2009 Tour of California - "3 Riders" Update from the road - Stage 4

2009 Tour of California: Big George Hincapie (Columbia-Highroad)
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After a 6 and 1/2 hour drive from Vegas, we arrived in time to catch the finish in Clovis.  We were lucky to miss the miserable weather.  The sun sure brought out all the fans… especially the new ones who were not quite sure why everyone was standing around the Astana bus.  "Why is everyone standing here?"  "Why are they looking at that bus?"  There were lots of possible answers… ultimately we explained fully and accurately without undue mocking.  BTW…note to fans with chalk… have the writing face the riders not the other way around.

Tip to those coming to Paso Robles for stage 5… eat at Cool Hand Luke’s.  Great service, great food, great steaks…good wine.  It is very close to the race finish on 13th street near the 101 entrance.  Shout out to folks at Cycle's Gladiator Wine - really the nicest vendors at the Lifestyle Festival.  Everyone should stop by and stay hi.
Looking forward to Thursday's stage.  We have great plans to catch a good view of the finish.

The 3 Riders of the Apocalypse Featuring Christy Craig