2014 Giro d'Italia videos


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- Note: See our permanent Giro d'Italia videos page which is where all current year Giro videos are posted.
-2014 Giro d'Italia videos from a variety of sources are listed on this page.  NOTE:  If you believe you may not be seeing the latest content on this page, try clearing your browser's cache (or try a different browser).


2014 Giro d'Italia videos Source
 Colombia Celebrates it's Giro d'Italia winners (English, 02:22) WhereNext?
 Official Race Highlights - All Stages (English, 08:32) Giro d'Italia
 Giro D'Italia with Cannondale Pro Cycling's Green Machine (01:51) Cannondale Bicycles
 Go Rigo Go! The first Colombian to don the maglia rosa (English subtitles, 0:51) Specialized Bicycles
 inCycle Giro Round Up (English, 12:27) incycle
 Highlights of the 2014 Giro (Music, 04:21) Rai Sport
Stage 21  
 The Air Force aerobatic team and thousands of Colombians (Music, 02:18) GazzettaTV
 Elisa: Belle of the podium (Italian, 01:35) GazzettaTV
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 16:46) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Oleg Tinkov: I understand how riders suffered in the Giro (English, 03:29) cyclingnewstv
 Luka Mezgec winner of the stage (English, 01:03) Cyclismactu
 Nairo Quintana overall winner of the Giro (Spanish, 02:02) Cyclismactu
 Rigoberto Uran finished 2nd (Spanish, 02:25) Cyclismactu
 Fabio Aru finished 3rd (Italian, 02:56) Cyclismactu
 Quintana Delight for Giro Win 'Unexplainable' (English translation, 0:29) SNTV
 Official Highlights (Italian, 02:17) Giro d'Italia
 Highlights (English, 02:32) Eurosport
 Brian Smith recaps the stage (English, 02:19) Sky Sport
 Post race show (Italian, 52:17) Rai Sport
 Evans talks about what could be final Giro (English, 02:24) VeloNews
 Final kilometer (Basque, 01:37) Eitb
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:10:11) Rai Sport
 TAPPA 21: Gemona del Friuli-Trieste (169 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 20  
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 08:49) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Official Highlights (Italian, 02:15) Giro d'Italia
 Rogers says it was chaos racing up Zoncolan (English, 0:42) VeloNews
 Interview with the stage winner (Italian, 0:35) GazzettaTV
 Crazy scenes as rider steals spectator's glasses & throws them away (0:22) Eurosport
 Spectator tries to help cyclist, almost pushes him off bike (0:51) Eurosport
 Stage finish (English, 02:35) Eurosport
 Brief Highlights (Music, 01:00) GazzettaTV
 Post race show (Italian, 55:39) Rai Sport
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:04:57) Rai Sport
 GCN's stage preview and fly through (English, 02:37) Global Cycling Network
 Stage preview with Eros Poli (English, 06:00) inCycle
 Stage Preview (English, 02:04) cyclingnewstv
 TAPPA 20: Maniago-Monte Zoncolan (167 km) (01:02) GazzettaTV
Stage 19  
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - Stages 18 & 19 (English, 08:32) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Official Highlights (Italian, 02:26) Giro d'Italia
 Highlights (English, 02:31) Eurosport
 Quintana changes bike and helmet during the ITT (0:27) Eurosport
 Post stage interviews (Italian/Spanish, 02:06) GazzettaTV
 Team Lampre Merida at the Giro (English, 03:53) inCycle
 Brief Highlights (Music, 01:00) GazzettaTV
 Post race show (Italian, 39:19) Rai Sport
 Uphill Time Trial Tech (English, 03:26) Global Cycling Network
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:21:02) Rai Sport
 Highlights of winning ride (Basque, 02:40) Eitb
 Stage preview with Eros Poli (English, 04:15) inCycle
 TAPPA 19: Bassano del Grappa-Cima Grappa (ITT 26,8 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 18  
 Official Highlights (Italian, 02:01) Giro d'Italia
