2019 USA Cycling National Championships Videos


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- 2019 USA Cycling National Championships videos from a variety of sources will be listed here, as available.
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2019 USA Cycling Road National Championship Videos
 ITT, Criterium, Road Race - Knoxville, TN  (June 27 - 30)
Elite Road Races - Sunday, June 30  
 Brief Highlights: Elite Men's Road Race (English, 01:05) WATE ABC Affiliate
 Brief Highlights: Elite Women's Road Race (English, 01:08) WATE ABC Affiliate
 On Demand Replay - Women and Men Road Races (English, 09:12:35) USA Cycling
Para Road Races - Saturday, June 29  
 Para Road Race Championships Highlights (English, 03:19) WATE, ABC Affiliate
Criteriums - Friday, June 28  
 Highlights - Pro Women & Men Criterium Championships (English, 04:43) USA Cycling
 Brief Highlights: Criterium race winners talk victories (English, 01:32) WATE, ABC Affiliate
 On Demand Replay - USA Pro Criterium Championships (English, 03:04:06) USA Cycling
 Criterium | The NASCAR of Cycling (English, 02:06) Wvlt, CBS affiliate
Time Trials - Thursday, June 27  
 Interview with the Elite Women's TT Champion (English, 0:42) Knox News
 USA Cycling Nationals off to flying start in Oak Ridge (English, 02:25) WATE, ABC Affiliate
 Highlights - USA Pro Time Trial Championships (English, 03:09) USA Cycling


2018 USA Cycling Pro Road, ITT & Crit National Championships Videos
 (June 21-24)  Knoxville, TN
Road Races  
 On Demand Replay Part 1 - Men's Road Race (English, 02:09:05) USA Cycling
 On Demand Replay Part 2 - Men's Road Race (English, 01:53:37) USA Cycling
 Start of the Men's Road Race (English, 10:10) USA Cycling
 On Demand Replay of the Women's Road Race (English, 03:36:51) USA Cycling
 Highlights - USA Pro Men's Criterium Championships (English, 03:13) USA Cycling
 Highlights - USA Pro Women's Criterium Championships (English, 01:43) USA Cycling
 Pro Criterium Course Preview with Chad Andrews (English, 05:24) TotalCyclist
Time Trials  
 Highlights - USA Pro Men's Time Trial Championships (English, 02:22) USA Cycling
 Highlights - USA Pro Women's Time Trial Championships (English, 01:53) USA Cycling
 Time Trials Wrap up in Oak Ridge (English, 02:59) ABC Affiliate
 Oak Ridge prepares to welcome USA Cycling (English, 02:59) ABC Affiliate


2017 USA Cycling Pro Road & TT National Championships Videos
 (June 24-25)
 On Demand Replay of the Men's Road Race (English, 03:56:50) USA Cycling
 Scenes from the USA Cycling Road Championships (English, 01:29) Knoxville Sentinel
 USA Cycling Pro Road national champion Larry Warbasse (English, 01:26) Knoxville Sentinel
 USA Cycling Pro Road Champion Amber Neben: 'It's beyond words' (English, 0:57) Knoxville Sentinel
 Joey Rosskopf wins USA Cycling Time Trial (English, 01:36) Knoxville Sentinel
 Interview with the USA Men's Road Race Champion (English, 04:26) ABC Affiliate
 Finish of the USA Men's Road Race (English, 0:49) ABC Affiliate
 Extended Highlights of the USA Women's Road Race (English, 08:15) ABC Affiliate
 On Demand Replay of the Women's Road Race (English, 01:42:29) USA Cycling
 Thousands expected to pack Knoxville for USA Cycling Championships (English, 03:45) ABC Affiliate
 Knoxville is set to welcome the USA Cycling Nationals this weekend (English, 02:19) NBC Affiliate
 USA Cycling Pro TT and Road Race National Championships Press Conference in Knoxville, Tenn (English, 14:48) ABC Affiliate
 USA Nationals will be held in Knoxville, TN (English, 03:28) ABC Affiliate


2016 USA Cycling National Championships Road & TT Videos (May 27 - 28)
Road Race  
 On Demand Replay of the Women's and Men's Road Races (09:38:41) - Note that coverage begins at the 29:40 mark on the video USA Cycling
- More to come -  
Time Trial  
 Interview with the Time Trial Men's Champion, Taylor Phinney (English, 01:39)  USA Cycling


