2012 UCI Road World Championships Videos

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- 2012 UCI Road World Championships Videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.

2012 UCI Road World Championships Videos  
Elite Men Road Race
 Highlights (French, 03:07) rtbf
 Interview with winner (French, 01:21) rtbf
 The Podium presentation (French, 06:15) rtbf
 Interview with Team Canada's David Veilleux (English, 03:28) ccyclist
 Highlights (English, 04:39) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Final kilometers (French, 07:10) rtbf
 Alberto Contador attacks again (French, 01:32) rtbf
 Alberto Contador attacks (French, 01:15) rtbf
 Mark Cavendish abandons (French, 01:59) rtbf
 Oscar Freire crashes (French, 01:25) rtbf
 Mark Cavendish nearly decapitated (0:21) Eurosport
 A ride through the final 5k of the course (Music, 01:51) SHIMANORaceTV
Junior Men Road Race  
 Interview with Ben Perry, Canada's top finisher (English, 04:59) ccyclist
 Canada's Ben Perry on the race after placing well (English, 03:34) pedalvideo
 Canada's Nigel Ellsay talks about this grueling race (English, 02:23) pedalvideo
 Canada's Chris Prendergast on riding in his first WC (English, 02:00) pedalvideo
Elite Women Road Race  
 Highlights (English, 04:30) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Interview with the winner (English, 02:16) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Kristy Scrymgeour comments the race (English, 01:37) ucichannel
 Canada's Joelle Numainville takes us through her ride (English, 03:14) pedalvideo
 Canada's Leah Kirchmann - interview part 1 (English, 01:08) pedalvideo
 Canada's Leah Kirchmann - interview part 2 (English, 02:05) pedalvideo
 Canada's Lex Albrecht was excited to ride the course (English, 01:58) pedalvideo
 Interview with team Canada's Joelle Numainville (English, 03:08) ccyclist
 Interview with Team Canada's Leah Kirchmann (English, 02:41) ccyclist
 Podium and interview with winner (Dutch, 02:52) RaboSportTV
 Big crash in Championship Peloton (English, 02:20) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Huge crash early in the race (Dutch, 01:10) NOS
Under 23 Men Road Race  
 Crash that occured in the feed zone (English, 01:47) ucichannel
 Team Canada's Hugo Houle finished 4th (English, 03:37) ccyclist
 Canada's Hugo Houle on his remarkable ride (English, 04:00) pedalvideo
 Canada's Antoine Duchesne "I felt good" (English, 02:29) pedalvideo
Junior Women Road Race  
 Canada's Audrey Labrie on her first World Championships (English, 02:46) ccyclist
 Audrey Labrie Canada's top rider in the race (English, 03:05) pedalvideo
Elite Men Individual Time Trial  
 Tony Martin - Time Trial World Champion (English, 02:26) specialized411
 World Championships atmosphere at Cauberg (02:32) RaboSportTV
 Shimano neutral support at the World Championships (English, 02:58) SHIMANORaceTV
 Highlights of American Taylor Phinney (English, 02:43) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Highlights of Germany's's Tony Martin (English, 03:37) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Highlights of Belarus's Vasil Kiryienka (English, 02:53) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Italy's Marco Pinotti crashed out (English, 01:41) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Interview with the winner (English, 02:13) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Canada's Svein Tuft gives his race perspective (English, 02:16) pedalvideo
 Svein Tuft (Canada) felt good and gave everything he had (English, 04:04) ccyclist
Elite Women Individual Time Trial  
 Amazing ride at home for Dutch women (English, 02:24) ucichannel
 Highlights of American Evelyn Stevens's ride (English, 02:25) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Highlights of New Zealand's Linda Villumsen (English, 02:51) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Highlights of Germany's Judith Arndt (English, 03:26) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Interview with the winner (English, 0:53) (May be geo-restricted) universalsports
 Canada's Joelle Numainville gave all she had (English, 01:29) pedalvideo
Junior and Under 23 Women Individual Time Trial  
 Canada's Allyson Gillard talks about her performance (English, 01:08) pedalvideo
 Canada's Saskia Kowalchuk debut didn't go as planned (English, 01:08) pedalvideo
Under 23 Men Individual  Time Trial  
 Two time Canadian National champ, Hugo Huole (English, 02:24) pedalvideo
 Canada's David Boiley gives his take on his performance (English, 01:23) pedalvideo
Junior Men Individual  Time Trial  
 The winner is announced (0:53) ucichannel
 Canada's Benjamin Perry right after the race (English, 02:27) pedalvideo
 Canada's Nigel Ellsay right after the race (English, 03:19) pedalvideo
Team Time Trial
 Mens TTT - ORICA-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 06:57) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Omega Pharma - Quick Step Celebrate TTT Success (English, 01:14) specialized411
 Behind the scenes at the World Championships TTT (Music, 03:59) SHIMANORaceTV
 Womens TTT - ORICA-AIS Backstage Pass (English, 05:18) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Riders give their feelings about new trade Team Time Trial (English, 02:22) ucichannel
 Highlights (Dutch, 03:09) NOS
 Svein Tuft (Orica-GreenEDGE) on how his team did in the TTT (English, 04:50) ccyclist
 Highlights (French, 01:35) rtbf
 Africa's Team MTN-Qhubeka entering into the big league (English, 03:06) ucichannel
 Team Rabobank training for Team Time Trial (Music, 01:57) SHIMANORaceTV
 Team Argos-Shimano training for Team Time Trial (English, 02:20) SHIMANORaceTV
 Explore the courses (English, 08:25) Limburg2012
 1.400 Schoolchildren ride Worlds course (Music, 02:17) Limburg2012