2019 Eschborn-Frankfurt Videos


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- 2019 Eschborn-Frankfurt videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2019 Eschborn–Frankfurt Videos (Wednesday, May 1) Source


2018 Eschborn-Frankfurt Videos (Tuesday, May 1) Source
 Interview with the winner of the 2018 Eschborn-Frankfurt (English, 0:52) hessenschau.de
 Final kilometer of the 2018 Eschborn-Frankfurt (German, 01:55) hessenschau.de
 Cyclists reach the top of the Mammolshainer Berg (German, 02:07) hessenschau.de
 Fans make it a great atmosphere on the Mammolshainer (German, 01:04) hessenschau.de
 On Demand Replay - Eschborn-Frankfurt 2018 (German, 03:24:48) hessenschau.de
 Trailer of the German Classic - Eschborn-Frankfurt 2018 (Music, 0:57) Eschborn-Frankfurt
 Route Video - Eschborn-Frankfurt 2018 (Music, 0:38) Eschborn-Frankfurt


2017 Eschborn-Frankfurt Videos (Monday, May 1)
 Official Highlights - Eschborn-Frankfurt 2017 (Music, 01:47) Eschborn-Frankfurt
 Highlights of the 2017 Eschborn-Frankfurt (German, 04:04) hessenschau.de
 Interview with the race winner (English/German translation, 01:06) hessenschau.de
 Rick Zabel post race interview (German, 02:49) hessenschau.de
 John Degenkolb post race interview (German, 02:23) hessenschau.de
 Final 12 Kilometers and Post Race Interviews (German, 34:55) hessenschau.de
 World Champion, Peter Sagan abandons (German, 0:43) hessenschau.de
 Official Race Teaser (1:41) Eschborn-Frankfurt
 Route of the 2017 Eschborn-Frankfurt (0:31) Eschborn-Frankfurt


2016 Race Videos  (Sunday, May 1)
 Interview with the race winner (English, 01:12) Hessenschau.de
 Post race interview with John Degenkolb of Giant–Alpecin (German, 02:33) Hessenschau.de
 Post race interview with Tony Martin of Etixx–Quick-Step (German, 01:19) Hessenschau.de
 Final Sprint of the 2016 Eschborn-Frankfurt (German, 0:53) Hessenschau.de
 Official Race Trailer for the 2016 Eschborn-Frankfurt (German, 1:31) Eschborn-Frankfurt
 The Route of the 2016 Eschborn-Frankfurt (01:29) Eschborn-Frankfurt


2015 Eschborn-Frankfurt Videos - Friday, May 1 Source
 BREAKING NEWS: Eschborn-Frankfurt Cycling Race is Cancelled Due To Terror Threat (English, 01:08) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sport
 John Degenkolb dreams of home win (German, 04:17) hr-online
 The Route of the 2015 Eschborn-Frankfurt (01:19) hr-online


2014 Eschborn-Frankfurt Videos
 As Live Replay (English, CTV subscription) Cycling TV
 Race Recap (English, 02:15) Cycling TV
 Official Broadcast (German, 46:29) hr-online
 City Loop (English, 02:05) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports