Oslo Grand Prix Videos and Photos

2009 Oslo Grand Prix Official Poster

2009 Oslo Grand Prix Videos and Photos

Oslo Grand Prix and Lecture Videos

Armstrong: "Good to be in Oslo" (0:25) TV2
Lance arrives in Oslo (02:18) TV2
Lance Pre-race (0:46) TV2
"To tell my story has been the most important decision in my life" (05:24) TV2
"Nobody would have me" (04:02) TV2
Armstrong wins 1993 World Championships  


Oslo Grand Prix Photos

2009 Oslo Grand Prix:  Lance Armstrong (Livestrong)
takes the microphone.  More photos
photo Copyright © 2009 Trygve Tømta

- Lance Armstrong in Oslo videos:   Armstrong interviews/Hushovd victory at the 2009 Oslo Grand Prix.  A Google-translated article here also has above interview videos embedded in story with photo from 1993 World Championships.  Some videos require Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.

- The Oslo Grand Prix has ended.  Video clips to come...

Update:  Oslo Grand Prix LIVE now.  Links below.

The Oslo Grand Prix is this evening and riders expected on the start line include 7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, Thor Hushovd, Kurt Asle Arvesen and Edvald Boasson Hagen.

Run on a 1km long circuit in the Oslo city center, the race is scheduled to begin at 19:15 CET (1:15pm U.S. Eastern) and will run for 90 minutes.

Lance Armstrong became World Champion in Oslo in 1993.

Armstrong will be giving a lecture tomorrow on cancer awareness.

More info and links as race time approaches...

Note:  Some feeds will alternate between the Oslo Grand Prix and track and field worlds.

Update:  Oslo Grand Prix LIVE here.  Also LIVE here.  Possibly LIVE here too.  More links to come if available...

Big thanks to Trygve of Norway for tipping us off about the race coverage.