2015 Six Days of Rotterdam Videos


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- 2015 Six Days of Rotterdam Track Cycling Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2015 Six Days of Rotterdam Videos - Jan 2-7
 Highlights of all 6 days of the Six Days of Rotterdam (Dutch, 07:56) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
Day 6  
 Highlights of Day 6 (Dutch, 03:47) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Interview with winners Iljo Keisse and Niki Terpstra (Dutch, 01:34) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
Day 5  
 Highlights of Day 5 (Dutch, 03:28) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Michael Mørkøv: "Good position to win the race" (English, 01:13) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Iljo Keisse and Niki Terpstra look forward to the finale (Dutch, 01:44) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
Day 4  
 Highlights of Day 4 (Dutch, 03:14) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Many riders still getting used to The Longest Lap (Dutch, 02:28) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Michel Kreder and Raymond Kreder going for victory in the Houcon Derny (Dutch, 01:31) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
Day 3  
 Highlights of Day 3 (Dutch, 03:05) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Interview with Buyst and De Ketele who are in the lead (Dutch, 02:40) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
Day 2  
 Highlights of Day 2 (Dutch, 02:02) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Interview with sprinter Jeffrey Hoogland (Dutch, 02:24) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 The mechanics: Invisible but indispensable forces (English, 01:47) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
Day 1
 Highlights of Day 1 (Dutch, 02:06) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Michael Boogerd and other former champions on the track (Dutch, 01:01) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Interview with Didier Caspers and Melvin van Zijl (Dutch, 01:31) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Interview with Day 1 winners of the Six Days of Rotterdam (English, 01:27) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 2015 Six Days of Rotterdam Race promo (Music, 01:11)  Zesdaagse Rotterdam


2014 Six Days of Rotterdam Videos  
 Review the highlights from day one to day six (English, 10:16) SixDayRacing TV
Day 6  
 Highlights of day 6 (English, 06:24) SixDayRacing TV
 Complete day 6 broadcast (English, 04:50:57) SixDayRacing TV
 East and Holloway discuss new Island 200 velodrome in Pittsburgh (English, 03:05) SixDayRacing TV
 Six-Day experts talk with Patrick Sercu and discuss final day (English, 07:40) SixDayRacing TV
 Rasmussen and Mørkøv on a successful Rotterdam return (English, 03:24) SixDayRacing TV
 Franco Marvulli talks retirement (English, 04:05) SixDayRacing TV
Day 5  
 Highlights of day 5 (English, 08:28) SixDayRacing TV
 Complete day 5 broadcast (English, 05:03:12) SixDayRacing TV
 Americans Guy East and Daniel Holloway gaining experience in Rotterdam (English, 03:56) SixDayRacing TV
 Belgian Jasper De Buyst's future (English, 03:14) SixDayRacing TV
 Havik and Stöpler's early days in Rotterdam (English, 03:06) SixDayRacing TV
 Nolan Hoffmann gives back to South African cycling (English, 04:03) SixDayRacing TV
 Doyle & Cornelisse talk Rotterdam 6 with Patrick Sercu (English, 07:43) SixDayRacing TV
Day 4  
 Highlights of day 4 (English, 07:41) SixDayRacing TV
 Complete day 4 broadcast (English, 05:21:48) SixDayRacing TV
 Iljo Keisse and Niki Terpstra recover & plan six-day success (English, 04:00) SixDayRacing TV
 Rotterdam first race to share live power numbers (English, 03:24) SixDayRacing TV
 Six-day experts welcome Franco Marvulli to the broadcast (English, 07:12) SixDayRacing TV
 South African Nolan Hoffmann on how he got started cycling (English, 03:24) SixDayRacing TV
Day 3  
 Highlights of day 3 (English, 07:05) SixDayRacing TV
 Americans East and Holloway building homes (English, 03:48) SixDayRacing TV
 A chat with South African record holder, Nolan Hoffmann (English, 02:33) SixDayRacing TV
 De Ketele and De Buyst talk about the race so far (English, 04:08) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
Day 2  
 Complete day 2 broadcast (English, 04:20:54) SixDayRacing TV
 Track experts Doyle & Cornelisse discuss day 2 (English, 05:34) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Highlights of day 2 (English, 07:21) SixDayRacing TV
 Terpstra and Keisse tell their Rotterdam Six-Day secrets (English, 03:28) SixDayRacing TV
Day 1  
 Complete day 1 broadcast (English, 04:35:24) SixDayRacing TV
 East & Holloway talk about their power numbers on day 1 (English, 02:42) SixDayRacing TV
 Highlights of day 1 (English, 03:35) SixDayRacing TV
 Mørkøv and Rasmussen confident after Rotterdam day 1 (English, 03:51) SixDayRacing TV
 Track experts Doyle & Cornelisse discuss day 1 (English, 05:34) Zesdaagse Rotterdam
 Michael Mørkøv & Alex Rasmussen size up their chances (English, 01:52)  SixDayRacing TV
 Last year's winner Iljo Keisse talks ahead of Rotterdam (English, 04:35) SixDayRacing TV
 Theo Bos returns to six-day racing in Rotterdam (English, 03:06)  SixDayRacing TV
 Track experts Doyle & Cornelisse discuss their favorites (English, 04:29)  SixDayRacing TV