2011 UCI Road World Championships Videos

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- 2011 UCI Road World Championships Videos from a variety of sources will be listed here each day of the race.

2011 UCI Road World Championships Videos
Men's Elite Road Race  
 Mark Cavendish post race interview (English, 02:47) sporteventdenmark
 Pat McQuaid on the UCI Road World Championships (English, 0:38) sporteventdenmark
 Highlights (Turkish, 01:29) Eurosport
 David Veilleux, Canada's top finisher (English, 02:36) ccyclist
 Canada's Michael Barry on his crash (English, 01:44) ccyclist
 Canada's Svein Tuft post race (English, 03:30) ccyclist
 Director Jacques Landry on Team Canada (English, 03:58) ccyclist
 Historic win for Cavendish (English, 4:03) Sky Sports
 Mark Cavendish becomes Road Race Champ (English, 04:13) Universal Sports
 Final sprint (0:58) Eitb
 Pre race - Behind the scenes with the Aussies (English, 02:37) SBS
 Eddy Merckx on Sunday's race (English, 01:23) sporteventdenmark
 UCI's Pat McQuaid on tomorrows winners (English, 01:04) sporteventdenmark
Elite Women road race  
 Giorgia Bronzini repeats as World Champion (English, 04:09) Universal Sports
 Canada's Clara Hughes after the race (English, 02:17) ccyclist
 Canada's Joell Numainville after the race (English, 01:49) ccyclist
Junior Men road race  
 American Matt Lipscomb post race (English, 0:46) USACyclingOrg
 Canadian Adam de Vos post race (English, 01:57) ccyclist
 Canadian Ben Perry post race (English, 01:30) ccyclist
Under 23 Men Road Race  
 Arnaud Demare wins U-23 RR (English, 04:07) Universal Sports
 Arnauld Demare, FRA, on his win (French, 01:27) sporteventdenmark
Junior Women Road Race  
 Great Britain's Lucy Garner on her win (English, 01:04) sporteventdenmark
 American Addyson Albershardt post race (English, 01:51) USACyclingOrg
 Canadian Gabrielle Pilote-Fortin post race (English, 01:47) ccyclist
 Canadian Annie Ewart post race (English, 01:31) ccyclist
Elite Men Time Trial  
 Canadian Svein Tuft Interview (English, 04:07) ccyclist
 Tony Martin (GER) wins the title (English, 03:12) Universal Sports
 Bradley Wiggins takes 2nd (English, 02:13) Universal Sports
 Fabian Cancellara takes 3rd (English, 03:19) Universal Sports
 American Taylor Phinney finishes 15th (English, 02:32) Universal Sports
 Tony Martin news conference (English, 01:23) sporteventdenmark
Elite Women Time Trial  
 Judith Arndt wins Gold (English, 03:03) Universal Sports
 Judith Arndt on her gold medal (English, 02:03) sporteventdenmark
 Canadian Tara Whitten post-race (English, 05:23) ccyclist
 Canadian Clara Hughes post-race (English, 03:43) ccyclist
 Canadian Rhae Shaw post-race (English, 03:20) ccyclist
Junior Men Time Trial  
 American Kristo Jorgenson on his 7th place finish (English, 0:39) USACyclingOrg
 Mads Würtz Schmidt on his medal on homeground (English, 01:29) sporteventdenmark
 Canadian Alexander Cataford post-race (English, 02:25) ccyclist
Under 23 Men Time Trial  
 Aussie takes gold (English, 0:37) yahoo7 Sport
 Luke Durbridge wins gold (English, 02:49) Universal Sports
 Post race with winner Luke Durbridge (English, 03:06) sporteventdenmark
 Post race with Rasmus Christian Quaade (02:24) sporteventdenmark
 Canadian Hugo Houle post-race (English, 03:29) ccyclist
Junior Women Time Trial  
 Canadian Annie Ewart post-race (English, 01:54) ccyclist
 Canadian Allison Beveridge on training for worlds (English, 01:28) ccyclist
 Copenhagen Lord Mayor on the World Championships (English, 01:58) WonderfulCopenhagen
 Copenhagen  - Rudersdal 2011 (03:25) sporteventdenmark
 Google Earth Time Trial Courses (06:22) Copenhagen2011
 We Love Bikes - Denmark (03:33) sporteventdenmark
 Copenhagen, Denmark - 'City of Cyclists' (Music Video, 03:24) 16nine
 Circuit Rudersdal (14:59) PeterBjoerno