2012 Tour de Romandie videos


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- 2012 Tour de Romandie videos from a variety of sources will be listed on this page, as available.

2012 Tour de Romandie videos
Stage 5  
 Finish (English, 02:32) NBC Sports
 No stopping Wiggins (English, 02:21) NBC Sports
 Highlights of the winning ride (Italian, 01:06) Rai Sport
 Bradley Wiggins post-race conference (English/French, 01:21) tour2romandie
 Bradley Wiggins and Andrew Talansky interviews (English, 01:03) ucichannel
 Bradley Wiggins, Funny out-takes from an earlier press conference (English/French, 02:45) tour2romandie
 Stage 5 flyover (0:35) GeomaticIngenierie
Stage 4  
 Sanchez sprints for the finish (English, 02:42) NBC Sports
 Sanchez is wearing yellow (English, 03:40) NBC Sports
 Recap (German, 0:42) SF.tv
 Post-race with the stage winner (Spanish/French, 01:21) tour2romandie
 Steve Morabito interview (French, 01:36) tour2romandie
 Final kilometer (German, 01:15) SF.tv
 Stage 4 flyover (01:20) GeomaticIngenierie
Stage 3  
 The final sprint decides the win (English, 01:20) NBC Sports
 Post-race with the stage winner (Spanish/French, 01:12) tour2romandie
 Post-stage with the race leader (English, 01:12) tour2romandie
 Podium presentations and stage wrap-up (French, 27:56) rts.ch
 Exciting race finish (French, 07:11) rts.ch
 Early 5-man breakaway (French, 0:53) rts.ch
 Summary of the stage (Italian, 01:08) Rai Sport
 Stage 3 flyover (0:49) GeomaticIngenierie
Stage 2  
 Podiums and standings (English, 01:46) NBC Sports
 A sprint for the win (English, 02:29) NBC Sports
 Post-race press conference (French, 02:12) tour2romandie
 A surprise winner (German, 03:38) SF.tv
 Danish Lars Bak leads the mountain competition (Danish, 0:25) TV2
 Summary of the stage (Italian, 01:11) Rai Sport
 Highlights (Italian, 01:04) Rai Sport
 Stage 2 flyover (01:21) GeomaticIngenierie
Stage 1  
 Highlights (English, 01:59) NBC Sports
 Final kilometer (German,  01:10) SF.tv
 Post stage interview with the winner (English, 01:10) SF.tv
 Post-race press conference (French, 02:13) tour2romandie
 Riders sign-in before the stage (French, 02:02) tour2romandie
 Comedian Jacques Moser entertained the crowd (French, 03:19) tour2romandie
 Stage 1 route flyover (01:15) GeomaticIngenierie
 Geraint Thomas discusses his win (English, 02:13) NBC Sports
 Cadel Evans struggles (English, 01:41) NBC Sports
 Geraint Thomas post-stage press conference (English, 02:02) tour2romandie
 Highlights (Italian, 01:32) Rai Sport
 Kickoff of the 66th Tour de Romandie (French, 02:01)  tour2romandie
 Tour de Romandie Trailer (03:06) tour2romandie
 Prologue: Lausanne flyover (0:20) GeomaticIngenierie