 Highlights (English, 01:49) Eurosport
 Interview with the stage winner (Spanish, 01:25) GazzettaTV
 Interview with the race leader (Spanish, 01:10) Cyclismactu
 Brief Highlights (Music, 0:30) GazzettaTV
 Stage finish (English, 01:20) Eurosport
 Jessica: Belle of the podium (Italian, 01:34) GazzettaTV
 Stage finish (German, 01:20) Eurosport
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:58:48) Rai Sport
 Tuft talks Giro, Stelvio and Orica's shrinking team (English, 02:42) VeloNews
 A look back at cycling legend, Marco Pantani (English, 07:34) inCycle
 GCN's stage preview and fly through (English, 02:25) Global Cycling Network
 TAPPA 18: Belluno-Rifugio Panarotta (171 km) (0:51) GazzettaTV
Stage 17  
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:51) Giro d'Italia
 Highlights (02:31) Eurosport
 Brief Highlights (Music, 0:56) GazzettaTV
 Interview with the race leader (Spanish/Italian, 01:15) GazzettaTV
 What winning a stage at the Giro means to an Italian (0:38) Eurosport
 Stage finish (English, 01:42) Eurosport
 Saxo-Tinkoff owner on the "neutralization" controversy (English, 01:20) Cyclismactu
 Final kilometer (Basque, 03:32) Eitb
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:11:30) Rai Sport
 Majka speaks about Stelvio controversy (English, 01:13) VeloNews
 TAPPA 17: Sarnonico-Vittorio Veneto (204 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 16  
 Official Highlights (Italian, 02:04) Giro d'Italia
 Ryder Hesjedal on the importance of a great race support staff (English, 02:45) Garmin Sharp
 Jay McCarthy and Michael Hepburn on the gruppetto (English, 02:28) cyclingnewstv
 Highlights (English, 01:26) Eurosport
 Interview with the stage winner (Spanish, 03:11) Cyclismactu
 Tour director Mauro Vegni on the "neutralization" of the descent (Italian, 01:37) Cyclismactu
 Race leader says he did not attack on the downhill (Spanish/Italian, 0:51) Gazzetta
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 04:12:40) Rai Sport
 Extreme conditions for the stage (Italian, 01:42) GazzettaTV
 Stage finish (Italian, 01:09) Eurosport
 GCN's stage preview and fly through (English, 03:21) Global Cycling Network
 Stage Preview (English, 02:07) cyclingnewstv
 TAPPA 16: Ponte di Legno-Val Martello (139 km) (01:02) GazzettaTV
Rest Day  
 Rest Day Ride With Tinkoff Saxo (English, 04:44) Global Cycling Network
 Biggest crashes at the halfway stage (Music, 02:18) Eurosport
 A look back at the stage winners so far (English, 03:03) Eurosport
 Interview with Oleg Tinkov, owner of the Tinkoff-Saxo team (English, 02:56) cyclingnewstv
 Rigo and Wout "Fly Away" Traveling in Style (English, 01:01) OPQSCyclingTeam
 What Do Pro Riders Take On A Stage? (English, 05:47) Global Cycling Network
 FABIO DUARTE: "More opportunities in the third week" (Spanish, 02:04) Colombia Cycling Pro Team
Stage 15  
 Cadel Evans post-race interview (English, 01:24) cyclingnewstv
 Aru takes prestigious win as Uran retains lead (English, 01:59) Eurosport
 Stage finish (English, 01:34) Eurosport
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:52) Giro d'Italia
 Post stage interviews (Italian, 02:46) GazzettaTV
 Brief Highlights (Music, 01:19) GazzettaTV
 Evans after Montecampione amid Giro 'chaos' (English, 01:23) VeloNews
 Michael Hepburn on facing the third week of the race (English, 01:51) cyclingnewstv
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:12:44) Rai Sport
 Belkin Procycling Bus Tour (English, 04:54) Global Cycling Network
 Specialized Shiv TT bike for Omega Pharma QuickStep (English, 04:54) cyclingnewstv
 TAPPA 15: Valdengo-Montecampione (217 km) (0:51) GazzettaTV
Stage 14  
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 07:56) ORICA GreenEDGE
 JARLINSON PANTANO: So close to the dream (Spanish, 03:07) Colombia Cycling Pro Team
 Highlights (English, 01:30) Eurosport
