2017 Hammer Series Videos - Hammer Sportzone Limburg, Netherlands


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- 2017 Hammer Series videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
- See also: Hammer Series LIVE - Hammer Series Results -
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2017 Hammer Series Videos - Hammer Sportzone Limburg (June 2 - 4)
Day 3: Hammer Chase Race  
 GCN commentary: Hammer Series – Hammer Chase Race On Demand (English, 02:41:08) Global Cycling Network
 Hammer Series | Winner's Podium Ceremony (English, 02:09) Hammer Series
 Hammer Series | Winner's Ceremony with GoPro (English, 0:33) Hammer Series
 Hammer Series | The Chase: Finish line footage (English, 0:33) Hammer Series
 Last kilometer of the Hammer Chase Race (Dutch, 01:59) NOS
 BMC has a series of punctures during the Chase TTT (Dutch, 01:32) NOS
 Hammer Chase Explained – GCN Live Racing (English, 01:02) Global Cycling Network
 Hammer Chase Sportzone Limburg - Course Map (Music, 01:00) Hammer Series
Day 2: Hammer Sprint Race  
 The Sprint: Onboard GoPro Highlights (Ambient sound, 02:26) Hammer Series
 Brief Highlights of the Hammer Sprint Race (Dutch, 01:56) NOS
 GCN commentary: Hammer Series – Hammer Sprint Race On Demand (English, 02:46:20) Global Cycling Network
 Interview and podium with the winning team of the Hammer Series Sprint Race (English, 02:39) Hammer Series
 Hammer Sprint Explained – GCN Live Racing (English, 01:04) Global Cycling Network
 Hammer Sprint Sportzone Limburg - Course Map (English, 01:01) Hammer Series
 Hammer SPRINT preview with Robbie McEwen (English, 01:14) Hammer Series
Day 1: Hammer Climb Race  
 The Climb: Onboard GoPro GPS (Ambient sound, 01:35) Hammer Series
 The Climb: Onboard camera highlights (Ambient sound, 02:07) Hammer Series
 The Climb: Winning Team Victory Celebration (English, 0:38) Hammer Series
 The Climb: Movistar at the finish Hammer Series
 The Climb: Final lap finish (English, 0:32) Hammer Series
 The Climb: Race start (Ambient sound, 0:40) Hammer Series
 Brief Highlights of the Hammer Climb Race (Dutch, 01:27) NOS
 Tom Dumoulin interview after day 1, Hammer Climb Race (Dutch, 02:30) NOS
 On Demand Replay of Day 1: Hammer Climb Race (English, 02:32:03) Hammer Series
 GCN commentary: Hammer Climb Race On Demand (English, 02:48:00) Global Cycling Network
 Interview with Tom Dumoulin of Team Sunweb after the Hammer Series Climb Race (English, 02:29) Hammer Series
 Post-race interview with the winners of the Hammer Series Climb (English, 02:16) Hammer Series
 Hammer CLIMB preview with Robbie McEwen (English, 02:40) Hammer Series
 Teams presentation Highlights (English, 01:26) Hammer Series
 Opening Ceremony of the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park at Sportzone Limburg (Ambient sound, 0:50) Hammer Series
 The Hammer Series format explained (English, 01:52) Hammer Series
 Top Riders Have Their Say about the Hammer Series (English, 01:31) Hammer Series
 Pro riders on the Hammer Series: "It’s something different, something new" (English, 01:01) Hammer Series
 Pro riders on the Hammer Series: "It's going to be huge for the fans" (English, 01:14) Hammer Series
 Tom Dumoulin Shares His Excitement for the Hammer Series (English, 0:37) Hammer Series
 Steven Kruijswijk explains why he believes the Hammer Series format is key (English, 0:43) Hammer Series
 Elia Viviani shares his excitement (English, 0:27) Hammer Series
 Merijn Zeeman talks about how the Hammer Series will test the riders differently to that of the Classics and Grand Tours (English, 0:46) Hammer Series
 Team Nippo Vini Fantini shares their excitement (English, 0:35)  Hammer Series