Tour de Cycling - Wednesday

- Tour of Portugal LIVE .  Portugal feeds can be difficult to connect to.

- Volta a Portugal LIVE here.  This is the prologue.

- Tour of Poland:  Note that some feeds are going to news for about 20 minutes.  The feed here should play the race without interruption.

- Volta a Portugal:  Pre-race LIVE now.  Riders are out on prologue course and warming up.

- Vuelta a Burgos:  Live video is announced following a Tour de France replay.  We may have a Burgos feed in a bit.  -Bernie S.

- If and as feeds go live with the various races, we will list them here.

- 71st Volta a Portugal:  Official Website - Teams/Start Lists - Live television: 15:58 local (16:58 CET (10:58am U.S. Eastern)).

- 31st Vuelta a Burgos:  Official Website - Teams/Start Lists - Live television: 15:45 CET (9:45am U.S. Eastern)  LIVE ticker (Google-translated to English)

- Tour of Poland (Tour de Pologne) - Official Website - Start List - Stage 4 map/profile -
LIVE ticker - LIVE video (Geo-restricted, will post alternatives, 16:10 CET (10:10am U.S. Eastern))