2017 Six Days of Gent Track Cycling Videos


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- 2017 Six Days of Gent Track Cycling Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2017 Gent Six Day Videos  (November 14 - 19) Source


2016 Six Days of Gent Videos  (November 15 - 20)
Day 6  
 Emotional Six Day Gent winners address the crowd (English, 02:43) Cycling.be TV
 Bradley Wiggins post race press conference (English, 01:49) Cycling.be TV
 Mark Cavendish post-event interview (English, 0:50) Cycling.be TV
 Bradley Wiggins post-event interview (English, 02:13) Sporza
 Day 6 Highlights (Dutch, 04:01) Cycling.be TV
Day 5  
 Mark Cavendish day 5 interview (English, 01:09)  
Day 4  
 Day 4 Interviews (Dutch/English, 02:49) Cycling.be TV
 Day 4 - 500 meter highlights (Dutch, 04:03) Sporza
Day 3  
 Mark Cavendish day 3 interview (English, 01:54) Sporza
 Elia Viviani day 3 interview (English, 03:24) Sporza
 Day 3 Extended Highlights (Dutch, 15:00) Sport.be TV
Day 2  
 Day 2 Extended Highlights (Dutch, 15:00) Sport.be TV
Day 1  
 Day 1 Extended Highlights (Dutch, 15:00) Sport.be TV
 Highlights - day 1 (Dutch, 03:20) Cycling.be TV
 Day 1 Highlights (Dutch, 02:14) Avs
 Bradley Wiggins interview (English, 03:54) Sporza


2015 Six Days of Gent Videos (November 17-22) Source
Day 6  
 Men's race finish plus interviews (Dutch, 01:45) Cycling.be TV
 Women's Omnium highlights - includes on bike camera footage (Dutch, 01:17) Cycling.be TV
 Derny Highlights - includes on bike camera footage (Dutch, 0:58) Cycling.be TV
Day 5  
 Day 5 Highlights (Dutch/English, 01:22) Sporza
Day 4  
 Extended highlights of Day 4 (Dutch, 13:00) Cycling.be TV
 De Pauw smashes lap record in Kuipke (Dutch, 01:50) Sporza
 Three teams are neck to neck in Ghent Six Day (Dutch, 01:28) Sporza
Day 3  
 Extended highlights of Day 3 (Dutch, 12:54) Cycling.be TV
 Vergaerde and De Buyst take over the lead on the third night (Dutch, 02:50) Cycling.be TV
 De Ketele and Van Hoecke win 500m time trial (Dutch, 03:28) Sporza
Day 2  
 Extended highlights of Day 2 (Dutch, 13:18) Cycling.be TV
 Keisse still in first place after day two of the Six Day in Ghent (Dutch, 01:42) Sporza
Day 1  
 Extended highlights of Day 1 (Dutch, 14:12) Cycling.be TV
 Keisse and Morkov have a successful opening night (Dutch, 02:45) Cycling.be TV
 Iljo Keisse leads after the first day of the Six Days of Ghent (Dutch, 01:45) Sporza
 Six Days in Ghent - A minute of silence for victims in Paris (Dutch, 0:37) Sporza
 Six Days of Gent Track Cycling - Event Trailer (Dutch, 0:34) AVS


2014 Six Days of Gent Videos - November 18-23
Day 6  
 Day Six Highlights, interviews and the podium (Dutch, 03:24) Cycling.be TV
 Women's Omnium highlights (Dutch, 02:03) WTV
 De Buyst-De Ketele win the Six Days of Gent (Dutch, 02:04) Sporza
 Iljo Keisse post race interview (Dutch, 01:28) Sporza
 Jasper De Buyst and Kenny De Ketele post race (Dutch, 02:28) Sporza
 Silvan Diller slips and falls (Dutch, 0:50) Sporza
 Iljo Keisse says Cavendish must remain calm (Dutch, 0:56) Sporza
 Moreno De Pauw interview (Dutch, 0:59) Sporza
 Patrick Sercu interview (Dutch, 03:11) Sporza
Day 5  
 Post race interview with Jasper De Buyst (Dutch, 03:28) Sporza
 Day Five Highlights and interviews - Keisse and Cav in the lead (Dutch, 01:36) Sporza
 Mark Cavendish crashes, but gets back on his bike (Dutch, 0:51) Sporza
Day 4  
 Interview with Otto Vergaerde (Dutch, 02:40) Sporza
 Interview with Moreno De Pauw (Dutch, 03:23) Sporza
Day 3  
 Day Three Highlights and interviews (Dutch/English, 01:42) Sporza
 UCI president Cookson attends Six Days of Gent (Dutch/English, 01:57) Sporza
 Interview with UCI president Brian Cookson (English, 03:05) Sporza
Day 2
 Post race interview with Kenny De Ketele (Dutch, 05:09) Sporza
 Day Two Highlights - Cavendish beats De Buyst in derny finals (Dutch, 01:53) Sporza
 Prince Laurent takes a lap around the track (Dutch, 01:56) Sporza
Day 1  
 Day One Highlights (Dutch, 01:29) Sporza
 Post race interview with Iljo Keisse (Dutch, 02:53) Sporza
 Post race interview with Jasper De Buyst (Dutch, 03:23) Sporza
 Mark Cavendish duels De Buyst in the team elimination (Dutch, 01:21) Sporza
 Cycling legend Felice Gimondi gets things started (Dutch, 02:50)  Cycling.be TV
 A black cat almost caused disaster on day one of the Six Days of Ghent (01:24) Hugo Willems
 Cavendish and Keisse want to make a good show of it (English/Dutch, 01:54) Sporza
 Mark Cavendish looks forward to racing with Iljo Keisse (English/Dutch, 12:32) Sporza


2013 Six Days of Gent Videos - November 19-24  
 Jasper De Buyst and Leif Lampater are the deserved winners (Dutch, 03:52) Cycling.be TV
 Iljo Keisse wins derny race on the final day (Dutch, 0:26) Cycling.be TV
 Jasper Buyst win the Six Days of Ghent (Dutch, 01:55) Sporza
 Keisse wins with a maneuver the derny race (Dutch, 02:15)  Sporza
 Duel between Belgian top cyclists in derny race (Dutch, 03:43) Sporza
 Day 2 - Young Jasper De Buyst impresses in Ghent (Dutch, 01:49) Sporza
 Belgian-German pair Jasper Buyst & Leif Lampater lead after the opening night (Dutch, 01:55) Cycling.be TV
 Highlights of the first night ( Dutch, 01:19) Sporza
 Gert Verhulst in the chase against Van Lancker (Dutch, 01:27)  Sporza
 Two heavy falls in first day of the six-day Ghent (Dutch, 0:55)  Sporza