 Quinziato says BMC believes Evans can still win Giro (English, 01:50) VeloNews
 Ryder Hesjedal post stage reaction (English, 01:31) cyclingnewstv
 Nicolas Roche post stage reaction (English, 01:29) cyclingnewstv
 Michael Matthews feature (English, 02:52) inCycle
 The Feed Zone - What's In A Rider's Musette? (English, 05:23) Global Cycling Network
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:50) Giro d'Italia
 Brief Highlights (Music, 01:01) GazzettaTV
 Post stage interviews (Italian, 04:02) GazzettaTV
 Stage finish (English, 01:53) Eurosport
 Final kilometer (Basque, 05:13) Eitb
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 04:28:34) Rai Sport
 GCN's stage preview and fly through (English, 02:39) Global Cycling Network
 Stage Preview (English, 02:04) cyclingnewstv
 TAPPA 14: Agliè-Oropa (162 km) (01:02) GazzettaTV
Stage 13  
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - Stages 11, 12, 13 (English, 11:04) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Canola defies sprinters with stage win (English, 01:11) Eurosport
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:47) Giro d'Italia
 Interview with the stage winner (Italian, 03:41) GazzettaTV
 Bernhard Eisel on being a road captain (English, 03:48) cyclingnewstv
 Julian Arredondo interview translated by teammate Eugenio Alafaci (English, 02:48) cyclingnewstv
 Bramati says Giro is only starting (English, 0:59) VeloNews
 Week one crashes (English, 03:41) inCycle
 Stage finish (English, 01:48) Eurosport
 Brief Highlights (Music, 0:23) GazzettaTV
 Stage finish (Basque, 03:16) Eitb
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:08:40) Rai Sport
 TAPPA 13: Fossano-Rivarolo Canavese (158 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 12  
 Time Trialling - Behind The Scenes With Tinkoff Saxo (English, 04:40) Global Cycling Network
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:52) Giro d'Italia
 Nairo Quintana targets third week of the Giro (English, 04:53) inCycle
 Time trial rider post-stage reactions (English, 02:14) cyclingnewstv
 Chef Fowler Teaches Thomas Dekker How to Cook - Part 1 (English, 01:57) Garmin Sharp
 Highlights (English, 01:30) Eurosport
 Post race interviews (Italian/Spanish, 03:50) GazzettaTV
 Cyclist crashes over the railing during the ITT (English, 0:30) Eurosport
 Highlights of the winning ride (Music, 1:00) GazzettaTV
 Highlights (Basque, 05:19) Eitb
 Edvald Boasson Hagen's Pinarello time trial bike (English, 02:00) cyclingnewstv
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 02:11:47) Rai Sport
 Stage Preview - ITT (English, 02:06) cyclingnewstv
 TAPPA 12: Barbaresco-Barolo (ITT 46,4 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 11  
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:32) Giro d'Italia
 Veteran Rogers rides to redemption in Savona (English, 01:39) Eurosport
 Extended Highlights (English, 08:48) SBS
 Interview with the stage winner (English, 02:01) cyclingnewstv
 Final kilometers (Basque, 03:57) Eitb
 Tinkoff-Saxo Bus Tour (English, 06:06) Global Cycling Network
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 02:51:52) Rai Sport
 TAPPA 11: Collecchio-Savona (249 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 10  
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 08:31) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Garmin Sharp's Director Sportifs Robbie and Charly (English, 01:45) Garmin Sharp
 Highlights (English, 02:44) Eurosport
 Official Highlights (Italian, 02:01) Giro d'Italia
 Cadel Evans stage reaction (English, 02:09) cyclingnewstv
 Nicolas Roche on the team's aspirations (English, 01:22) cyclingnewstv
 Ben Swift presents his Pinarello Dogma race bike (English, 01:58) cyclingnewstv
 Final kilometer (English, 01:53) Eurosport
 The stage finished with a crash in the final two kilometers (01:58) ESport3
