2017 Australian Track National Championships Videos


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- 2017 Cycling Australia Track National Championships Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2017 Australian Track National Championships Videos (March 2 - 5)
Day 4  
 Day 4 - Official Highlights (English, 04:03) Cycling Australia
 Day 4 - On Demand Replay - 2017 Australia Track National Championships (English, 03:45:20) Cycling Australia
Day 3  
 Day 3 - Official Highlights (English, 03:57) Cycling Australia
 Day 3 - On Demand Replay - 2017 Australia Track National Championships (English, 03:17:29) Cycling Australia
Day 2  
 Day 2 - Official Highlights (English, 04:44) Cycling Australia
 Men's Individual Pursuit (English, 04:41) SBS
 Women's Individual Pursuit (English, 04:02) SBS
 Day 2 - On Demand Replay - 2017 Australia Track National Championships (English, 04:00:05) Cycling Australia
Day 1  
 Day 1 - Official Highlights (English, 03:13) Cycling Australia
 Day 1 - On Demand Replay - 2017 Australia Track National Championships (English, 02:04:08) Cycling Australia


2016 Cycling Australia Track National Championships Videos  (Feb 3 - 6)
Stage 4  
 Shane Perkins wins his third Keirin National title (English, 03:02) Cycling Australia
 Anna Meares wins another gold in the Women's Keirin (English, 02:38) Cycling Australia
Day 3  
 Matthew Glaetzer seals triple crown in men's sprint (English, 01:19) Cycling Australia
 Queen Meares grabs another crown in the Elite Women's Sprint (English, 03:17) Cycling Australia
 Annette Edmondson wins women's points race (Cycling Australia, English, 01:06) Cycling Australia
 Cameron Scott (NSW) wins U19 time trial (English, 0:55) Cycling Australia
Day 2  
 Welsford and O'Brien claim Men's Individual Pursuit Titles (English, 01:51) Cycling Australia
 Haines & Christie claim under 19 titles (English, 0:58) Cycling Australia
 Caitlin Ward wins Women 500M Time Trial (English, 0:38) Cycling Australia
Day 1  
 Men's Team Pursuit Interviews and Highlights (English, 03:12) Cycling Australia
 Women's Team Sprint Interviews and Highlights (English, 02:35) Cycling Australia
 The exhilaration and elegance of endurance (English, 0:33) Cycling Australia
 The power and the passion of sprinting (English, 0:34) Cycling Australia
 The Fast and the Furious (English, 0:33) Cycling Australia


2015 Cycling Australia Track National Championships Videos - Jan 28 - 31
 Day 4 Highlights (English, 03:17) Cycling Australia
 Day 3 Highlights (English, 04:54) Cycling Australia
 Friday Night Session - Complete broadcast (English, 04:27:53) Cycling Australia
 Budget Forklifts team pursuit at the Australian Track Nationals (English, 01:37) Team Budget Forklifts
 Day 2 Highlights: Men's Team Pursuit and Women's Individual Pursuit (English, 01:52) Cycling Australia
 Jack Bobridge chats ahead of his hour attempt at Tracknats (English, 02:11) Cycling Australia
 Opposite day at Subaru TrackNats! (English, 03:32) Cycling Australia
 Former national champs on winning gold and pulling on the green and gold jersey (English, 03:51) Cycling Australia
 Anna Mears, Matty Glaetzer and others on representing their states at nationals (English, 02:41) Cycling Australia


2014 Australian Track National Championships - SuperDome, Adelaide Source
Day 4  
 Extended Highlights of Day 4 (51:58) SBS
 Macey Stewart defended her title in the Junior Women's Points race (01:24) CyclingAustralia
 Matthew Ross and Lucas Hamilton won Junior Men's Madison gold (01:30) CyclingAustralia
Day 3  
 Extended Highlights of Day 3 (51:59) SBS
 There were spills on the track in the Junior Men's Keirin Final (0:46) Fox Sports
Day 2  
 Extended Highlights of Day 2 (51:56) SBS
 Courtney Field wins her first title, the Junior Women's Time Trial (01:38) CyclingAustralia
Day 1  
 Anna Meares wins her 30th National title by winning the Women's Time Trial (01:22) CyclingAustralia
 Alex Edmondson claims Men 4000m Individual Pursuit title (01:38) CyclingAustralia
 Steph Morton and Rikki Belder defended their Women's Team Sprint title (01:01) CyclingAustralia
 Matthew Glaetzer wins Men's Time Trial title (0:53) CyclingAustralia