2013 UCI Cyclocross World Cup at Namur LIVE


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- Video: Elite Women:  As-Live Repeat (CTV Subscription)

- Video: Elite Men:  As-Live Repeat (CTV Subscription)

- Video: Highlights of the World Cup in Namur (Sporza, Dutch, 02:36)

- Video: Mourey endures in the final lap (Sporza, Dutch, 08:57)

- Video: Nys falls down in the final lap (Sporza, Dutch, 0:53)

- Video: Impressive comeback by Sven Nys (Sporza, Dutch, 10:44)

- Video: Mourey rides away from the rest (Sporza, Dutch, 06:02)

- Video: Walsleben, Mourey, Vantornout and Van Amerongen take the lead (Sporza, Dutch, 03:33)

- Video: Walsleben continues with bike stuck (Sporza, Dutch, 01:30)

- Video: van der Haar loses time after a crash (Sporza, Dutch, 0:55)

- Video: Sven Nys has bad luck in the first lap (Sporza, Dutch, 02:26)

- Video: Opening lap of the World Cup in Namur (Sporza, Dutch, 10:42)

- Video: Highlights of Women's Elite Race (Sporza, Dutch, 08:36)

- Video: Highlights of Men Under 23 Race (Sporza, Dutch, 03:27)

- LIVE video here.  (English, worldwide, CTV subscription)

- LIVE here.  (English, UCI channel, most countries)

- LIVE video here.  (Sporza, Dutch, geo-restricted)

- LIVE here.  (French, RTBF, geo-restricted)

- LIVE video here and here.  (women's race)  (Cycling TV is worldwide by subscription, UCI Channel is available in most countries)

- Next update as live video coverage gets underway.

- Live video stream options listed below.  This page will be updated at race time.

- Video:  2012 Race: Elite Men highlights (Sporza, 02:24)

- Video:  2012 Race: Elite Men last lap (Sporza, 13:41)

- Riders expected on the start line in the women's race include: Vos, Compton, Wyman, Harris, Durrin, De Boer, Chainel-Lefevre, Ferrand Prevot, Cant, Van Loy, Miller, Antonneau, Vardaros, Kloppenburg, Havlikova, ...

- Riders expected on the start line in the men's race include: Nys, Albert, Pauwels, Stybar, van der Haar, Walsleben, Vantornout, Mourey, Aernouts, Peeters, Meeusen, Wellens, Simunek, Page, Durrin, Franzoi, Field, , ...

- Note that Cycling TV and the UCI Channel are also showing the Elite Women race live.  The women's race gets underway at 1:30pm CET (7:30am U.S. Eastern).  The Elite Men race gets underway at 3:00pm CET (9:00am U.S. Eastern).  Coverage gets underway on Sporza at around 2:30pm CET (8:30am U.S. Eastern) with highlights from the women's race expected.

- 2013-2014 Cyclocross season action continues Sunday with UCI Cyclocross World Cup at Namur, Belgium.  There will once again be live streams.  Official website hereStart Lists here.

Live streaming video: Women: 1:30pm CET (7:30am U.S. Eastern) - Men: 3:00pm CET (9:00am U.S. Eastern)


LIVE video feeds

(Subscription, worldwide)
(Cycling TV)
(Elite Women LIVE here: 1:25pm CET (7:25am U.S. Eastern))
(Elite Men LIVE here: 2:55pm CET (8:55am U.S. Eastern))

(UCI Channel, English, Women's and Men's races)
(available in most countries)
(Elite Women: 1:20pm CET (7:20am U.S. Eastern))
(Elite Men: 2:50pm CET (8:50am U.S. Eastern))

(RTBF live stream, French)
(Elite Men: 2:55pm CET (8:55am U.S. Eastern))

(Sporza livestream, Dutch)
(Elite Men: 2:30pm CET (8:30am U.S. Eastern))