2019 EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg Videos


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- 2019 EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
- See also: EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg LIVE
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2019 EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg Videos  (Sunday, August 25) Source
 Interview with the race winner, Elia Viviani (English, 03:13) Cyclassics
 Highlights - 2019 EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg (German, 02:57) Sportschau
 Final 7 kilometers - 2019 EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg (German, 08:21) Sportschau


2018 EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg Videos  (Sunday, August 19)
 Brief Highlights  Day 2 Events - EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg (Music, 01:02) Cyclassics
 Final 2 kilometers (German, 02:44) - may be geo-restricted Sportschau
 On demand replay (German, 01:49:16) - may be geo-restricted Sportschau
 EuroEyes CYCLASSICS Hamburg 2018 Trailer (Music, 0:55) VELOTHON


2017 EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg Videos (Sunday, August 20) Source
 Brief Highlights - EuroEyes Cyclassics 2017 (Music, 0:53) EuroEyes Cyclassics
 Marcel Kittel post race interview (German, 02:14) ARD
 Final kilometer - EuroEyes Cyclassics 2017 (German, 01:28) ARD
 Complete Broadcast On Demand - 2017 EuroEyes Cyclassics (German, 39:43) ARD


2016 EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg Videos (August 21)
 As Live Replay (Subscription Cycling TV) Cycling TV
 Highlights of the EuroEyes Cyclassics (German, 01:43) Sport1.de
 Team Dimension Data on-board footage (Music, 01:42) Team Dimension Data
 EuroEyes Cyclassic Post Race Interviews (English/French, 02:39) Cycling TV
 Crash at the Euroeyes Cyclassics (English, 0:28) Cycling TV
 EuroEyes Cyclassics Trailer (Music, 0:22) Velothon

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