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- 2015 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2015 USA Pro Challenge Videos  (August 17 - 23) Source
Men's Stage 7  
 The Day Report - Stage 7 Recap (English, 08:53) cyclingnewstv
 Reviewing the 2015 USA Pro Cycling Challenge (English, 06:09) NBC Sports
 Rohan Dennis leads the awards ceremony (English, 0:41) NBC Sports
 Kiel Reijnen: We're a 'dominant team' on U.S. soil (English, 01:17) NBC Sports
 Rohan Dennis talks about his USA Pro Cycling Challenge win (English, 01:13) NBC Sports
 John Murphy: 'Hard to even describe' Stage 7 win (English, 01:08) NBC Sports
 John Murphy wins Stage 7 of USA Pro Cycling Challenge (English, 01:40) NBC Sports
 Official Highlights for the final Women's and Men's stages (English, 06:17) USA Pro Challenge
 Thousands Celebrate Grand Finale In Denver (English, 01:52) CBS 4 Denver
 Pro Challenge wraps in Denver (English, 01:42) ABC 9 News
Women's Stage 3  
 Women's Cycling Association board member Alison Tetrick (English, 02:18) USA Pro Challenge
 Interview with stage 1 Time Trial Winner Kristin Armstong (English, 02:48) USA Pro Challenge
 Interview with Women's Race Director Sean Petty (English, 02:24) USA Pro Challenge
Men's Stage 6  
 The Day Report - Stage 6 Recap (English, 07:33) cyclingnewstv
 Official Highlights for the Women's stage 2 and the Men's stage 6 (English, 05:43) USA Pro Challenge
 Interview with the race leader (English, 01:26) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Stage 6 Highlights (English, 02:29) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
Women's Stage 2  
 Women's Pro Challenge crowns Stage 2 winner (English, 02:31) ABC 9 News
Men's Stage 5 Time Trial  
 Official Highlights for the Women's and Men's Time Trials (English 07:08) USA Pro Challenge
 The Day Report - Women's and Men's Stage Recaps (English, 08:49) cyclingnewstv
 Rohan Dennis retains lead at USA Pro Challenge (English, 0:57) Colorado Springs Gazette
 Interview with the stage winner (English, 01:05) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Davide Formolo crashes in time trial (English, 12:32) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Stage 5 Highlights (English, 02:31) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
Women's Stage 1 Time Trial
 Women's Time Trial Preview and Highlights (English, 03:22) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
Women's Pre-Race  
 Kristin Armstrong previews the Women's USA Pro Challenge (English, 01:59) cyclingnewstv
 Women's Inaugural Kickoff Press Conference (English, 37:58) USA Pro Challenge
Men's Stage 4  
 Post stage press conference (English, 15:36) USA Pro Challenge
 Rohan Dennis (BMC) receives the yellow leader's jersey (English, 01:12) BMCProTeam
 Official Recap/Highlights (English, 05:09) USA Pro Challenge
 Interview with the stage winner and new race leader (English, 01:00) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Stage 4 Highlights (English, 02:53) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
Men's Stage 3  
 Post stage press conference (English, 13:10) USA Pro Challenge
 The Day Report - Stage 3 Recap (English, 08:24) cyclingnewstv
 Brent Bookwalter keeps yellow after Stage 3 (English, 01:03) BMCProTeam
 Rohan Dennis is runner-up in stage 3 (English, 0:36) BMCProTeam
 Axeon Cycling Team's stage 3 highlights (English, 01:11) Axeon Cycling
 Official Recap/Highlights (English, 04:36) USA Pro Challenge
 Post race with the stage winner (English, 03:04) UHCprocycling
