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- Update:  For the latest 2010 Tour of the Gila live coverage, photos and videos, please go here.

- Saturday, May 1 update: The Men Pro event starts today at 3:15pm local time (5:15pm U.S. Eastern, 23:15 CET).  LIVE video is promised here.  More info and links to come before race time.

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- Wednesday's Tour of the Gila Stage 1 starts in Silver City and finishes in the ghost town of Mogollon.  The Men Pro event is scheduled to get underway at 9:05am local time (11:05am U.S. Eastern, 17:05 CET).  Though there will not be any Tour of the Gila live video before Saturday, we will list live text updates, if available, as well as daily video clips.  Scroll down below for our complete coverage of the 2009 edition of the race.

2010 Official Website
Start Lists

Stage 1 Start Times (all times local):

8:00am: Men 40+ (73.1 miles)
8:10am: Men 3 (73.1 miles)
8:25am: Women Pro 1,2 (73.1 miles)
9:05am: Men Pro,1 (94.1 miles)
9:45am: Men 2 (94.1 miles)

Silver City

- Update:  There will be Tour of the Gila LIVE video coverage this weekend.  Details to come...and we'll have all the coverage options at every day of the race.

- The 2010 Tour of the Gila starts tomorrow, April 28, and runs to May 2.

- Tour of the Gila photos, videos and articles below are from the 2009 edition of the race.  Our 2010 coverage guide will be posted later today, April 27, 2010.  Official website is here.

2009 Tour of the Gila, New Mexico, Silver City Criterium:  One week before taking the start line
in his first-ever Giro d'Italia, Lance Armstrong (Mellow Johnny's), followed by an U23 Livestrong rider,
rides on the front in support of race leader Levi Leipheimer (in 4th position), the man Astana
hopes to put on the top step of the Giro podium.
photo Copyright © 2009 Chris Griffin

2009 Tour of the Gila: Lance Armstrong (Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop)
signs autographs Saturday.
photo Copyright © 2009 Chris Griffin

2009 Tour of the Gila: Lance Armstrong (second place overall, Mellow Johnny's),
Levi Leipheimer (first, Mellow Johnny's) and Phil Zajicek (third, Fly V Australia-Successful)
on the final podium Sunday.
photo Copyright © 2009 Chris Griffin

23rd Annual SRAM Tour of the Gila
Silver City, New Mexico
April 29-May 3

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Start Lists

Silver City


"Team Mellow Johnny's at the Tour of the Gila" (01:48)
Cyclists Expected for Tour of Gila (01:22)
(KOAT TV ABC Albuquerque)
Silver City Preps for Tour of the Gila (01:46)
(Includes interview with Floyd Landis)
(KOAT TV ABC Albuquerque)
Armstrong Ready for Gila Bike Tour (01:35)
(Includes pre- and post-race interviews with Lance Armstrong and shows both Levi Leipheimer and Armstrong crossing the finish line.)
(KOAT TV ABC Albuquerque)
  Armstrong to make comeback at Tour of The Gila (02:01)
(KOAT TV ABC Albuquerque)
Lance Armstrong provides boost to Silver City (02:04)
Armstrong Returns to Tour Racing (01:22)
Horner and Leipheimer Chat Before Stage 1 (01:14)
Levi Wins Stage 1 (view from the team car) (0:26)
Axel Merckx Pre Race, Stage 1 (01:33)
Stage 1: Levi, Last Kilometer from team car (01:17)
Levi Post Race, Stage 2 (0:41)
Horner Pre Race Stage 2 (01:09)
Chris Horner Loading Up During the Race (0:28)
Stage 2 Tour of the Gila (Team MJ's, Pre Race) (02:13)
Tim Johnson pre race stage 2 SRAM Tour De Gila (01:08)
Lance & Chris Horner, Stage 2 Post Race (01:13)
(Facebook, Lance Armstrong)
Stage 3 Time Trial Starts: Chris, Lance and Levi (03:37)
Lance Armstrong Post Time Trial Interview (05:04)
(YouTube - Turn up your sound for this one)
Lance TTX Bikes, Gila Time Trial Stage 3 (01:45)
Tour of The Gila Mens Pro Criterium (02:40)
Axel Merckx and the SRAM Gila Crit, Stage 4 (0:51)
Lance, Chris, Levi & Johan recap the ITT (03:11)
Gila Monster Final Podium (0:28)



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SRAM Stage One Story
Leipheimer wins first Gila stage,
Kristin Armstrong wins women's

Lance Armstrong set to race in Tour of the Gila
Gila crowd clamors for glimpse of Lance Armstrong
(Silver City Sun-News)
US race good training for Armstrong: manager
(The West Austrailian)
Lance Armstrong shows improvement at Tour of the Gila
(El Paso Times)
Tour of the Gila’s Faster Stage Has Armstrong Nervous
(New York Times)