2014 Tour Méditerranéen


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The peloton rides along the Mediterranean during Le Tour Méditerranéen.
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- It's official, there will be no Tour Mediterraneen in 2015.  More here.

- The 2015 Tour of the Mediterranean is in doubt.  (this is an annual issue lately)  More on Cyclingnews here.

- Videos:  Tour Mediterraneen Videos

- Photos:  2014 Tour Mediterraneen Stage 1 Photos in Hi-Res

- Official site is here.  Stage route maps (parcours) here.  Provisional start list here.

- The 2014 Tour Mediterraneen is being run February 13-16.

- Information and links from previous editions of the Tour Mediterraneen below...

- Video:  Official Film of the 2013 Tour Mediterraneen

- Photos:  2013 Hi-Res Tour Mediterraneen Stage 2 TT Photos

- Photos:  Stage 1 on Facebook (Sirotti)

- See also:  A new start for pro cycling, exciting racing ahead and all roads lead to the Tour (of the Mediterranean!)

- Voeckler, Schleck, Hushovd, Greipel, Kreder, Martin, Talansky, Roche, Kreuziger, Rogers, Boom, Sicard, Cousin, Peraud, Fedrigo, Pinot, Roux, et al. Full official start list here. (.pdf)

- Official site is here.  No live TV coverage.  But videos and photos to come post-stage each day.

- I'll post details soon for the 2013 Tour Méditerranéen.

- 2012 and 2011 Tour Méditerranéen coverage below.

- I may also post a few pics via cell phone here.

- Possible brief LIVE feed via cell phone here.  (If I have a good enough signal, as a test I may try and stream a brief portion or two at a stage start.  But more than ever, you get what you pay for. ;-)  If and when I do plan to start a brief live feed, I will send out a note on Twitter shortly beforehand)

- Photos:  Stage 2 (CN)

- News:  Endura Racing story on Jon Tiernan-Locke's stage 1 victory here.

- Photos:  Stage 1 (CN)

- Official site is here.  Start list here.

- Video:  2012 Tour of the Mediterranean Route

- The 2012 Tour Méditerranéen runs from February 9-12.  For the third consecutive year, I'll be on site doing photography.  There has been no live television coverage for this race, though organizers talked at one point of there being television coverage of the final stage to Mont Faron.  Seems doubtful given all the financial problems they have had but I'll be updating the page here during the race, so we'll see.  -Pete

- Below is coverage from the 2011 Tour Méditerranéen.

- Photos:  Stage 5 (more to come)

- Photos:  Stage 4 (more to come)

- Photos:  Stage 3

- Photos:  Stage 2

- Photos:  Stage 1 (more added)

- Today's (Wednesday) Stage 1 started in Maubec-Coustellet and finishes in Pertuis for a total of 120km.

- The 2011 Tour Méditerranéen runs from February 9-13.  Coverage is limited, it is not live on TV, even in France.  But I expect we'll have Tour of the Mediterranean videos from each stage.  I will also post some of my own photos from the race.  Fotoreporter Sirotti will also be providing photos. -Pete

Official Website
Start List (.pdf)