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:21:05) Rai Sport
 TAPPA 10: Modena-Salsomaggiore Terme (184 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 9  
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 12:26) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Fans cheer as Evans rides to sign-in in the maglia rosa (0:55) BMCProTeam
 Official Highlights (Italian, 02:10) Giro d'Italia
 Post race with the stage winner (English, 02:23) cyclingnewstv
 Final sprint (English, 01:13) Eurosport
 Interview with the race leader (English, 0:55) Cyclismactu
 Interview with stage winner Diego Ulissi (English, 02:10) Cyclismactu
 Final kilometer (Basque, 05:19) Eitb
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:31:24) Rai Sport
 TAPPA 9: Lugo-Sestola (174 km) (0:51) GazzettaTV
Stage 8  
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 04:10:19) Rai Sport
 Cadel Evans enjoyed his podium celebration (Italian, 01:23) BMCProTeam
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - Special 200th Episode (English, 16:59) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:40) Giro d'Italia
 Recap and interviews (Ialian, 03:54) GazzettaTV
 Interview with the race leader Cadel Evans (English, 01:45) Cyclismactu
 Interview with the stage winner Diego Ulissi (Italian, 02:53) Cyclismactu
 Brief highlights (Italian, 0:53) Rai Sport
 Final kilometer (English, 01:32) Eurosport
 Final kilometer (Italian, 01:32) Eurosport
 Italy's Francesco Chicchi suffers a nasty crash (Italian, 0:41) Eurosport
 Cadel Evans' BMC Team Machine SLR01 (English, 01:29) Global Cycling Network
 Matt Keenan and Dave McKenzie preview the stage (English, 02:20) SBS
 Stage Preview - from Foligno to Montecopiolo (English, 01:52) cyclingnewstv
 TAPPA 8: Foligno-Montecopiolo (174 km) (0:57) GazzettaTV
Stage 7  
 Michael Matthews on leading the Giro (English, 01:08) SBS
 Luke Durbridge shares his Giro d'Italia experience (English, 0:42) SBS
 Michael Matthews press conference (English, 04:29) Cycling Pro
 Nathan Haas on his long day in the break (English, 01:00) Garmin Sharp
 Ivan Santaromita on defending the maglia rosa (English, 01:23) cyclingnewstv
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 10:25) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Highlights (English, 02:29) Eurosport
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:04) Giro d'Italia
 Interview with the race leader Michael Matthews (English, 01:27) Cyclismactu
 Interview with the stage winner Nacer Bouhanni (French, 02:00) Cyclismactu
 Nathan Haas post stage reaction (English, 01:17) cyclingnewstv
 Michael Matthews' Giro d'Italia Scott race bike (English, 02:04) cyclingnewstv
 Trek Factory Racing's Mechanic's Truck (English, 04:45) Global Cycling Network
 Final kilometer (English, 01:24) Eurosport
 Stage finish (Basque, 02:31) Eitb
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:13:39) Rai Sport
 Matt Keenan and Dave McKenzie preview the stage (English, 02:54) SBS
 TAPPA 7: Frosinone-Foligno (214 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 6  
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass - Stage 5 and 6 (English, 12:22) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:52) Giro d'Italia
 Interview with the race leader Michael Matthews (English, 01:23) Cyclismactu
 Chat with cycling legend and TDF winner, Cadel Evans (English, 04:57) inCycle
 Garmin-Sharp Giro Exclusive behind the scenes (English, 04:21) inCycle
 Post race press conference (English, 03:38) cyclingnewstv
 A mass pile-up causes devastation in the peloton (English, 01:21) Eurosport
 Final sprint (English, 0:59) Eurosport
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:39:31) Rai Sport
 Massive crash in the peloton with 7k to go (Italian, 01:02) Rai Sport
