2019 Six Day Manchester Videos


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- 2019 Six Day Manchester videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
- See also: Six Day Manchester LIVE -
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2019 Six Day Manchester Videos (March 22 - 24)
Day 3  
 Six Day Manchester Day Three Highlights (Music, 01:00) SixDayCycling
 The Dutch do the business to WIN (Ambient sound, 01:15) SixDayCycling
 Berteau wins the scratch but it's Katie on top (Ambient sound, 0:47) SixDayCycling
 Jack Carlin beats Jason Kenny in sprint finals (Ambient sound, 0:42) SixDayCycling
 Matt Rotherham is the toast of SixDay Manchester (Ambient sound, 0:37) SixDayCycling
 Hayter smashes the derny again (Ambient sound, 0:46) SixDayCycling
 Archibald in the driving seat in 20k Madison (Ambient sound, 0:51) SixDayCycling
 Keirin Final - Germany edges out England (Ambient sound, 0:58) SixDayCycling
 Carlin pours it on in 200 Meter Flying Time Trial (Ambient sound, 0:43) SixDayCycling
 Kenny shows how it's done on day 3 Team Elimination (Ambient sound, 0:48) SixDayCycling
Day 2  
 Six Day Manchester Day Two Highlights (Music, 0:58) SixDayCycling
 Marc Hester & Jesper Morkov reign in Madison (Ambient sound, 0:59) SixDayCycling
 Emily Nelson had plenty in the tank: Team Elimination (Ambient sound, 0:59) SixDayCycling
 Jack Carlin caught Jason Kenny to win the sprint final (Ambient sound, 0:56) SixDayCycling
 Katie Archibald takes the 20k Madison win on day 2 ( (Ambient sound, 0:50) SixDayCycling
 Jason Kenny sets fastest 200m Flying Time Trial time (Ambient sound, 0:50) SixDayCycling
 Day 2 Katie Archibald interview (English, 0:34) SixDayCycling
 Yoeri Havik & Wim Stroetinga take Madison the Chase (Ambient sound, 0:41) SixDayCycling
Day 1  
 Six Day Manchester Day One Highlights (Music, 01:00) SixDayCycling
 Ethan Hayter is over the line first in the Madison day 1 finale (Ambient sound, 0:26) SixDayCycling
 Hall edges out Havik in points race - Day 1 (Ambient sound, 0:35) SixDayCycling
 "Always a good crowd in Manchester": Jason Kenny (Ambient sound, 0:30) SixDayCycling
 Archibald goes past Wild for elimination win on day 1 (Ambient sound, 0:30) SixDayCycling
 Jason Kenny is the sprint king - Day 1 (Ambient sound, 0:44) SixDayCycling
 Levy and Forstemann show their class in sprint finals (Ambient sound, 0:44) SixDayCycling
 Aaron Gate picks up more points in the Madison (Ambient sound, 0:40) SixDayCycling
 Rotherham smashes the keirin on day one (Ambient sound, 0:42) SixDayCycling
 Carlin takes time-trial honors on Day 1 (Ambient sound, 0:42) SixDayCycling
 Day 1: Titanic tussle between Yoeri and Kenny in Team Elimination (Ambient sound, 0:42) SixDayCycling
 Day 1: Kirsten Wild wins the scratch race (Ambient sound, 0:36) SixDayCycling
 Six Day Manchester is coming (Music, 0:32) Six Day Cycling