2015 Etoile de Besseges Videos


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- 2015 Etoile de Besseges Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2015 Etoile de Besseges Videos - February 4 - 8
Stage 5  
 An Post Chain Reaction stage five race report (English, 06:04) An Post CRC
 Celebration on the podium (French, 0:40) Journal Lamarseillaise
 The Winners Podium (French, 0:34) Journal Lamarseillaise
 Stage 5 Highlights (French, 01:32) France 3
Stage 4  
 An Post Chain Reaction stage four race report (English, 03:59) An Post CRC
 Stage 4 Highlights (French, 01:20) France 3
 Stage 4 The Final Sprint (French, 0:17) Journal Lamarseillaise
 Stage 4 Race start (French, 0:27) Journal Lamarseillaise
Stage 3  
 An Post Chain Reaction stage three race report (English, 02:21) An Post CRC
 Stage 3 Highlights (French, 01:23) France 3
 Stage 3: The final sprint (Journal Lamarseillaise, French, 0:25) Journal Lamarseillaise
Stage 2  
 An Post Chain Reaction stage two race report (English, 02:19) An Post CRC
 Stage 2 Highlights (French, 01:20) France 3
 Stage 2: The final sprint (French, 0:40) Journal Lamarseillaise
Stage 1  
 An Post Chain Reaction stage one race report (Music, 03:45) An Post CRC
 Stage 1 Race highlights (French, 08:41) Passion du Biou & Cie
 Stage 1 Highlights (French, 01:45) France 3
 Stage 1: The final sprint (French, 0:31) Journal Lamarseillaise


2014 Etoile de Besseges Videos  
Stage 5  
 Behind the scenes with AN Post Chain Reaction (English, 02:53) AN Post Chain Reaction
 Highlights - Swedish rider wins Etoile de Besseges (French, 0:44) France3
Stage 4  
 Highlights - 2nd stage victory for Bryan Coquard (French, 01:52) France3
 Behind the scenes with AN Post Chain Reaction (English, 02:41) AN Post Chain Reaction
 Highlights (French, 04:25) Vélo101
Stage 3  
 Highlights - Bryan Coquard wins the third stage (French, 0:20) France3
 Behind the scenes with AN Post Chain Reaction (English, 02:39) AN Post Chain Reaction
Stage 2  
 Highlights - Nacer Bouhanni wins the second stage (French, 01:07) France3
 Stage 2 - Behind the scenes with AN Post Chain Reaction (English, 03:02) AN Post Chain Reaction
 Start of the stage (French, 01:34) Conseil général du Gard
Stage 1  
 Highlights - Sander Helven wins the first stage (French, 01:37) France3
 Highlights (French, 01:21) TVSudMedias
 Stage 2 - Behind the scenes with AN Post Chain Reaction (English, 02:10) AN Post Chain Reaction
 Scenes from the stage start (06:09) Passion du Biou & autres