 TAPPA 6: Sassano-Montecassino (247 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 5 - Diego Ulissi won the stage
 Highlights (English, 02:14) Eurosport
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:38) Giro d'Italia
 Interview with race leader Michael Matthews (English, 01:24) Cyclismactu
 Interview with stage winner Diego Ulissi (French, 02:35) Cyclismactu
 Highlights (Italian, 01:38) GazzettaTV
 Interview with Michael Matthews race leader (English, 03:01) GazzettaTV
 Stage finish (Basque, 03:16) Eitb
 Riders react to the Giro d'Italia stage 5 finish (English, 01:26) cyclingnewstv
 Roberto Damiani on Cadel Evans (English, 02:03) cyclingnewstv
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:25:16) Rai Sport
 TAPPA 5: Taranto-Viggiano (200 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 4 - Nacer Bouhanni won the stage  
 Highlights (English, 02:22) Eurosport
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:37) Giro d'Italia
 Fabian Wegmann of Garmin-Sharp on their Giro campaign (English, 01:07) cyclingnewstv
 Omega Pharma Quick-Step Team Car Tour (English, 05:35) Global Cycling Network
 The moment at which stage four was neutralised (English, 0:58) Eurosport
 Stage finish (English, 01:32) Eurosport
 Interview with race leader Michael Matthews (English, 02:22) Cyclismactu
 Interview with the stage winner Nacer Bouhanni (French, 02:41) Cyclismactu
 Highlights (Italian, 01:36) GazzettaTV
 Final 3 kilometers (Basque, 06:35) Eitb
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:22:33) Rai Sport
 Matt Keenan and Dave McKenzie preview the stage (English, 02:42) SBS
 TAPPA 4: GIOVINAZZO-BARI (121 KM) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 3 - Marcel Kittel won the stage  
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 06:11) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Brief highlights (Italian, 01:39) Eurosport
 Post race press conference (English, 01:06) VeloNews
 Post stage interviews (English, 02:02) GazzettaTV
 Interview with the race leader Michael Matthews (English, 01:29) Cyclismactu
 Interview with the stage winner Marcel Kittel (English, 01:14) Cyclismactu
 Final kilometer (Italian, 01:47) Eurosport
 Orla's Stage Three Summary (English, 01:16) Sky Sports
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:26) Giro d'Italia
 Final kilometer (Basque, 03:05) Eitb
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:02:00) Rai Sport
 GCN's stage preview and fly through (English, 02:49) Global Cycling Network
 Route Guide with Graham Little and Stephen Gallagher: Armagh (English, 03:29) Discover Northern Ireland
 TAPPA 3: Armagh-Dublino (187 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
Stage 2 - Marcel Kittel won the stage  
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:24) Giro d'Italia
 Highlights (English, 01:44) Eurosport
 ORICA GreenEDGE Backstage Pass (English, 05:19) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Everything's pink in Northern Ireland (Music, 01:21) GazzettaTV
 Interview with stage winner Marcel Kittel (English, 0:53) SNTV
 Interview with the race leader Michael Matthews (English, 01:06) Cyclismactu
 Marcel Kittel, stage winner interview (English, 01:22) Cyclismactu
 Charles Wegelius (Garmin Sharp) on yesterday's TTT crash (English, 03:46) Cyclismactu
 Ben Swift targeting stage wins (English, 01:34) Sky News
 Final kilometer (English, 01:26)  Marcel Kittel takes the stage Eurosport
 Final sprint (Basque, 02:39) Eitb
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 03:00:26) Rai Sport
 TAPPA 2: Route - Belfast-Belfast (218 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
 Route Guide with Graham Little and Stephen Roche: Causeway Coast (English, 04:36) Discover Northern Ireland
Stage 1 - Svein Tuft won the stage  
 Backstage Pass - Directors cut TTT (English, 10:37) ORICA GreenEDGE
