2011 Grand Prix Cycliste, Québec - Montréal Videos

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- 2011 Grand Prix Cycliste videos from a variety of sources...

2011 Grand Prix Cycliste Videos
Grand Prix de Montreal  
 Da Costa wins Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal (01:09) themontrealgazette
 Montreal Podium Presentation (French, 0:51) pedalvideo
 Philippe Gilbert Thanks Fans and Organizers (French/English, 0:51) pedalvideo
 The finishing sprint (0:19) GrippedPublishing
 Ryder Hesjedal post race interview (English, 04:09) ccyclist
 Svein Tuft post race interview (English, 03:04) ccyclist
 Francois Parisien post race interview (English, 02:06) ccyclist
 Michael Barry post-race (English, 01:48) GrippedPublishing
 Dominique Rollin on the crash that took him out of the race (English, 01:14) GrippedPublishing
 First 2k of the race from a team car (03:21) GrippedPublishing
 A day with the team Spidertech (French/English, 02:48) Cyberpresse
Transfer Day  
 Michael Barry - The Girona Doughnut Ride is On! (English, 11:24) pedalvideo
 Ryder Hesjedal interview (English, 02:54) GrippedPublishing
 Michael Barry (Team Sky) interview (English, 04:17) GrippedPublishing
Grand Prix de Quebec  
 Michael Barry post-race (English, 01:31) GrippedPublishing
 Ryder Hesjedal Interview - post-race (English, 02:19) ccyclist
 Michael Barry Interview - post-race (English, 02:40) ccyclist
 The finishing sprint (0:24) GrippedPublishing
 Steve Bauer talks about his team's goals for the race (English, 0:33) GrippedPublishing
 Ryder Hesjedal Pre-race Interview (English, 04:33) ccyclist
 Team Lampre in the Grand Prix de Quebec (Music video/Italian, 09:09) teamlampre
 Highlights (French, 01:58) Cyberpresse
Sprint Challenge Pro  
 Highlights (French, 02:04) TVA
 Highlights (French, 01:47) Cyberpresse
 Remi Pelletier-Roy talks about his strong result (English, 01:09) GrippedPublishing
 The finishing sprint (0:13) GrippedPublishing
 News conference - It's all French (English/French, 02:28) pedalvideo
 News conference - Ryder Hesjedal interview (English, 11:24) GrippedPublishing
 Steve Bauer on Spidertech's first WorldTour races (English, 02:28) pedalvideo
 Europcar's David Vielleux on World Tour races in Canada (English, 02:08) GrippedPublishing
 Team Lampre arrives in Quebec (Music video/Italian, 06:07) Team Lampre