2012 Tour of California videos


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- 2012 Tour of California videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.
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2012 Tour of California videos
Stage 8  
 Highlights (05:38) AmgenTourofCali
 Press Conference (27:23) AmgenTourofCali
 Robbie McEwen on why Mark Cavendish is so fast (01:43) cyclingnewstv
 Robbie McEwen describes the evolution of leadout trains (04:07) cyclingnewstv
 Robbie McEwen's post-retirement bucket list (0:43) cyclingnewstv
 Robbie McEwen on winning in a spectacular fashion (0:40) cyclingnewstv
 Sunrise to Sunset: the final day of the career of Robbie McEwen (12:37) GreenEdgeCycling
 SRAM Tour Insider ATOC Day 8 (02:03) theroaddiaries
 Sagan chasing Tour green, recaps Amgen Tour (02:18) velonews
 Robert Gesink wins Tour of California (0:40) NBC Sports
 Robert Gesink post race interview (0:58) cyclingnewstv
 Robert Gesink (Rabobank) is Happy to be Back in Top Form (01:29) Bicycling
 Tejay Van Garderen Reflects on a Tough Edition of the ToC (02:01) Bicycling
 Chris Horner is Happy To End a Hard Week of Racing (02:24) Bicycling
 Levi Leipheimer on this Year's Race and His Upcoming Schedule (02:24) Bicycling
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey analyze stage 8 (03:07) Bicycling
 Interview with the stage winner (01:26) NBC Sports
 Final kilometers (02:41) NBC Sports
 Last minute (01:22) Eurosport
 Pre-stage: Catching Up With Tom Boonen on Rodeo Drive (0:52) Bicycling
 Jens Voigt Talks About How to Get Into a Breakaway (02:26) Bicycling
 Bontrager-LIVESTRONG Rider Ryan Eastman is the Youngest in the Race (01:21) Bicycling
 Beverly Hills to Los Angeles preview (English, 02:12) AmgenTourofCali
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey analyze stage 7 and preview stage 8 (03:32) Bicycling
Stage 7  
 Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - AToC Stage 7 (10:49) GreenEdgeCycling
 Post-stage with the stage winner and new GC leader (01:57) Bicycling
 Chris Horner Talks About His Breakaway Ride on Stage 7 (02:21) Bicycling
 U23 Rider Joe Dombrowski Finishes Fourth on Mount Baldy (01:21) Bicycling
 Liquigas-Cannondale's Timmy Duggan on Stage 7's Break (02:37) Bicycling
 BMC's Brent Bookwalter on Chasing Down Chris Horner's Breakaway (01:51) Bicycling
 The winning move (0:36) NBC Sports
 Robert Gesink's emotional year (02:41) NBC Sports
 Post-stage press conference (02:23) RaboSportTV
 Stage finish (01:01) Eurosport
 Directors Talk Mt. Baldy Tactics (02:22) Bicycling
 Riders Describe Their Climbing Style (03:22) Bicycling
 Ontario to Mt. Baldy preview (English, 04:32) AmgenTourofCali
Stage 6  
 Dave Zabriskie after the stage (01:23) slipstreamsportsllc
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey analyze stage 6 and preview stage 7 (05:01) Bicycling
 Chris Horner, Feeling Better After Stage 6 (03:13) Bicycling
 Robert Gesink interview after the stage (02:04) RaboSportTV
 Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - AToC Stage 6 (12:57) GreenEdgeCycling
 SRAM Tour Insider ATOC Day 6 (01:31) theroaddiaries
 Behind the scenes: Sylvain Georges victory (10:11) veloag2rlamondiale
 Highlights (Turkish, 03:19) Eurosport
 Stage finish (02:10) NBC Sports
 Post-stage with the race leader (02:27) NBC Sports
 Palmdale to Big Bear Lake preview (English, 04:19) AmgenTourofCali
 The Big Bear Climb (0:32) CreateIF
 Tour Of Cali Stage 6 Teaser! (0:41) BigBearProductions1
Stage 5  
 Post-race press conference in Bakersfield, CA (26:55) AmgenTourofCali
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey analyze stage 5 and preview stage 6 (02:47) Bicycling
 Jens Voigt: "An Old Dog Still Has Teeth" (02:23) Bicycling
 Highlights (0:29) Eurosport
 Peter Velits, Levi Leipheimer and Bert Grabsch on the ITT (0:55) specialized411
 Geert Van Bondt recaps a great day for the argyle (01:53) slipstreamsportsllc