 Interview with the  stage winner (English, 02:24) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Interview with the race leader (English, 01:42) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Stage 3 Highlights (English, 02:49) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
Men's Stage 2  
 The Day Report - Stage 2 Recap (English, 07:39) cyclingnewstv
 Brent Bookwalter (BMC) receives his yellow jersey (English, 01:22) BMCProTeam
 Roadside Fans at the USA Pro Challenge (English, 01:13) USA Pro Challenge
 Rohan Dennis on how cycling is his art form (English, 01:26) cyclingnewstv
 Interview with stage winner Brent Bookwalter (English, 02:15) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Interview with Taylor Phinney (English, 01:03) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Official Recap/Highlights (English, 05:43) USA Pro Challenge
 Stage 2 Highlights (English, 02:41) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
Men's Stage 1  
 The Day Report - Stage 1 Recap (English, 04:52) cyclingnewstv
 Post-Stage 1 Interview with BMC's Taylor Phinney (English, 02:43) USA Pro Challenge
 Taylor Phinney (BMC) receives the yellow leader's jersey (English, 01:11) BMCProTeam
 Taylor Phinney (BMC) receives "Best Colorado Rider" jersey (English, 01:05) BMCProTeam
 Official Recap/Highlights (English, 05:14) USA Pro Challenge
 Brent Bookwalter after the stage (English, 01:24) cyclingnewstv
 Kiel Reijnen after the stage (English, 0:55) cyclingnewstv
 Stage 1 Highlights (English, 03:00) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Taylor Phinney back from injury (English, 03:11) - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 USA Pro Challenge Day 1 Preview: Steamboat Springs circuit (English, 12:43) NBC 9News
Men's Pre-Race  
 Kiel Reijnen discusses Colorado’s enthusiastic fans (English, 01:48) cyclingnewstv
 The Israel Cycling Academy at the USA Pro Challenge (English, 02:20) cyclingnewstv
 Pro Challenge Kickoff Press Conference Recorded live (English, 50:52) USA Pro Challenge
 BMC Racing Team is introduced at the teams presentation (English, 02:57) BMCProTeam
 Team Novo Nordisk returns to the race for a third time (English, 01:25) Team Novo Nordisk
 Top 10 Riders To Watch At The USA Pro Challenge (English, 04:46) Global Cycling Network


2014 USA Pro Challenge Videos Source
 Peloton wishes Jens Voigt farewell at USA Pro Challenge (English, 04:28) cyclingnewstv
Stage 7  
 Final Podium Recap (Music, 0:54) BMCProTeam
 BMC's Tejay van Garderen is presented with a special prize (English, 01:23) BMCProTeam
 Tejay van Garderen smashes Pro Challenge record (English, 01:21) SNTV
 Who is that cycling fan with the moose antlers? (English, 03:07) ABC 7 News
 Colorado locals impress in final stage (English, 02:14) Fox 31
 Behind the scenes, highlights and interviews (English, 04:00) NBC 9 News
 BMC Leads the final Sprint in the Pro Challenge (English, 03:00) SHIMANORaceTV
 BMC Pre-Stage Team Meeting (English, 01:55) BMCProTeam
 Tejay van Garderen signs autographs before the stage start (English, 01:13) BMCProTeam
 Tejay van Garderen wins USA Pro Challenge (English, 01:41) NBC 9 News
 Riding in a team car on the USA Pro Challenge (English, 02:54) NBC 9 News
 Interview with the 2014 USA Pro Challenge winner (English, 01:13) NBCSports
 Jens Voigt finishes fantastic cycling career (English, 02:52) NBCSports
 The stage ends with a photo finish (English, 04:56) NBCSports
 Jens Voigt takes the final King of the Mountain points (English, 0:31) NBCSports
