2009 Tour of California - "3 Riders" Update from the road - Stage 6

2009 Tour of California:  Television commentators Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen took time
to meet and chat with cycling fans "The 3 Riders of the Apocalypse Featuring Christy Craig"
prior to the start of the Solvang Time Trial.
photo Copyright © The 3 Riders of the Apocalypse Featuring Christy Craig/cyclingfans.com

The finish line announcer at the 2008 Tour of California kept yelling something about "The riders of the Apocalypse!"  It was annoying enough to have stuck with three great cycling fans who travel to the race each year.  Thus, "The 3 Riders of the Apocalypse Featuring Christy Craig" came to be.  Each day of the race, they send a fan perspective and photos to cyclingfans.com.

Update from Solvang

Today's only tip . . . Get to Solvang early & plan to leave early or spend the night.  Took us one hour to drive a whopping 2 miles and 4 hours more to make it to Pasadena (should have been a 2 and 1/2 hour drive).  We should have just stayed in the wine tasting bar a lot longer to let the traffic clear.

Solvang is picturesque, quaint and charming.  Our spots at the start house were amazing.  The start house during a time trial means close up time with all the best riders in the world just an arm's length away.  You can listen to them joke with each other or watch them focus on the task ahead.

We were lucky to meet Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett who could not have been more gracious with all of the fans.  Thanks to Paul and Phil for treating the cycling fans so well.

Speaking of treating the fans well, shame on the city of Solvang Chamber of Commerce who purchased all of the official Tour of California Solvang merchandise keeping it from the cycling fans.  I guess we will have pins from every city BUT Solvang.

The 3 Riders of the Apocalypse Featuring Christy Craig