2014 Sixday-Nights Zurich LIVE


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- The 2014 Zurich Sixday-Nights will be held November 26-29.  More details to come...

- Mark Cavendish has announced he will be competing at the Sixday-Nights Zurich.

- LIVE video here and here and here.  (good quality picture, even viewed full screen)

- They have a live band playing during intermissions.

- Saturday is the final day, with events starting at 6:30pm CET and ending at 2am CET.

- Next update as live streaming for this event gets underway.

- The 2013 Sixday-Nights Zurich is being held November 27-30.  (In the past there was a Six Days of Zurich track cycling event that actually lasted 6 days.)  Once again there will be live streaming video.  Official website here

Live streaming video: 6:15pm CET (12:15pm U.S. Eastern)


LIVE video feeds

Official site live feed