2017 Tour of the Gila Videos


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- 2017 Tour of the Gila videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2017 Tour of the Gila Videos (April 19 - 23) Source
Stage 5  
 Tayler Wiles overall winner - Women's Tour of the Gila 2017 (English, 01:41) Warren Cycling Podcast
Stage 4  
 Emma White on her stage 4 criterium win (English, 01:32) Warren Cycling Podcast
Stage 3  
 Interview with Stage 3 TT Men's winner, Evan Huffman (English, 03:31) Rebecca Reza
Stage 2  
 Eric Young talks about his stage 2 win (English, 02:13) Warren Cycling Podcast
Stage 1  
 Interview with Stage 1 Women's winner, Katie Hall (English, 01:30) Rebecca Reza
 Matteo Dal-Cin on Tour of the Gila stage 1 win (English, 04:34) Rally Cycling
 Interview with Stage 1 Men's winner, Matteo Dal-Cin (English, 02:16) Rebecca Reza


2016 Tour of the Gila Videos (May 4 - 8)
Stage 2  
 Stage 2 Highlights - 2016 Tour of the Gila (Music, 0:54) ProEditors
Stage 1  
 Stage 1 Highlights - 2016 Tour of the Gila (Music, 0:50) ProEditors
 Behind the Scenes of Tour of the Gila with Shimano Cycling (English, 01:22) ProEditors


2015 Tour of the Gila Videos - April 29 - May 3
Stage 5  
 OnBoard Camera - Nate Fontaine on the Great Descent (Ambient sound, 12:07) nate fontaine
Stage 4  
 Scenes from the stage 4 Downtown Criterium (Music, 0:48) Gila Hike & Bike
 Stage 4 Men's Race Final Sprint and Podium (English, 01:04) Michelle Geels
 Footage from the Stage 4 Men's Criterium (Ambient sound, 05:17) Michelle Geels
Stage 3  
 Smartstop ProCycling TT Highlights (Music, 02:07) Smartstop ProCycling
 Lauren Stephens chats about her winning women's TT ride (English, 01:07) Michelle Geels
 Brainna Walle finished 2nd in the women's TT (English, 01:30) Michelle Geels
 Allie Dragoo recaps her 3rd place finish in stage 3 women's race (English, 0:51) Michelle Geels
Stage 2  
 A ride in the race caravan with Jamis-Hagens Berman (English, 06:14) Michelle Geels
 Eric Young Optum Pro Cycling Stage 2 Winner (English, 02:12) Michelle Geels
 Alison Jackson finished 3rd in women's stage 2 (English, 01:21) Michelle Geels
 Pre-Stage interview with Travis McCabe (English, 01:13) Michelle Geels
 Pre-Stage interview with Luis Amaran (Spanish, 01:22) Michelle Geels
 Stage two start (Ambient sound) Team SmartStop
Stage 1  
 A ride in the race caravan with Silber Pro Cycling during stage 1 (English, 06:02) Michelle Geels
 Chris Horner before the stage (English, 02:03) Michelle Geels
 Defending Women's Champion Mara Abbott before the stage (English, 0:57) Michelle Geels
 Nicolas Masbourian returns after crashing out last year (English, 01:16) Michelle Geels
 Tour of the Gila Race Teaser (Music, 02:21) Decca Sportswear