 Vincenzo Nibali talks about the Amgen Tour of California (0:55) CdaleBRAD
 Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - AToC Stage 5 TT (08:38) GreenEdgeCycling
 AG2R La Mondiale cyclists in the ITT (French, 03:43) veloag2rlamondiale
 Jens Voigt talks about his second place in the Bakersfield time trial (01:01) RadioshackNissanTrek
 Wilco Kelderman after the TT (01:33) RaboSportTV
 SRAM Tour Insider ATOC Day 5 (01:52) theroaddiaries
 Interview with the Time Trial Winner and GC Leader (02:15) Bicycling
 Chris Horner Struggles in the Time Trial (03:58) Bicycling
 Tejay Van Garderen is a True Contender After the TT (02:01) Bicycling
 Highlights (05:01) AmgenTourofCali
 Final riders and interview with winner (03:25) NBC Sports
 Bakersfield Individual Time Trial preview (English, 03:39) AmgenTourofCali
 Animated map: Tour of California route through Bakersfield (0:25) Bakersfield Now
Stage 4  
 Unsung Heroes that make it all happen (02:18) NBC, KSEE TV 24
 Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - AToC Stage 4 (11:44) GreenEdgeCycling
 Michael Matthews after the stage (02:15) cyclingnewstv
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey analyze stage 4 and preview stage 5 (04:24) Bicycling
 Historic End to the Amgen Tour in Clovis (02:28) NBC, KSEE TV 24
 Michael "Bling" Matthews takes third place in fourth stage (01:09) RaboSportTV
 Racers Share Goals for the Stage 5 Time Trial (01:35) Bicycling
 David Zabriskie of Garmin-Barracuda Attacks & Looks to the TT (01:22) Bicycling
 Ted King of Liquigas-Cannondale on Beating the Heat (0:48) Bicycling
 SRAM Tour Insider Day 4 Peter Sagan pre-stage (01:16) theroaddiaries
 Last minute (Turkish, 01:18) Eurosport
 Final 2 kilometers (03:44) NBC Sports
 Pre-stage: Chris Horner Daily Video Diarist (02:32) Bicycling
 Pre-stage: Optum's Sebastian Salas on Defending the KOM Jersey (01:18) Bicycling
 Sonora to Clovis preview (English, 03:45) AmgenTourofCali
Stage 3  
 Post-race press conference in Livermore, CA (17:50) AmgenTourofCali
 Robby Ketchell recaps stage 3 to Livermore (01:29) slipstreamsportsllc
 Having fun with Tankink and Ten Dam (02:36) RaboSportTV
 Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - AToC Stage 3 (08:57) GreenEdgeCycling
 Tom Boonen after the stage (01:28) cyclingnewstv
 The Tour Insider powered by SRAM - Day 3 (01:27) AmgenTourofCali
 Highlights (05:13) AmgenTourofCali
 Still on top (03:48) NBC Sports
 Lloyd Mondory post-race (French, 01:35) veloag2rlamondiale
 Reports from along the route of today's stage (03:09) CBS, KPIX TV 5
 Frankie Andreu and Joe Lindsey analyze the stage (04:00) Bicycling
 Nicholas Roche of AG2R La Mondiale on his Stage 3 Attack (01:41) Bicycling
 Bontrager-LIVESTRONG's Lawson Craddock on Racing With the Best (01:26) Bicycling
 What Should Peter Sagan's Nickname Be? (01:34) Bicycling
 Tom Boonen Describes the Final Kilometer of Racing into Livermore (0:49) Bicycling
 Final kilometer (01:33) Eurosport
 Pre-stage: Chris Horner Daily Video Diarist (03:16) Bicycling
 Pre-stage: Rory Sutherland on His Crash and Controlling the Race (02:47) Bicycling
 Bontrager-LIVESTRONG Coach Axel Merckx on the U23 Team's Goals (01:40) Bicycling
 Jens Voigt on Why He Loves Racing in the United States (01:25) Bicycling
 San Jose to Livermore preview (English, 04:05) AmgenTourofCali
Stage 2  
 Highlights (05:07) AmgenTourofCali
 Frankie Andreu and Joe Lindsey analyze the stage (04:10) Bicycling
 Jonathan Vaughters recaps stage 2 in Santa Cruz (01:37) slipstreamsportsllc
 Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - AToC Stage 2 (11:27) GreenEdgeCycling
 Heinrich Haussler speaks after the stage (01:47) cyclingnewstv
 Bonny Doon Road action during the stage (02:29) jh12sports
 Ben Jacques-Maynes has put in two solid days (02:10) jh12sports
 Post stage press conference (01:34) jh12sports
 Garmin-Barracuda's David Zabriskie on the Stage Finish (02:25) Bicycling
 Sprint finish (01:06)  NBC Sports