Stage 6  
 Tejay van Garderen and daughter, Rylan, head to the podium (English, 01:38) BMCProTeam
 From the team car, final 400 meters of Michael Schär's Time Trial (01:08) BMCProTeam
 Van Gardere takes control of USA Pro Challenge (English, 0:39) Eurosport
 Official Highlights/Recap (English, 04:00) USA Pro Challenge
 Tejay van Garderen post stage interview (English, 02:01) NBC 9 News
 Van Garderen crushes his own record in Vail time trial (English, 01:56) NBC 9 News
 Hincapie brothers making a name with their pro team (English, 02:38) NBC 9 News
 Meet the USA Pro Challenge volunteers (English, 02:45) NBC 9 News
 Interview with the stage winner (English, 03:07) NBCSports
 Tejay van Garderen shatters record in time trial (English, 04:33) NBCSports
 Jens Voigt's stands in third after his final time trial (English, 01:01) NBCSports
 Tour Tracker Operations with Allan Padgett (English, 04:06) USA Pro Challenge
 BMC's bike mechanic on how he gets Tejay van Garderen's bike ready (English, 01:30) USA Pro Challenge
Stage 5  
 Official Highlights/Recap (English, 02:28) USA Pro Challenge
 BMC - In The Feed Zone (01:23) USA Pro Challenge
 Keegan Swirbul of Bissell Development Team prior to the stage (English, 01:46) USA Pro Challenge
 Interview with stage 4 winner Elia Viviani (English, 02:40) USA Pro Challenge
 Friday night race recap (English, 03:06) NBC 9 News
 How the Pro Challenge is preparing Vail for another big event (English, 03:22) NBC 9 News
 Matt Renoux crosses finish line in Pro Challenge coverage (English, 0:58) NBC 9 News
 Tejay van Garderen solidifies overall lead after the stage (English, 02:38) NBC 9 News
 Interview with the race leader (English, 01:35) NBCSports
 Interview with the stage winner (English, 02:03) NBCSports
 Final kilometer (English, 01:05) NBCSports
 Jens Voigt's journey in his final race (English, 03:01) NBCSports
 Riders head back to mountains (English, 11:19) NBC 9 News
 Stage preview - Woodland Park to Breckenridge (English, 02:30) NBC 9 News
Stage 4  
 Interview with Team Smartstop Soigneur Astrid Van Uden (English, 01:50) USA Pro Challenge
 BMC's Team Meeting (English, 02:02) BMCProTeam
 Viviani reigns supreme in Colorado Springs (English, 02:12) Eurosport
 Fans travel far and wide to Colorado Springs for USA Pro Challenge (English, 01:32) Colorado Springs Gazette
 Chad Andrews talks with Clif Bar's Eric Walle (English, 02:01) USA Pro Challenge
 Official Highlights/Recap (English, 03:45) USA Pro Challenge
 Hincapie Devo's Ty Magner is followed thoughout the stage (English, 04:25) USA Pro Challenge
 Thursday night race recap (English, 03:47) NBC 9 News
 Italy's Viviani earns Pro Challenge Stage 4 victory (English, 02:33) NBC 9 News
 'Ice man' brings 29,000 pounds to Pro Challenge (English, 04:34) NBC 9 News
 Interview with the race leader (English, 01:31) NBCSports
 Interview with the stage winner (English, 01:48) NBCSports
 Final kilometer (English, 03:01) NBCSports
 Behind the Scenes of the Hincapie Sportswear Development Team Bus (English, 02:27)  -May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Stage preview - Colorado Springs circuit (English, 09:33) NBC 9 News
Stage 3  
 Exceeding 110 kph - Onboard camera (02:55) SHIMANORaceTV
 Van Garderen takes queen stage at USA Pro Challenge (English, 02:18) Eurosport
 BMC's Tejay van Garderen takes the stage for the podium ceremony (English, 0:46) BMCProTeam
 Wednesday night race recap (English, 02:30) NBC 9 News