2016 USA Cycling Pro Criterium Championships Videos (April 16 - 17)
 Recap of the Pro Women and Men Races (English, 03:07) USA Cycling
 Official On Demand Replay of the Pro Women & Men Races (English, 04:32:30) USA Cycling


2015 USA Cycling National Championships - Road & TT Videos - May 23 - 25
Road Race  
 Busche, Guarnier win second US road cycling championships (English, 02:42) WRCB NBC Affiliate
 USA Cycling National Championships takes over Chattanooga (English, 03:09) WRCB NBC Affiliate
 Local News Report includes live finish of the women's road race (English, 01:58) newschannelnine
Time Trial  
 Recap and Highlights of the US Pro Championship Time Trial (English, 06:09) WRCB NBC Affiliate
 One of the toughest sections of the road race course (English, 01:36) WRCB NBC Affiliate
 Cyclists descend on Scenic City for US Pro Championship (English, 03:14) WRCB NBC Affiliate


2015 USA Cycling Professional Criterium Championships Videos - April 18-19
 Smartstop ProCycling Highlights (English, 04:13) Smartstop ProCycling
 USA Cycling Criterium Championships On Demand replay (English, 04:00:10) USACyclingOrg


2014 USA Cycling National Championships videos Source
 Inside the Peloton at the USA Road & TT National Championships (03:59) USA Cycling
Road Race  
 Men's Road Race Highlights (English, 04:25) USA Cycling
 Alison Powers' Historical Wins in the Road & TT Nationals (01:47) USA Cycling
 Footage from the Team SmartStop car at the Road Race (05:14) Smartstop ProCycling
 Creed Reacts to Marcotte and McCabe going 1-2 (01:14) Smartstop ProCycling
 Travis and Eric Talk to Pat Malach (10:58) Smartstop ProCycling
 USA Road Nationals sizzle reel (Music, 01:00) USA Cycling
 Frankie Andreu recaps the Road Championships (02:10) On The Rivet Mgt
 Hincapie Sportswear Development Team race recap (01:44) Hincapie Sportswear
 Interview with Eric Marcotte Men's Road National Champion (02:06) USA Cycling
 Interview with Alison Powers Women's Road National Champion (01:05) USA Cycling
 USA Championships come to close; one more year left in contract (02:48) WRCBtv
 Alison Powers three time national champion (03:37) WRCBtv
 Cyclists took on "the wall" this year with a 20 percent grade (02:09) WRCBtv
 Highlights of the women's race  - Action from start to finish (01:05) WTVC-TV9
 Women's Road Race Medal Ceremony (01:57) WTVC-TV9
 U.S. Cycling National Championships Underway (01:39) WRCBtv
 Local pre-race report (02:28) WTVC-TV9
Time Trial  
 Official highlights of Men's and Women's races (03:15) USA Cycling
 Hincapie Sportswear Development Team race recap (01:25) Hincapie Sportswear
 Frankie Andreu recaps the Time Trial Championship (01:32) On The Rivet Mgt
 Taylor Phinney (BMC) at the press conference (01:22) BMCProTeam
 Taylor Phinney receives his national championship jersey (0:56) BMCProTeam
 Taylor Phinney's victorious ride (01:15) BMCProTeam
 Time Trail Recap (01:25) WRCBtv
 Cyclists Prepare for National Championships (08:09) WTVC-TV9
 Time Trial Cycling Championships Preview (03:16) WTVC-TV9
 Chattanooga's Rynas (Taco Mamacita) on the women's road race (03:16) WTVC-TV9
 Last-minute preps for U.S. Pro Cycling Championships (02:08) WRCBtv
 USA Cycling’s National Events Director, Tony Leko (02:38) ConnectSports 


2013 USA Cycling National Championships videos
 Highlights (05:13) universalsports
 Pro Men's Road Race Winner's Press Conference (17:52) Jon F Moss
 A World Class City and A World Class Event (03:11) Jon F Moss
 Jade Wilcoxson wins women's road race (02:07) Local NBC Affiliate
 US Time Trial Championships kicks off (02:12) Local NBC Affiliate
 USA Cycling Championship wrap up (0:59) Local CBS Affiliate
 The best and the brightest in cycling took over the scenic city (01:04) Local CBS Affiliate
 Riders take on Chattanooga and US Cycling Championships (03:02) Local NBC Affiliate
 US Cycling National Championship will test riders with incline (02:30) Local NBC Affiliate
 Chattanooga Gets In Gear for Elite Cycling (01:29) Local CBS Affiliate