2015 Giro Rosa Videos


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- 2015 Giro Rosa videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
- See also: Giro Rosa LIVE
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2015 Giro Rosa Videos - July 3 - 12
Stage 2  
 Extended Stage Highlights (Italian, 08:33) Giro Rosa
- More to come -  
Stage 1  
 Wiggle Honda Giro Rosa stage highlights (English, 04:58) WiggleHonda
 Extended Stage Highlights (Italian, 07:34) Giro Rosa
 Wiggle Honda Giro Rosa prologue highlights (English, 02:32) WiggleHonda
 Extended Stage Highlights (Italian, 08:38) Giro Rosa
 Brief Highlights (Italian, 0:53) Rai Sport
 Presentation of the Prologue in Ljubljana (Italian, 01:29) Giro Rosa
 On Demand replay of the Giro Rosa Teams Presentation (Italian 01:32:19) Giro Rosa
 Lotto Soudal Ladies Team for the Giro Rosa 2015 (Music, 01:09) Lotto Soudal
 Race Presentation Highlights (Italian, 01:33) Rai Sport


2014 Giro Rosa Videos Source
Stage 9  
 Official highlights (Italian/English, 13:57) Giro Rosa
 Press Conference with Emma Pooley (English/Italian, 05:53) biciticino
 Press Conference with Elisa Longo Borghini (Italian, 06:51) biciticino
 Post race interview Marina Lari (Italian, 01:06) biciticino
 Post race interview Giada Borgato (Italian, 01:36) biciticino
 Post race interview Elena Valentini (Italian, 01:20) biciticino
 Press Conference of the race winner Marianne Vos (English/Italian, 04:20) biciticino
 Rabobank Liv stage highlights - 'this win is by the whole team' (English, 01:33) Rabo Liv
 Preparing for the race (English, 01:51) Rabo Liv
 Wiggle Honda stage highlights (English, 04:02) WiggleHonda
Stage 8  
 Official highlights (Italian, 10:56) Giro Rosa
 Rabobank Liv stage highlights (English, 01:56) Rabo Liv
 Wiggle Honda stage highlights (English, 3:38) WiggleHonda
 Interviews with the Rabo Liv ladies (Dutch/English, 01:56) RaboSportTV
 Thanks Astoria! (English, 0:54) Rabo Liv
 Wiggle Honda and Emma Pooley (English, 0:41) WiggleHonda
Stage 7  
 Rabobank Liv stage highlights (English, 02:49) Rabo Liv
 Dutch Champion Iris Slappendel 'I'm still the same girl' (English, 03:18) Rabo Liv
 The luxury of three top women on the team (Dutch, 02:31) RaboSportTV
 Wiggle Honda stage highlights (English, 3:34) WiggleHonda
Stage 6  
 Official highlights (Italian, 14:51) Giro Rosa
 Rabobank Liv stage highlights (English, 02:19) Rabo Liv
 Wiggle Honda stage highlights (English, 3:00) WiggleHonda
Stage 5  
 Official highlights (Italian/English, 15:23) Giro Rosa
 Rabobank Liv stage highlights (English, 03:03) Rabo Liv
 Wiggle Honda stage highlights (English, 3:18) WiggleHonda
 Rabo Liv bus driver 'the greatest job in the world' (English, 02:47) Rabo Liv
 Stage start (Italian, 02:00) Claudio Cecconi
 Soraya and Asja Paladin (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo) pre-race (Italian, 02:12) CiclowebVideo
 Maria Giulia Confalonieri (Estado de México-Faren) pre-race (Italian, 0:28) CiclowebVideo
Stage 4  
 Rabobank Liv stage highlights (English, 03:03) Rabo Liv
 Official highlights (Italian/English, 12:01) Giro Rosa
 Podium presentations (Italian, 10:10) Claudio Cecconi
 Wiggle Honda stage highlights (English, 3:32) WiggleHonda
 Interview with Eva Lechner (Colnago Sudtirol) (Italian, 01:39) CiclowebVideo
 Azzurra D'Intino (Michela Fanini-Rox) before the stage (Italian, 01:00) CiclowebVideo
 Astana Be Pink on the way to the start of the fourth stage (0:53) Astana Be Pink
Stage 3  
 Team Rabobank Liv on the Pioneer Power Meter (English, 02:55) Rabo Liv
 Official highlights (Italian/English, 11:39) Giro Rosa
 Annemiek van Vleuten wins! - Rabobank Liv stage highlights (English, 01:55) Rabo Liv
 Wiggle Honda stage highlights (English, 3:28) WiggleHonda
Stage 2  
 Official highlights (Italian/English, 07:59) Giro Rosa
 Wiggle Honda stage highlights (English, 3:09) WiggleHonda
 Final sprint (0:20) Rabo Liv
Stage 1
 Wiggle Honda stage highlights (English, 3:13) WiggleHonda
 Official highlights (Italian, 05:13) Giro Rosa
 Vos wins! - Rabobank - Liv stage highlights (English, 2:04) Rabo Liv
 Stage start (0:54) Clara Beard
 Wiggle Honda prologue highlights (English, 3:38) WiggleHonda
 Official highlights (English, 05:23) Giro Rosa
 Rabobank - Liv Team highlights (Dutch, 2:45) Rabo Liv
 Alison Powers pre-stage on wearing the Stars and Stripes jersey (English, 0:54) Clara Beard
 Alison Powers pre-stage on her support role for the race (English, 0:54) Clara Beard
 Carmen Small pre-stage on her race preperation (English, 0:54) Clara Beard
 Pre-stage interview, Carmen Small will see what happens (English, 0:53) Clara Beard
 Unitedhealthcare team presentation (Italian, 0:31) Clara Beard
 Waiting for the Giro Rosa (Music, 01:22) Giro Rosa
 Race Promo (Music, 0:30) BikeChannelSky214
 UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling prepares for the Giro Rosa (English, 01:33) UHCprocycling
 Team Rabo Liv Giant is looking forward to the race (Dutch, 01:49) RaboSportTV
 Marianne Vos and Elisa Longo Borghini on the route (Italian/English, 03:12) Gazzetta