2009 Tour of California - "3 Riders" Update from the road - Stage 7

2009 Tour of California:  The Astana train drives the peloton on the finishing circuit in Pasadena during Stage 7.
photo Copyright © The 3 Riders of the Apocalypse Featuring Christy Craig/cyclingfans.com

The finish line announcer at the 2008 Tour of California kept yelling something about "The riders of the Apocalypse!"  It was annoying enough to have stuck with three great cycling fans who travel to the race each year.  Thus, "The 3 Riders of the Apocalypse Featuring Christy Craig" came to be.  Each day of the race, they send a fan perspective and photos to cyclingfans.com.

Update from Pasadena

Tip for the day . . . If you want to park your RV at the Rose Bowl . . . bring your wallet . . . a really big wallet . ..$10 to park your car . . .$100 to park an RV.  Much thanks to the helpful guy biking by who told us about some parking on the street above the Rose Bowl, free parking that is.  As usual our parking debacle turned out really well.  We ended up watching the five final laps from the hill above the finish line.  We had our chairs, two bottles of fine Solvang wine and some snacks we shared with our new best friends.

Happy to see Big George and CVV in the break.  The Astana train was a thing of beauty at the front of the peloton.  Big hello to our new friend Rich, a rider from Tennessee by way of DC.  Nice guy, we were able to convince him to put on the antlers but could not get him to run on the hill beside the pros.

Traffic not a big issue today.  Escondido here we come!

The 3 Riders of the Apocalypse Featuring Christy Craig