2012 Tour de Suisse videos


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- 2012 Tour de Suisse videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.

2012 Tour de Suisse videos  
Stage 9  
 Rui Costa takes the Tour de Suisse (English, 01:13) NBC Sports
 Tour de Suisse sprint to the finish (English, 01:41) NBC Sports
 Stage finish and podium (Basque, 02:45) eitb
 Google Earth flyover - Mountains 216km from Näfels to Sörenberg (03:54) Cycling the Alps
Stage 8  
 Finish (English, 04:03) NBC Sports
 Stage finish (05:18) eitb
 Google Earth flyover - Mountains 148km from Bischofszell to Arosa (03:12) Cycling the Alps
Stage 7  
 Marcus Burghardt's Time Trial (English, 08:05) BMCProTeam
 Last few riders (English, 05:26) NBC Sports
 Marcus Burghardt's Flying Start at stage 7 ITT  (English, 01:07) BMCProTeam
 Highlights (German, 0:45) Schweizer Fernsehen
 Podium presentations (Basque, 01:38) eitb
 Google Earth flyover - ITT 34,4km in Gossau (02:26) Cycling the Alps
Stage 6  
 Marcus Burghardt's Sweet Treat After the stage (English, 0:37) BMCProTeam
 Finish (English, 03:02) NBC Sports
 Highlights (German, 0:52) Schweizer Fernsehen
 Final sprint and podium (01:34) eitb
 Google Earth flyover - 199km from Wittnau to Bischofszell (04:02) Cycling the Alps
Stage 5  
 A rarity: a breakaway group winner (English, 02:31) NBC Sports
 Mathias Frank "Best Swiss Rider" on the Podium (01:20) BMCProTeam
 Highlights (German, 0:46) Schweizer Fernsehen
 Final sprint and podium (0:58) eitb
 Google Earth flyover - mountains 193km from Olten to Laufenberg (04:19) Cycling the Alps
Stage 4  
 Final kilometer (English, 03:15) NBC Sports
 Podium and "Ride of the Day" (English, 02:00) NBC Sports
 Highlights (German, 0:46) Schweizer Fernsehen
 Final kilometer (Basque, 02:29) eitb
 BMC Racing Team Presentation (English, 01:40) BMCProTeam
 Pre-Race Briefing (English, 01:27) BMCProTeam
 Google Earth flyover - mountains 189km from Aarberg to Trimbach (04:38) Cycling the Alps
Stage 3  
 Matti Breschel misses chance in Swiss (English, 02:09) RaboSportTV
 Finish (English, 03:20) NBC Sports
 Podium, Results and Ride of the Day (English, 02:39) NBC Sports
 Highlights (German, 0:40) Schweizer Fernsehen
 Final kilometer (Basque, 01:42) eitb
 Google Earth flyover - 195km from Martigny to Aarberg (05:10) Cycling the Alps
Stage 2  
 Rui Costa's stage win earns overall lead (English, 03:33) NBC Sports
 Highlights (German, 01:04) Schweizer Fernsehen
 Stage 2 finish and podium (0:57) eitb
 Google Earth flyover - 218k with the final climb up to Verbier (09:12) Cycling the Alps
Stage 1 Prologue  
 Swiss champ Martin Kohler's ITT from inside the team car (English, 09:41) BMCProTeam
 Peter Sagan wins the stage (English, 0:26) NBC Sports
  Highlights (German, 0:45) Schweizer Fernsehen
 Highlights of the winning ride (Basque, 02:06)  eitb
 Google Earth flyover - prologue over 7,3km in Lugano (02:36) Cycling the Alps