 Report from the stage finish and interview with stage winner (01:27) CBS, KPIX TV 5
 Peter Sagan crashes during the stage (01:06) NBC Sports
 Pre-stage: Bissell's Chris Baldwin on Stage 2 and Field Sprints (01:51) Bicycling
 Pre-stage: Chris Horner Daily Video Diarist (03:23) Bicycling
 Pre-stage: Levi Leipheimer Talks About His Chances (01:35) Bicycling
 San Francisco to Santa Cruz County preview (English, 03:47) AmgenTourofCali
 Stage Two ready to get underway (02:40) Fox, KTVU TV 2
Stage 1  
 Team SpiderTech: Behind the scenes (02:51) spidertech
 Levi Leipheimer speaks after finishing the stage (01:06) cyclingnewstv
 "The Tour Insider powered by SRAM" (01:08) AmgenTourofCali
 Press conference following the stage finish (15:18) AmgenTourofCali
 Peter Sagan takes opening stage in California (0:29) Eurosport
 Tom Boonen and Peter Velits comment on Stage 1 (03:31) specialized411
 Orica-GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - AToC Stage 1 (09:57) GreenEdgeCycling
 Peter Sagan talks about his history with the ToC (01:17) CdaleBRAD
 Levi Leipheimer talks about the importance of comfort & control (01:04) theroaddiaries
 Alex Howes recaps the first stage (0:55) slipstreamsportsllc
 Peter Velits Discusses Stage 1 (01:15) OPQSCyclingTeam
 Amgen Tour Of California Rolls Through Sonoma County (01:07) CBS, KPIX TV 5
 AG2R La Mondiale highlights and interviews (French, 05:19) veloag2rlamondiale
 Chris Horner Recaps His Past 12 Months (05:57) Bicycling
 Frankie Andreu and Joe Lindsey analyze the stage (04:07) Bicycling
 Ted King Talks About His Crash (01:25) Bicycling
 The Winner at the Finish Line (01:10) Bicycling
 Highlights (05:25) AmgenTourofCali
 Exciting sprint finish (01:22) Eurosport
 Race finish (01:39) NBC Sports
 Crash: Hopes of victory wiped out (01:00) NBC Sports
 Chris Horner Looks Forward to the Start (01:30) Bicycling
 Tom Boonen Talks 2012 Tour of California (01:49) Bicycling
 Joe Dombrowski, U23 Livestrong Team, pre-race (01:31) Bicycling
 Optum-Kelly Benefit's Ken Hanson Hopes for a Sprint Finish (01:55) Bicycling
 Santa Rosa Overall Start preview with Levi Leipheimer (English, 02:22) AmgenTourofCali
 Preview With Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey in Santa Rosa (02:34) Bicycling
 Liquigas-Cannondale Pre Tour of California (02:07) CdaleBRAD
 Ted King of Liquigas-Cannondale - Pre Tour of California (01:13) CdaleBRAD
 Robert Gesink ready for Tour of California (02:28) RaboSportTV
 Frankie Andreu & Joe Lindsey: Race Preview (03:40) Bicycling
 Rory Sutherland (UnitedHealthcare) Talks With Frankie Andreu (03:48) Bicycling
 BMC's Tejay van Garderen Discusses the Course, Mount Baldy & TT (01:33) Bicycling
 Chris Horner Talks About His Rivals (05:52) Bicycling
 Chris Horner Talks About Strategy in the Early Stages (03:49) Bicycling
 Nicolas Roche (AG2R-LA MONDIALE) Talks With Frankie Andreu (02:41) Bicycling
 Team Garmin-Barracuda Participates in the Echelon Gran Fondo (02:35) Bicycling
 Team Argos-Shimano - Santa Rosa, pre-race ride (07:26) koendekort
 Team introductions Radioshack (08:31) DPRsuperintendent
 Omega Pharm team introductions (05:17) DPRsuperintendent
 Tour de California preview (English, 01:59) NBC Sports
 2012 AMGEN Tour of California Host Cities (English, 05:56) AmgenTourofCali
 Tour Of California To Cycle Through Bay Area (01:56) CBS, KPIX TV 5
 Tour of California Press Conference highlights (English, 04:59) Bicycling
 Complete press conference (English, 01:21:00) cyclingnews
 Team BMC Readies for the Tour of California (English, 03:03) Bicycling
 Team AG2R arrives in San Francisco (French/English, 03:54) veloag2rlamondiale
 Erik Breukink: Stage win in California (02:26) RaboSportTV
 Luis Leon Sanchez: California is a good race (English, 01:22) RaboSportTV
 Tjallingii, Matthews, Kuiper & Moerenhout training (English, 01:01) RaboSportTV
 Ten Dam ready for California (English, 01:26) RaboSportTV
 Robert Gesink likes the United States (English, 01:38) RaboSportTV