2013 Paris-Camembert


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The peloton winds its way through the back roads of Normandy, 2005 Paris-Camembert.
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2013 edition

- Results:  2013 Paris-Camembert Results

- Once again no live TV coverage, even in France.  Possible video highlights later today.

- 2013 teams and start list here.

- Official website is here.


2012 edition

- Video: Race finish and podium (French, 04:51)

- Results:  2012 Paris-Camembert Results

- No live TV coverage, even in France.  Possible video highlights later today.

- Official website is here.


2011 edition

- No live TV coverage, even in France.  But I hope to have some video later today.

- Endura Racing is providing live updates here.

- Official website is here.  Start list here.

Just in: 2010 Results:

1. Sébastien Minard (Cofidis)
2. Maxime Méderel (BigMat)
3. Laurent Mangel (Saur-Sojasun)

The 71st edition of Paris-Camembert is today.  On the start line:  Casar, Geslin, Vaugrenard, Fedrigo, Vogondy, Lhotellerie, Dumoulin, Vanmarcke, Moreau, Dessel, Roche, Curvers et al.

There's something I really like about this race and I'm not sure what.  It's not an important race internationally despite being around for decades (the first edition was in 1906, then it was not run again until 1934).  Even in France, there will be no live coverage on television.  It doesn't start in Paris and it doesn't finish in Camembert, though the race will travel through the tiny village by that name where the famous cheese originated, 14.5km from the finish.  It's a tough, bumpy race that makes for good training for the Ardennes classics.

Each year, one can sample Camembert cheese at the race start.
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2003 Paris-Camembert: Camembert served with a smile.
Organizers also distribute official event posters to spectators who want them.
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No American has ever won this race but Andy Hampsten (1993) and Lance Armstrong (2000) both finished second.  Winners include Bernard Hinault (1976), Joop Zoetemelk (1978), Laurent Fignon (1988), and Laurent Brochard (2001, 2003, 2005).  Brochard is the only 3-time winner in the race's history.  Alejandro Valverde won in 2008, using the race to prepare for the Ardennes classics, notably Liege-Bastogne-Liege which he also won, for the second time.

Paris-Camembert departs from the town of Magnanville and finishes in Vimoutiers.

-Pete Geyer

2010 Paris-Camembert Profile


Flashback: 2005 Paris-Camembert

In 2005, the peloton (photo at top) included Lance Armstrong and his Discovery Channel team, notably Tom Danielson, Benjamin Noval and Jason McCartney.  And Sheryl Crow in the team car.  Lots of media attention was assured.

2005 Paris-Camembert: Lance Armstrong signs in.
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It was at the 2005 edition of the race that Lance Armstrong announced.......that he would make an announcement later that month at the Tour de Georgia.  French sports daily L'Equipe was furious, but made plans to send a reporter to Georgia.  In Georgia, Armstrong announced that the 2005 Tour de France would be his last.

Armstrong finished the 2005 Paris-Camembert in 24th place, behind winner Laurent Brochard.

A few more photos from the 2005 Paris-Camembert:

2005 Paris-Camembert: Lance Armstrong responds to a French TV broadcaster
as he leads his Discovery Channel teammates onto the podium before the race.
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2005 Paris-Camembert: Armstrong is interviewed by Daniel Mangeas, the "voice of the Tour,"
in front of the crowd as Discovery Channel climbs the podium to sign in.
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2005 Paris-Camembert: You can tell by the looks on their faces that
pro riders just love to stand on the podium in front of the public...
From left to right: Armstrong, McCartney, Noval, Danielson, Hesjedal, Van Den Broeck, Beppu.
Copyright © 2010 Pete Geyer/www.cyclingfans.com

Discovery Channel directeur sportif Sean Yates is interviewed by OLN TV.

Samuel Abt of the International Herald Tribune speaks with Sean Yates.

Lance Armstrong is interviewed by OLN TV.

Sandy Casar finished in third place in 2005.

American Saul Raisin signs an
autograph for a fan.


2005 Paris-Camembert: A breakaway group of three riders passes in front of a Normandy house.
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2005 Paris-Camembert: The three-man breakaway on one of the climbs.
Copyright © 2009 Pete Geyer/www.cyclingfans.com

2005 Paris-Camembert: Eager to test his younger teammates, Lance Armstrong
has put Ryder Hesjedal, Benjamin Noval, and Tom Danielson on the front to chase
the breakaway.  They are being auditioned for the Tour de France.
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2005 Paris-Camembert: The peloton chases the breakaway.
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Paris-Camembert Official Website
Race starts at: 11:15 CET (5:15am U.S. Eastern)
Expected finish: 16:18 CET-17:14 CET (10:18am-11:14am U.S. Eastern)
Live coverage: There is no live TV coverage
Eurosport France video from 2008 edition of Paris-Camembert here (09:23)