2015 Vuelta a Burgos Videos


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- 2015 Vuelta a Burgos videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
- See also: Vuelta a Burgos LIVE - Vuelta a Burgos Results
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2015 Vuelta a Burgos Videos  (August 4 - 8)
 Highlights of the 2015 Vuelta a Burgos (Music, 04:39) IDJ Burgos
Stage 5  
 Highlights (Ambient sound, 02:40) Rtvcyl.es
 Highlights (Music, 02:38) IDJ Burgos
 Stage 5 Route Presentation (Music, 01:04) IDJ Burgos
Stage 4  
 Highlights (Ambient sound, 04:13) Rtvcyl.es
 Highlights (Music, 01:50) IDJ Burgos
 Stage 4 Route Presentation (Music, 0:48) IDJ Burgos
Stage 3  
 Highlights (Ambient sound, 04:26) Rtvcyl.es
 Highlights (Music, 02:19) IDJ Burgos
 Stage 3 Route Presentation (Music, 0:47) IDJ Burgos
Stage 2  
 Highlights (Ambient sound, 03:22) IDJ Burgos
 Extended Highlights (Ambient sound, 10:54) Rtvcyl.es
 Stage 2 Route Presentation (Music, 0:48) IDJ Burgos
Stage 1  
 Highlights (Spanish/Music, 04:32) IDJ Burgos
 Highlights (Ambient sound, 04:58) Rtvcyl.es
 Stage 1 Route Presentation (Music, 0:50) IDJ Burgos
 Race Promo Vuelta a Burgos 2015 (Music, 040) IDJ Burgos


2014 Vuelta a Burgos Videos Source
Stage 4  
 Brief highlights (Basque, 0:56) Eitb
Stage 3  
 Nairo Quintana wins the stage and leads the Vuelta a Burgos (Spanish, 01:07) Claro Sports Colombia
 Nairo Quintana wins queen stage and leads the race (Spanish, 01:25) cablenoticias
 Extended highlights (Spanish, 11:28) Rtvcyl.es
 Brief highlights (Basque, 01:19) Eitb
Stage 2  
 Highlights (Spanish, 06:43) Rtvcyl.es
 Nairo Quintana back in Burgos (Spanish, 01:11) Claro Sports Colombia
 Brief highlights (Basque, 0:59) Eitb
Stage 1  
 Highlights (Spanish, 06:24) Rtvcyl.es
 Highlights (Basque, 01:06) Eitb


2013 Vuelta a Burgos Videos Source
Stage 5  
 Helicopter blows Sanchez off the road near finish of stage 5 (Spanish 0:17) Rtvcyl
 Highlights (Spanish 01:31) Rtvcyl
 Final kilometer (Basque, 05:29) Eitb
Stage 4  
 Highlights (Spanish 01:22) Rtvcyl
 Pushing causes disqualification in final sprint  (Basque, 02:00) Eitb
Stage 3  
 Highlights (Spanish 01:32) Rtvcyl
 Final kilometer (Basque, 02:01) Eitb
Stage 2  
 Highlights (Spanish 01:38) Rtvcyl
 Final kilometer (Basque, 03:04) Eitb
Stage 1
 Highlights (Spanish 01:21) Rtvcyl
 Final kilometer and podium (Basque, 03:11) Eitb