2016 Dubai Tour Videos


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- 2016 Dubai Tour Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2016 Dubai Tour Videos (Feb 3 - 6)
Stage 4  
 Stage 4 Race Report from GCN - 2016 Dubai Tour (English, 03:41) Dubai Tour
 Official Stage 4 Highlights - 2016 Dubai Tour (English, 03:15) Dubai Tour
 Highlights - Dubai Tour Stage 4 (English, 02:56) inCycle
 Stage 4 Preview - Business Bay Stage (Music, 0:56) Dubai Tour
Stage 3  
 Stage 3 Race Report from GCN - 2016 Dubai Tour (English, 03:17) Global Cycling Network
 Official Stage 3 Highlights - 2016 Dubai Tour (English, 03:14) Dubai Tour
 Highlights - Dubai Tour Stage 3 (English, 02:52) inCycle
 Stage 3 Preview - The Westin Stage (Music, 0:47) Dubai Tour
Stage 2  
 Stage 2 Race Report from GCN - 2016 Dubai Tour (English, 02:57) Global Cycling Network
 Exclusive Mark Cavendish Interview At The Dubai Tour 2016 (English, 08:31) Global Cycling Network
 Official Stage 2 Highlights - 2016 Dubai Tour (English, 03:29) Dubai Tour
 Highlights - Dubai Tour Stage 2 (English, 02:42) inCycle
 Stage 2 Preview - Nakheel Stage (Music, 0:43) Dubai Tour
Stage 1  
 Stage 1 Race Report from GCN - 2016 Dubai Tour (English, 03:40) Global Cycling Network
 Official Stage 1 Highlights - 2016 Dubai Tour (English, 03:40) Dubai Tour
 Highlights - Dubai Tour Stage 1 (English, 02:50) inCycle
 Stage 1 Preview - Dubai Silicon Oasis Stage (Music, 0:43) Dubai Tour
 Team Giant-Alpecin's Roy Curvers hoping to lead team to success (English, 02:11) Sport360
 Dubai Tour 2016 - The Route (Music, 04:09) Dubai Tour
 Dubai Tour - "The Great Show" Race Teaser (Music, 02:07) Dubai Tour


2015 Dubai Tour Videos - February 4 - 7 Source
Stage 4  
 Thrilled Cavendish thanks team after Dubai win (English, 01:15) cyclingnews
 Post race press conference (English, 02:18) DSC Channel
 Interview with the race winner (English, 01:04) Dubai Tour
 Interview with John Degenkolb (English, 01:12) Dubai Tour
 Stage 4 Highlights (English, 02:24)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Race winner's interview (English, 02:49)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 The Route overview - Burj Stage (Music, 01:31) Universal Sports
Stage 3  
 Stage Highlights (English, 05:14) cyclingnews
 Interview with stage three winner (English, 01:03) Dubai Tour
 Safety carpet rolls up and causes a big wipe out (English, 01:11)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Stage 3 Highlights (English, 02:21)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Stage 3 winner interview (English, 01:56)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Filippo Pozzato on getting back to winning ways (English, 02:29) cyclingnews
 The Route overview - Desert Stage (Music, 01:44) Dubai Tour
Stage 2  
 Brief Highlights (English, 0:59) Eurosport
 Stefan Küng at the Dubai Tour (English, 0:30) BMCProTeam
 Stage Highlights (English, 03:41) cyclingnews
 Bernhard Eisel interview at the Dubai Tour (English, 02:28) cyclingnews
 Interview with the race leader (English, 01:20) Dubai Tour
 Interview with stage two winner (English, 01:06) Dubai Tour
 Stage 2 Highlights (English, 02:15)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Field crash in stage 2 (English, 01:24)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Stage 2 winner interview (English, 02:10)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 The Route overview - Palm Stage (Music, 01:44) Dubai Tour
Stage 1  
 Stage Highlights (English, 04:24) cyclingnews
 Stage 1 Brief Highlights (English, 01:13) sport360
 Nicolas Lefrancois talks about getting in the main breakaway (English, 01:03) Team Novo Nordisk
 Interview with stage one winner (English, 01:33) Dubai Tour
 Stage 1 Highlights (English, 02:22)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Stage 1 winner interview (English, 01:47)  - May be geo-restricted Universal Sports