 Riders get the glory, teams get the credit (English, 01:52) NBC 9 News
 Official Highlights/Recap (English, 03:45) USA Pro Challenge
 Colorado's van Garderen climbs to the stage victory (English, 02:22) NBC 9 News
 Who pushed the weather button? (English, 04:18) NBC 9 News
 Stage winner podium (English, 02:43) NBCSports
 Race leader podium (English, 01:01) NBCSports
 Interview with the stage winner (English, 02:01) NBCSports
 Final kilometer (English, 03:36) NBCSports
 Rider Sign In (English, 02:48) USA Pro Challenge
 Jelly Belly Cycling Soigneurs (English, 03:16) USA Pro Challenge
 Optum Pro Cycling (English, 03:22) USA Pro Challenge
 Course Marshalls (English, 02:25) USA Pro Challenge
 Ice Bucket Challenge (English, 01:29) USA Pro Challenge
 Here's why Matt Renoux's wearing that red suit (English, 01:49) NBC 9 News
 Stage preview - Gunnison to Monarch Mountain (English, 02:30) NBC 9 News
 A look at the stage - Gunnison to Monarch Mt. (English, 02:05) Carvo Park
Stage 2  
 Official Highlights/Recap (English, 04:19) USA Pro Challenge
 Onboard camera action (English, 02:30) SHIMANORaceTV
 Pre USPro Challenge chat with Team Garmin-Sharp's Ben King and Alex Howes (English, 02:05) Skratch Labs
 Tuesday night race recap (English, 03:07) NBC 9 News
 'Broom wagon' sweeps up at USA Pro Challenge (English, 03:43) NBC 9 News
 Stage winner podium (English, 03:01) NBCSports
 Race leader podium (English, 01:44) NBCSports
 Alex Howes upset he didn't win the stage (English, 01:51) NBCSports
 Final kilometer (English, 04:04) NBCSports
 Race is neutralized in middle of the stage (English, 05:06) NBCSports
 Stage preview - Aspen to Crested Butte (English, 02:08) NBC 9 News
Stage 1  
 Cycling pros love shorter, more challenging routes (English, 03:08) NBC 9 News
 Official Highlights/Recap (English, 04:09) USA Pro Challenge
 UHC's Pro Cyling stage highlights - Kiel Reijnen wins! (English, 01:43) UHCprocycling
 Monday night race recap (English, 03:08) NBC 9 News
 Be careful with your Pro Challenge selfies (English, 0:39) NBC 9 News
 Aspen's Keegan Swirbul riding for the first time (English, 03:01) NBC 9 News
 Onboard camera action (English, 02:45) SHIMANORaceTV
 Reijnen takes early lead in USA Pro Challenge  (English, 01:07) SNTV
 Alex Howes (Garmin Sharp) on his near miss in Aspen (English, 02:11) cyclingnewstv
 Race leader podium (English, 0:44) NBCSports
 Stage finish (English, 02:59) NBCSports
 Team CTS Message for Bill Walton (English, 0:07) USA Pro Challenge
 Snowmass KOM Preview  (English, 01:05) USA Pro Challenge
 World's best cyclists begin stage one of Pro Challenge (English, 01:52) ABC 7 News
 Trek Factory Racing's Jens Voigt interview (English, 03:11) USA Pro Challenge
 BMC's Tejay van Garderen interview (English, 02:25) USA Pro Challenge
 Van Garderen On Home Ground At USA Pro Challenge (English, 0:47) CBS Denver
 Count on Aspen again in 2015 (English, 03:49) NBC 9 News
 Behind the scenes of the USA Pro Challenge (English, 03:57) NBC 9 News
 What's with that bike eiffel tower in Breckenridge? (English, 0:18) NBC 9 News
 BMC's Tejay van Garderen was live on local Aspen TV (English, 0:18) BMCProTeam
 BMC Team Presentation (English, 02:07) BMCProTeam
 Cyclists Gearing Up For USA Pro Challenge (English, 0:48) CBS4
 Ted King talks race history, fans, and the crazy climbs of Colorado (English, 05:32) USA Pro Challenge
 USA Pro Challenge Sizzle Video (English, 03:53) USA Pro Challenge
 Route Announcement (English, 41:37) USA Pro Challenge 

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