2011 Criterium du Dauphine Videos

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2011 Criterium du Dauphine Videos
Stage 7  
 Finish (01:44) Eitb
Stage 6  
 Recap (English, 02:28) NBC Sports
 Cattle cause stage crash (English, 02:24) NBC Sports
 Finish (English, 0:54) NBC Sports
 Highlights (Turkish, 01:30) Eurosport
 Cows jump into the race - Several riders go down (Spanish, 02:32) Rtve
 Highlights (Spanish, 03:25) Rtve
 Final kilometer (French, 01:04) Eurosport
 Finish (0:37) Eitb
Stage 5  
 Bradley Wiggins interview (02:09) NBC Sports
 Highlights (English, 02:12) NBC Sports
 Final kilometer (English, 02:11) NBC Sports
 Dauphine fits in perfect for Tour (English, 02:26) RaboSportTV
 The longest stage - Juanma Garate interview (English/Dutch, 03:48) RaboSportTV
 Highlights (Turkish, 01:45) Eurosport
 Last minute (01:45) Eurosport
 Last kilometers (03:49) Eitb
Stage 4  
 Highlights (English, 01:41) NBC Sports
 Final sprint (English, 02:04) NBC Sports
 A stage for the sprinters - Farrar interview (English/Dutch, 01:19) RaboSportTV
 A different Dauphine for Rabobank (English, 02:54) RaboSportTV
 Recap (04:14) Eitb
 Highlights (Turkish, 01:43) Eurosport
 Last minute (Turkish, 01:45) Eurosport
Stage 3  
 Team Sky Bradley Wiggins & Sean Yates interviews (English/Dutch, 02:44) RaboSportTV
 Highlights (English, 02:17) NBC Sports
 Interview with race leader (English, 01:31) NBC Sports
 Interview with stage winner (English, 01:15) NBC Sports
 Highlights (01:34) Eurosport
Stage 2  
 Alexander Vinokourov interview (English, 01:51) NBC Sports
 John Degenkolb interview (English, 0:32) NBC Sports
 Highlights (English, 02:12) NBC Sports
 Final kilometer (English, 02:10)  NBC Sports
 A sprint to victory (English, 01:39) Eurosport
 Finish (01:14) Eurosport
Stage 1  
 Alexander Vinokourov interview (English, 01:20) NBC Sports
 A great stage win (English, 02:01) NBC Sports
 Interview with winner (English, 0:51) NBC Sports
 Race leader pre-race interview (English/Dutch, 02:26) RaboSportTV
 Grischa Niermann, loyal member Rabo (English, 02:41) RaboSportTV
 Final kilometer (01:08) Eurosport
 Finish (0:43) Eitb
 Highlights (Dutch, 01:32) Sporza
 Highlights (English, 2:22) NBC Sports
 Highlights of the winning ride (Turkish, 01:00) Eurosport
 Lars Boom painless in Dauphiné (English, 02:59)  RaboSportTV
 Recap (Spanish, 0:36) Eitb