Criado


2014 Le Samyn videos Source
 As Live Replay (English, CTV subscription) CyclingTV
 Race Recap (English, 02:33) CyclingTV
 Brief Highlights (English, 0:39) Eurosport
 Romain Feillu took a painful tumble (0:49)  Eurosport
 Interview with the race winner Maxime Vantomme (French, 02:54) Rtbf
 Final 3 kilometers (French, 04:44) Rtbf
 The race start (French, 0:31) TeleMB
 Atmosphere and interviews at the start of the race (French, 02:42) TeleMB
 Boris Vallée (Lotto Belisol) before the race (French, 01:28) TeleMB
 Final preparations for Le Samyn (French, 02:19) TeleMB
 Race Presentation (French, 02:19) TeleMB
Le Samyn videos from past years
 2013 Le Samyn: Alexey Tsatevitch wins (French, 03:36) Rtbf
 2012 Le Samyn: Arnaud Demare wins (French, 0:24) Rtbf
 2011 Le Samyn: Dominik Klemme wins (French, 0:20) Rtbf
 2010 Le Samyn: Jens Keukeleire wins (French, 05:39) Rtbf