2014 National Cycling Championships Videos


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- Note: See our permanent National Cycling Championships videos page for all current year videos.
-2014 National Cycling Championships videos from a variety of sources are listed on this page.  NOTE:  If you believe you may not be seeing the latest content on this page, try clearing your browser's cache (or try a different browser).

2014 National Cycling Championships Videos Source
 A brief look at national championships around the globe (English, 01:14) Eurosport
British Road Championships
 Full highlights of all events (English, 44:29) British Cycling
 Laura Trott Women's Road Race Champion (English, 02:36) BBC
 Laura Trott wins the GB Road Race National Championship (English, 05:53) WiggleHonda
 Bradley Wiggins Press Conference (English, 05:26) cyclingnewstv
 Men's and Women's Time Trial Highlights (English, 09:20)  British Cycling
 Women's Time Trial Highlights WiggleHonda (English, 03:34) WiggleHonda
 Time Trial Recon with the WiggleHonda ladies (English, 03:34) WiggleHonda
 Joanna Rowsell confident ahead of national TT defence (English, 01:30) British Cycling
Canadian Road Championships  
 Leah Kirchmann Women's Criterium Champion (English, 02:24) CanadianCyclist
 Remi Pelletier-Roy Men's Criterium Champion (English, 02:19) CanadianCyclist
 Svein Tuft Men's Road Race Champion (English, 03:01) CanadianCyclist
 Leah Kirchmann Women's Road Race Champion (English, 03:13) CanadianCyclist
 Ryan Roth, 2nd in Men's Road Race (English, 02:27) CanadianCyclist
 Christian Meier, 3rd in Men's Road Race (English, 02:52) CanadianCyclist
 Ben Perry Men's U23 Road Race Champion (English, 03:39) CanadianCyclist
 Leah Kirchmann  Women's Time Trial Champion (English, 01:48)  CanadianCyclist
 Svein Tuft Men's Time Trial Champion (English, 03:27) CanadianCyclist
 Hugo Houle, 2nd in Men's Time Trial (English, 02:24) CanadianCyclist
 Kris Dahl Men's U23 Time Trial Champion (English, 02:49) CanadianCyclist
French Road Championships  
 Arnaud Démare & Nacer Bouhanni finish 1-2 in the road race (French, 01:10) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 Interview with Arnaud Démare who won the men's road race  (French, 01:30) EquipeCyclisteFDJ
 Brief interview with RR Champion Arnaud Démare (French, 0:29) RMC
 Arnaud Démare Men's Road Champion (French, 04:16) Cyclismactu
 Pauline Ferrand-Prévot Women's Road Champion (French, 02:28) Cyclismactu
 Pauline Ferrand-Prévot wins both the road race and TT (French, 0:29) RMC
 Sylvain Chavanel Men's Time Trial Champion (French, 01:55) Cyclismactu
 Pauline Ferrand-Prévot Women's Time Trial Champion (French, 01:30)  Cyclismactu
Italian Road Championships  
 Highlights of the Women's Road Race (Italian, 04:54) BICITV
 Highlights of the Junior Women's Road Race (Italian, 09:18) BICITV
 Elena Cecchini Women's Road Race Champion (Italian, 02:15) gazzetta
 Vincenzo Nibali wins Italy's Road Race (Music, 01:24) Astana ProTeam
 Vincenzo Nibali Men's Road Race Champion (Italian, 0:47) gazzetta
Spanish Road Championships  
 Full highlights of all events (Spanish, 20:10) cyltv
 Extended Highlights of the Men's Road Race (Spanish, 21:44) cyltv
 Extended Highlights of the Women's Road Race (Spanish, 11:36) cyltv
 Extended Highlights of the U23 Men's Road Race (Spanish, 13:34) cyltv
 Extended Highlights of the Men's Time Trial (Spanish, 10:12) cyltv
 Extended Highlights of the Women's Time Trial (Spanish, 11:36) cyltv
 Extended Highlights of the U23 Men's Time Trial (Spanish, 10:55) cyltv
 Highlights of Men's and Women's Road Race and Time Trials (Spanish, 19:34) tdp
 Ion Izagirre Men's Road Race Champion (Basque/Spanish, 01:13) Eitb
 Men's and Women's Time Trial Highlights (Basque, 01:10) Eitb
Netherlands Road Championships  
 Dramatic finish to the men's U23 road race (Dutch, 01:47) RaboSportTV
 Iris Slappendel Women's Road Champion (Dutch, 02:06) RaboSportTV
 Sebastian Langeveld Men's Road Champion (Dutch, 01:27) NOS
 Men's Road Race Highlights (Dutch, 04:14) NOS
 Women's Road Race Highlights (Dutch, 03:49) NOS
Brazilian Road Championships  
 Antonio Garnero Men's Road Race Champion (Portuguese, 09:14) PortalR3
 Márcia Fernandes Silva Women's Road Race Champion (Portuguese, 05:40) PortalR3
 Pedro Nicácio Men's Time Trial Champion (Portuguese, 04:19) PortalR3
 Ana Paula Polegatch Women's Time Trial Champion (Portuguese, 06:10) PortalR3
Belgium Road Championships  
 Jens Debusschere Men's Road Race Champion (French, 02:07) Rtbf
German Road Championships  
 André Greipel (Road Race) and Tony Martin (Time Trial) Champions (German, 01:35) Enrico Muax
Portugal Road Championships  
 Highlights of the Men's Road Race (Music, 03:06) Volta Portugal
 Highlights of the Men's and Men's U23 Time Trials (Music, 03:35) Volta Portugal
 Highlights of the Men's U23 Road Race (Music, 03:01) Volta Portugal