 Interview with the sprint classification (UAE Flag) jersey wearer (English, 0:37) Dubai Tour
 The stage one start and festivities (English, 04:19) DSC Channel
 The Route overview - Union Flag Stage (Music, 01:30) Dubai Tour
 The opening Ceremony of Dubai Tour (Music, 03:11) DSC Channel
 Top Riders attend the pre-race press conference (Arabic, 01:44) DSC Channel
 Taylor Phinney, 2014 winner, sends greetings from Colorado (English, 0:48) Dubai Tour
 Skydive Dubai Pro Cycling team is ready to tackle the Dubai Tour (Music, 01:38) Skydive Dubai
 Paul Smith on designing the 2015 Dubai Tour Official Jerseys (English, 03:05) Dubai Tour
 Dubai Tour 2015 Race Teaser (Music, 0:30) Dubai Tour
 Vincenzo Nibali to open his 2015 season at Dubai Tour (Italian/English subtitles, 0:58) Dubai Tour
 Dubai Tour 2015 - The Route (04:51) Dubai Tour
 The World of the Dubai Tour (English, 02:15) Dubai Tour
 Dubai Tour 2015 - Official Race Promo (English, 02:11) Dubai Tour


2014 Dubai Tour Videos  
Stage 4  
 GCN's Top 10 Dubai Tour Moments (English, 04:20) Global Cycling Network
 Cannondale Pro Cycling - The Best of Dubai Tour (02:31) cannondaleprocycling
 Peter Velits (BMC) on Dubai Tour (English, 0:57) velonews
 Rookie Lasse Norman Hansen (Garmin) is pleased with pro debut (English, 01:24) velonews
 Taylor Phinney wins inaugural Dubai Tour (English, 01:22) SNTV
 Interview with "The Mapel Man" Cannondale's Ted King (English, 03:42) David Everett
 Interview with Garmin-Sharp's Johan Van Summeren (English, 01:57) David Everett
 Interview with Movistar's Alex Dowsett (English, 01:27) David Everett
 Interview with RTS-Santic's Alex Coutts (English, 01:46) David Everett
 Interview with Garmin-Sharp's Johnny Weltz & Lasse Hansen (English, 02:25) David Everett
 Interview with Vini Fantini-NIPPO-De Rosa's Willem Jacobus Smit (English, 01:54) David Everett
 Kittel dominance continues but Phinney claims title (English, 01:51) omnisport-uk
 Stage finish, podium and post race press conference (English, 04:52) CyclingTB
 Taylor Phinney 'proud' to win inaugural Dubai Tour (English, 0:38) velonews
 Phinney receives winner's trophy in front of big crowds (English, 0:31) velonews
 Interview with BMC's Taylor Phinney and Steven Cummings (English, 03:29) David Everett
 Marcel Kittel In a Police Car Done For Speeding (English, 0:58) David Everett
 Interview with Garmin-Sharp's Tyler Farrar (English, 01:46) David Everett
 Stage Report - Race Round Up (English, 02:43) Global Cycling Network
 Interview with Marcel Kittel (Shimano) (English, 01:37) cyclingnews
 Interview with Taylor Phinney (BMC) (English, 02:23) cyclingnews
 Podium Mix-up (English, 01:27) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Podium & interview with overall winner (English, 03:06) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Interview with stage winner (English, 01:51) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Stage 4 Highlights (English, 02:16) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Top Cars and Top Cyclists (English, 01:54) Cycling Pro
Stage 3  
 Brief Highlights (English, 0:53) SNTV
 Stage Report - Racing In The Desert & Cycling In The Heat (English, 04:31) Global Cycling Network
 Interview with stage 3 overall leader (English, 03:05) cyclingnews
 Interview with stage winner (English, 01:40) cyclingnews
 Stage finish, podium and interview with stage 3 winner (English, 02:53) CyclingTB
 Final sprint (Turkish, 01:57) Eurosport
 Interview with Taylor Phinney (BMC) (English, 0:56) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Interview with Marcel Kittel (Shimano) (English, 01:16) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Stage 3 Highlights (English, 02:31) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Interview with Giant-Shimano's Koen de Kort (English, 03:06) David Everett
 Interview with Garmin-Sharp's Ryder Hesjedal (English, 01:47) David Everett