 Official Highlights (Italian, 01:28) Giro d'Italia
 Interview with stage winner Svein Tuft (English, 01:56) GazzettaTV
 Highlights (Italian, 01:31) GazzettaTV
 Heartbreak for Ireland's Martin after Giro crash (English, 01:28) Eurosport
 Brief Highlights Orica GreenEdge wins (English, 01:05) SNTV
 Orla's Stage One Summary (English, 0:50) Sky Sports
 Post race press conference (English, 01:52) VeloNews
 Highlights - Orica GeenEdge wins the Team Time Trial (English, 01:09) Eurosport
 Interactive complete broadcast (Italian, 02:39:38) Rai Sport
 Spectacular crash causes Daniel Martin to retire (01:55) ESport3
 Orica DS Matt White talks TTT tactics and Giro plans (English, 01:49) VeloNews
 Team Time Trial Technology With Movistar (English, 04:03) Global Cycling Network
 TAPPA 1: Belfast-Belfast (TTT - 21,7 km) (0:49) GazzettaTV
 Route Guide with Graham Little: Belfast (English, 03:29) Discover Northern Ireland
 Greg LeMond: Giro is almost as hard as the Tour (English, 02:28) Eurosport
 Giro d’Italia stage one on a penny farthing (English, 01:38) Telegraph
 Giro D'Italia Begins in Belfast (English, 02:47) BBC
 A history of the Giro d'Italia (English, 02:38) inCycle
 BMC Racing Team at the Team Presentation in Belfast (0:40) Bob Cullinan
 Tyler Farrar on his goals for the 2014 Giro (English, 02:44) Garmin Sharp
 Dan Martin on the 2014 Giro Grande Partenza in Ireland (English, 03:24) Garmin Sharp
 Dylan van Baarle talks about starting his first Giro! (English, 02:29) Garmin Sharp
 Miguel Angel Rubiano: "Good to be first to start the Giro!" (Spanish, 01:42) Colombia Cycling
 Fabio Duarte: "My goals for the Giro d'Italia" (Spanish, 01:39) Colombia Cycling
 The Protagonists: Their goals for Giro d'Italia 2014 (English captions, 04:06) Giro d'Italia
 Giro d'Italia Big Start starts now (English, 04:47) Discover Northern Ireland
 A day before... The start of the Giro! (Music, 01:33) SHIMANORaceTV
 Pre-race press conference (English/Italian/Spanish, 04:48) Cyclismactu
 Top 10 GC Favourites For The Giro D'Italia (English, 05:17) Global Cycling Network
 Cadel Evans aiming for Giro triumph (English, 0:21) SNTV
 Nairo Quintana hoping to demonstrate climbing ability (English translation, 0:27) SNTV
 Cadel Evans press conference (English, 02:23) Cyclismactu
 Nairo Quintana interview (Spanish, 02:44) Cyclismactu
 Joaquim Rodriguez interview (French, 01:42) Cyclismactu
 Mike Tomalaris and Al Hinds preview the Giro (English, 05:06) SBS
 Emotion - Some of the top cyclists on the Giro (English, 03:20) SBS
 Top 5 sprinters to watch (English, 02:59) cyclingnewstv
 Michael Matthews on his Giro debut (English, 01:00) cyclingnewstv
 Race Promo (English, 0:30) Bein SPORTS
 Preview - 3 days to go (English, 02:25) inCycle
 Preview - History of the Giro (English, 06:35) inCycle
 Top 5 overall contenders to watch (English, 02:54) cyclingnews
 Dan Martin aims for success at the Giro (English, 02:13) cyclingnewstv
 Stephen Roche on The Giro d'Italia (English, 01:23) David Everett
 The Protagonists: Passion for the Giro & Italian fans (English captions, 03:34) Giro d'Italia
 Fabio Duarte: "My goals for the Giro d'Italia" (Spanish, 01:39) Colombia Cycling
 The Protagonists: Their Beginnings as cyclists (English captions, 03:16) Giro d'Italia
 A Dream in Pink 2.0 (Italian, 01:57) Bardiani - CSF
 Giro d'Italia Hall of Fame - Stephen Roche (Music, 02:26) Giro d'Italia
 It all starts here - Big Start Northern Ireland (English, 01:59) Discover Northern Ireland
 Top 10 Sprinters To Watch At The Giro D'Italia (English, 04:49) Global Cycling Network
 Giro Preview Show (English, 11:07) Global Cycling Network
 Grande Partenza preview (English, 05:12) inCycle
 No Giro 2014 for Cavendish (English, 0:20) Eurosport
 Giro d'Italia 2014 - The Route  (10:15) Giro d'Italia
 Official Race Promo (English, 02:26) Giro d'Italia