 Interview with RTS-Santic's Alex Coutts (English, 02:09) David Everett
 Interview with Tinkoff-Saxo's Jay McCarthy (English, 02:14) David Everett
 Interview with Garmin-Sharp's DS Johnny Weltz (English, 01:30) David Everett
 Ted King: Better windy & sandy than windy & muddy of Belgium (English, 01:33) velonews
 Rory Sutherland says racing in Dubai beats cold Europe (English, 01:28) velonews
Stage 2  
 Thor Hushovd (BMC) on impressions of Dubai (English, 01:06) velonews
 Giant-Shimano's Lawson Craddock on his pro debut in Dubai (English, 01:41) velonews
 Brief Highlights (English, 01:12) SNTV
 Stage Report - The Underdogs (English, 04:03) Global Cycling Network
 Interview with BMC's Steven Cummings (English, 01:25) David Everett
 Interview with Omega-Pharma Quickstep's DS Brian Holm (English, 02:48) David Everett
 Interview with Garmin-Sharp's Dylan Van Baarle & Raymond Kreder (English, 01:22) David Everett
 Interview with Garmin-Sharp's Norman Lasse Hansen (English, 02:09) David Everett
 Race finish and press conference with stage 2 winner (English, 02:34) CyclingTB
 Post race: Taylor Phinney on racing in the leaders jersey (English, 02:46) cyclingnews
 Interview with stage winner (English, 02:08) cyclingnews
 Interview with overall race leader (English, 01:08) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Interview with stage 2 winner (English, 0:47) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Stage 2 Highlights (English, 02:15) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
Stage 1  
 Phinney reacts after securing TT win at Dubai Tour (English, 0:45) velonews
 Tyler Farrar talks Dubai and classics (English, 01:54) velonews
 De Kort on desert heat and Kittel's train (English, 02:01) velonews
 Brief Highlights (English, 01:20) Eurosport
 Post race press conference with stage winner (English, 01:27) omnisport
 Podium, press conference and behind the scenes highlights (English, 03:04) CyclingTB
 Post race with stage 1 winner (English, 01:35) cyclingnews
 Riders talk about how to get aero without a TT bike (English, 04:40) Global Cycling Network
 Post stage with Mark Cavendish, Brian Holm & Mark Renshaw (English, 06:09) David Everett
 Post stage interview with Garmin-Sharp's Tyler Farrar (English, 01:50) David Everett
 Post stage interview with Garmin-Sharp's Dylan Van Baarle (English, 02:05) David Everett
 Post stage interview with Giant Shimano's Lawson Craddock (English, 01:15) David Everett
 Post stage interview with Giant Shimano's Koen De Kort (English, 02:48) David Everett
 Interview with BMC's Steven Cummings (English, 03:47) David Everett
 Interview with RTS- Santic's Alex Coutts (English, 02:24) David Everett
 Interview with Tinkoff Saxo's Jay McCarthay (English, 02:20) David Everett
 Interview with Garmin-Sharp's Sebastian Langeveld (English, 02:24) David Everett
 Stage 1 Highlights (English, 01:48) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
 Interview with stage 1 winner (English, 01:43) -May be geo-restricted universalsports
Pre Race  
 Opening Ceremony Highlights (03:10) Cycling Pro
 Opening Ceremony Video Presentation (02:43) Dubai Tour
 Pre Race Interviews - Cavendish, Cancellara and Kittel (English, 04:38) Global Cycling Network
 Taylor Phinney discusses his early season preparation (English, 01:38) cyclingnewstv
 Marcel Kittel on Team Giant-Shimano's lead out train (English, 01:09) cyclingnewstv
 Mark Cavendish on targeting the sprint finishes (English, 01:15) cyclingnewstv
 A Parade of Top Cyclists (English, 01:10) Cycling Pro
 Dubai Tour official trophy "Circle of Stars" is exhibited (01:33) Dubai Tour
 Dubai Tour 2014 - Official Jerseys (01:58) Dubai Tour
 Dubai Tour Trophy "making of" Circle of Stars by Pininfarina (02:25) Dubai Tour
 Dubai Tour 2014 - The route (04:00) Dubai Tour
 Dubai Tour 2014 - Official promo (01:42) Dubai Tour
 Dubai Tour 2014 Teaser (0:30) Dubai Tour